Discover the Energy of Purple Crystals: A Comprehensive Guide to Color Psychology and Healing Properties

Welcome to another installment of our educational series, Crystallize the Rainbow! 🌈 Throughout this journey we’re combining the fascinating world of color psychology with crystals and their properties.

Purple is the color of wisdom, spirituality, empathy, creativity, imagination, calm and more! Purple crystals capture the mystique and depth of their color, each one offering a unique charm. ✨

As a little reminder, my number 1 tip for learning crystal properties is to learn basic color psychology so we’re going to focus on purple color psychology and how it relates (quite perfectly) to purple crystal properties.

Purple Color Psychology

Purple evokes feelings of creativity, spirituality, wisdom, empathy and calm. Purple is inspiring and thought provoking, stimulates the imagination, and can really make us feel like we’re an important part of something greater! 🌌

To create purple, we combine red and blue – this also applies to color psychology! Purple blends the fiery confidence of red with the calming depths of blue, creating a unique space in the color spectrum. It resonates with those seeking a balance between energy and serenity, echoing its mystical and royal roots. ✨

Some characteristics purple is cherished for…

Spirituality and Introspection: The introspective quality of purple supports a deep dive into the self, encouraging meditation, reflection, and spiritual awareness. It is a color that prompts us to look beyond the material world and explore the deeper meanings of life. In many cultures, purple is associated with the divine, the supernatural, and the cosmos; helping to align physical reality with spiritual purpose.

Luxury and Quality: Historically, purple dye was rare and expensive to produce, making it the domain of kings, queens, and the elite. Today, this association with luxury and quality persists. Purple implies a sense of wealth, not just materially but also in terms of intellectual and spiritual richness. It suggests an exclusivity and prestige that elevates the ordinary to extraordinary.

Calm and Tranquility: Despite its connections to energy and creativity, purple also promotes calm and tranquility. It provides a soothing backdrop that alleviates stress and brings peace to the mind. This duality makes purple a versatile color in therapy and relaxation practices, where it can both energize and calm depending on the shade and context.

Empathy and Support: People who are drawn to purple often possess great empathy. They tend to be thoughtful, considerate, and attuned to the emotions of those around them. Purple’s gentle yet profound presence can be a source of strength and comfort, much like the support of a loving, empathetic companion.

In essence, purple is like that magical moment at dusk on a quiet evening; gently calming the soul, elevating our thoughts, and enriching our sense of introspection and wonder. 💜✨

Purple Color Psychology 🤝 Purple Crystals

Now that we have a good foundational understanding of the color psychology of purple, it should be much easier to predict and remember the properties of purple crystals!

Purple crystals, each with their unique properties, generally embody qualities such as empathy, intuition, spirituality, and balance. When you see a purple crystal, you can confidently assume it carries some of these characteristics. If you need support in areas like emotional healing, spiritual growth, or finding inner peace, reaching for a purple crystal is a great idea!

Purple Crystal Properties

Here are a few popular purple crystals and their specific properties!

Amethyst: protection + grounding + balance

Lepidolite: calm + awareness + emotional balance

Phosphosiderite: nurturing + concentration + healing

Charoite: transformation + stress reducing

Purple Fluorite: truth + positivity + self-confidence

Kunzite: soothing + love + optimism

Purple + the Chakras

Let’s explore the wonderful world of PURPLE via the chakra system, which beautifully intertwines color psychology and crystal properties. The chakra system originated in ancient India and while there is some discrepancy of how old the system is, we know it’s around 4,000 years old!

What’s a chakra?

Imagine your body as an energy playground filled with spinning wheels of color, consciousness, and power. These are your chakras; your personal energy centers that come in a rainbow spectrum of seven main wheels.

Starting from the base of your pelvis and traveling all the way up to the crown of your head, each chakra is like its own mini brain, with its own set of superpowers. They’re not stacked in a hierarchy; instead, they work together as a team, governing every aspect of your life. From your physical well-being to your emotional state and even your psychology, these chakras are the ultimate power squad within you.

We’re covering two chakras since both the third eye chakra (indigo and deep purples) and the crown chakra (purples and whites) can be represented by purple and purple crystals. Let’s dive into them both!! 👇

The Third Eye Chakra

Our third eye chakra serves as the compass for our inner knowing. If you’ve ever experienced a gut feeling guiding your actions, a sudden moment of clarity, or an instinctive pull toward a particular path, it’s likely your third eye chakra at work. This chakra guides our internal vision and connects us to our subconscious mind.

Located on the forehead, just between the eyebrows, this chakra is your gateway to the deeper realms of perception. The third eye chakra is also represented by the color blue but specifically deeper blues and indigos, which align with the chakra’s attributes of insight, intuition, and mental clarity. Like the expansive night sky or the deep sea, this blue and the third eye chakra symbolizes the vastness of thought and the exploration of the mind.

