7 Bracelets That Will Absolutely Change Your Life

(or at least make you smile, which is saying something these days right?)

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Haylee and Chelsea here. Friends, you’ve been as intrigued by and interested in crystals as we’ve been, but (also like us) you’ve been hungry for easy, simple ways to include crystals in your daily life! So, we put our heads together to design these seven crystal bracelets by feeling. They are STUNNING and do we intend to wear them all day, every day? Yes, we absolutely do.  

But we know your next question–how do I choose my bracelet? Fear not! We’ve put together this handy, fun guide with everything you need to know about the crystals + oil blends we’re recommending. Don’t forget to look for the FAQs at the end! 

And spoiler alert: you can totally wear more than one bracelet. Just in case you can’t decide on just one 😉

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citrine gemstone bracelet with affirmation and essential oil blend

Happiness • Citrine

Diffuse Grapefruit + Geranium

If you’re starving for a less fear-obsessed life, look to citrine to take you by the hand and walk you away from stinginess and into a happy rainbow place full of joy! laughter! general hilarity! 

These little citrine stones are some of THE happiest crystals we could find, full of sunshiny-energy, good ideas, and that fantastic state of mental flow we’re all chasing. 

And when you pair your citrine bracelet with grapefruit and geranium? Open up your heart and get ready for a serious download of abundance, my friend!   

Affirmation: Good things are flowing to and from me. 

labradorite gemstone bracelet with affirmation and essential oil blend

Motivation • Labradorite

Diffuse Peppermint + Basil

Did you know indigenous people in northern Canada believed labradorite fell from the northern lights? I mean–can you blame them?! This labradorite bracelet does, indeed, capture tiny little earth nuggets of creativity and holds them close to your skin. Can you expect an extra dose of creative energy headed towards your heart? You absolutely should. 

When you’re in need of focus and motivation–or are just afraid to start–breathe deep with your hand over your heart, and experience the aromatherapy powers of peppermint and basil. 

Affirmation: Creativity loves me. 

garnet gemstone bracelet with affirmation and essential oil blend

Energy • Garnet

Diffuse Orange + Nutmeg

If the garnet stones in your bracelet look a little fiery–that’s because they are. Garnet increases energy, but especially the energy that comes through self-empowerment. 

Maybe you need a little extra mojo to tackle your day or maybe you’re aiming for a big, juicy goal this year. Either way, garnet–plus the spicy duo of orange and nutmeg–will revitalize long dormant passions, giving you an energy that even coffee can’t touch.  

Affirmation: I have the power to change my life. 

amazonite gemstone bracelet with affirmation and essential oil blend

Stress • Amazonite

Diffuse Lavender + Cedarwood

Amazonite captures the multi-faceted blues of a serene sky over a cedar forest or a field of lavender. Walking through a stressful season, or struggling to learn how to respond to stress instead of react to it? You’re in great company, and amazonite is eager to surround you in healing, calming energy. 

Amazonite partners beautiful with lavender and cedarwood to both ground and soothe you–just what the doctor ordered.  

Affirmation: I am floating in love and peace. 

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diffuse essential oils on healing amethyst bracelet

Calm • Amethyst

Diffuse Frankincense + Chamomile

Amethyst, my hero! This stone is out-of-control beautiful, and we’re not the only ones to think so–ancients have used this lavender-lilac-purple rock for centuries for its healing, whole-hearted energy. Amethyst is perfect for almost anyone, whether you’re a crystal newb or a seasoned pro. 

Combined with frankincense and chamomile? It’s a serenity-inducing trio. Relax into its warm, steady strength and watch calm and peace flow throughout your day. 

Affirmation: I am grateful for my whole self. 

diffuse essential oils on sunstone gemstone bracelet for confidence

Confidence • Sunstone

Diffuse Lemon + Neroli

Who wouldn’t be more confident with a piece of the sun itself wrapped around her arm? At least, that’s what it feels like when you’ve got sunstone on your wrist! Sunstone is a dense, affirming crystal with enough vibrant, sunny energy to inspire the leader in you, no matter how far away she seems. 

If you’d like, add lemon + neroli to your bracelet. And if you cross your arms like Wonder Woman while you’re speaking your affirmation, we won’t judge… 

Affirmation: I am happy and confident in myself. 

diffuse essential oils on rhodochrosite gemstone bracelet for love

Love • Rhodochrosite 

Diffuse Ylang Ylang + Orange

There is no force more powerful than love, and rhodochrosite’s pink striations remind us of this daily. Wear these powerful little stones against your skin to help lift depression, accept yourself, and remind your heart that you are worth loving just the way you are. 

Ylang ylang is another powerful love agent, and combined with orange’s energizing effect, you’ll find the daily strength you need to keep showing up for yourself and others. 

Affirmation: I am worthy just the way I am. 

diffuse essential oils on these gemstone bracelets for healing

FAQs About Crystal Bracelets by Feeling 

How Do I Diffuse Oils With My Bracelets? 

Each bracelet is made with faux suede, a terrific natural diffuser. Just drop your oils (or roll them) directly onto the suede and the scent should last for several days. 

Why Should I Wear Crystals? 

Wearing crystals close to our skin brings their power even closer to home. They’re constant reminders/symbols of the affirmations or intentions we’re setting daily. 

Oh, and they’re gorgeous. 

healing gemstone bracelets to diffuse essential oils

Can I Just Pick the Oils/Crystals I Like? 

Yes! Your intuition is powerful, and your body knows what you need. We’ve provided this guide to help you get started, but absolutely feel free to mix and match your favorite oils, crystals, and affirmations!  
At this point, your final question is probably: HOW CAN I GET THESE ON MY ARM ASAP! We hear you 😉 Go here to pick out your new bracelet!

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