When focusing on our chakras, the goal is to have them balanced. Sometimes a chakra can be energy deficient and sometimes that same chakra could have too much energy. While lots of energy may sound like a good thing, we don’t want an overactive chakra! If one has too much energy, it means it’s compensating for something. So, we want to make sure all chakras are balanced and in alignment.

An Energy Deficient Third Eye Chakra

When we’re energy deficient in our third eye chakra, it’s difficult to dream (not sleep dreaming but dreaming for our life), we have a hard time connecting to our imagination and we’ve lost touch with the magic and mystery of life. Trusting our intuition becomes difficult, and we may hesitate to believe in what we know deep down.

An Overactive Third Eye Chakra

Excess energy in the third eye chakra can lead us to become caught up in our dreams and in the realms of our imagination, to the point where we may struggle to distinguish between reality and fantasy. This lack of grounding can result in difficulties in manifesting our ideas into action.

An Aligned Third Eye Chakra

When our third eye chakra is balanced, we feel connected to our inner wisdom, have huge dreams, can envision things for our life and those around us, and act on those dreams and intuitions. We have great insight and inner wisdom of who we are at our core and are in touch with our intuition. This alignment helps you navigate life with a clearer sense of purpose and understanding. ☮️

Balancing our Third Eye Chakra

Bringing our third eye chakra into balance enhances our ability to access intuition and understand deeper truths, facilitating clearer decision-making and heightened awareness. This balance allows us to connect more profoundly with our inner guidance and perceive beyond the surface of everyday life. Some ways we can take care of and bring our third eye chakra back into alignment are:

💙 Visualization Techniques

🧘‍♀️ Guided Meditation for Insight

📚 Reading or Studying

🌌 Stargazing or Cloud Watching

🔮 Using Intuitive Practices like Tarot Cards

💎 And of course . . . using crystals (specifically deep blues, indigos, and purples) while engaging in these activities

The Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is the center of spiritual connection and enlightenment. If you’ve ever felt a profound sense of unity with all beings, experienced moments of great wisdom, or had a deep awareness of a larger universe beyond the physical, this is your crown chakra at work. It is our gateway to higher states of consciousness, linking us to the infinite and the divine. ✨

Located at the very top of the head, this chakra serves as your portal to the spiritual realm. The crown chakra is represented by the color purple, especially lighter shades and violet, which align with the chakra’s attributes of spirituality, consciousness, and mystical insight. Like the serene glow of dawn or the gentle spread of twilight, this purple and the crown chakra symbolize transcending the physical to embrace the spiritual essence of all things.

This chakra encourages the dissolution of ego, fostering a deeper connection with oneself and the universe, and opening up to receive wisdom and enlightenment from higher planes. 🤍

An Energy Deficient Crown Chakra

When we’re energy deficient in our crown chakra, we feel unfulfilled and are often focused on external indicators of success and happiness, instead of spiritually at peace and connected.

An Overactive Crown Chakra

Too much crown chakra energy can lead to detachment from the physical world, causing overthinking, heightened anxiety, and a preoccupation with immaterial concerns. This can often lead to living in fantasy, lack of empathy, addiction, and difficulty making decisions, which can complicate daily responsibilities and make grounding oneself more difficult.

An Aligned Crown Chakra

When our crown chakra is balanced, we’ve fostered a deep sense of spiritual connection and harmony. This enables us to be aware of the world beyond the physical while remaining grounded in daily life. This alignment promotes clarity of thought, emotional stability, and a receptive openness to universal wisdom and enlightenment. 💜

Balancing our Crown Chakra

By nurturing and balancing our crown chakra, we enhance our spiritual awareness and achieve a greater sense of unity and peace. Here are some effective ways to care for and align your crown chakra:

💜 Meditation and Prayer

🧘‍♀️ Yoga, particularly poses that promote balance and openness

📿 Silent Reflection or Guided Visualizations

📘 Reading and Studying Spiritual Texts

🌌 Spending Time Under the Sky or in Nature

💎 And of course . . . using PURPLE CRYSTALS while engaging in these activities

These practices can help ensure your crown chakra is balanced and vibrant, enabling you to connect deeply with your higher self and the universe.

Our Favorite Purple Crystals

Purple crystals bring a sense of introspection, spiritual connection, and deep insight to your world. They resonate with the mysteries of the universe, fostering empathy, intuition, and a balanced perspective. Like the color purple itself, these crystals evoke spirituality and royalty, encouraging inner peace, spiritual growth, and a deeper understanding of oneself and the cosmos.


Purple: The Wisdom Whisperer

Purple crystals invite you to trust your intuition and explore spiritual insights. With their calming presence, they encourage self-reflection and connection with deeper truths. They are supportive companions for anyone seeking spiritual growth, emotional healing, and inner peace in the midst of life’s challenges.

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