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Essential Oils for Yoga & Meditation: the Instructor’s Guide to Using Yoga Oils in the Studio and Online (+6 DIY Recipes!)

Essential oils and yoga are a match made in heaven! Yoga is all about opening the heart, connecting with the body, and finding healing and freedom through movement–what better way to assist the mind, body, and heart with transformation than with essential oils?  If you teach yoga, essential oils can help your students relax, focus, release tension, and simply enjoy

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How I See You…

Hello everyone! This is Russ, Haylee’s husband. You have never heard from me because I am definitely not the tech savvy one – that’s Haylee for sure 😂.  I’m the behind the scenes guy; the one who makes the beautiful product come to life that Haylee designs, transports it to our shipping facility, and helps make anything Haylee needs easier

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The Ultimate Mood-Boosting Playlist

Feeling stuck in quarantine? You’re not alone! It can be easy to fall into a slump when every day feels the same. While every person is responding to the increased isolation and loss of normalcy differently during quarantine, we do know that music can be a powerful mood-lifter. To help you get your spirits up, our team created an ultimate

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5 Books We’re Loving During Quarantine

If there’s anything we’re all finding ourselves craving right now during quarantine it’s an escape from reality. We’ve rounded up 5 books we’re loving during quarantine that we think will satiate every type of reader. There’s something for the female biz owner with big dreams, the woman who is walking through her pain and needs to be reminded she’s not

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How I Juggle Being A Mother and A Business Owner

How I juggle being a business owner and a mother is a topic that seems to come up often on Instagram, which tells me many of you are working through this alongside of me. As more women have the opportunity to own their own business, work from home, and have children (sometimes all in the same season) they also face

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The Story of Whimsy + Wellness

On a sunny afternoon in Atlanta I settle in with a cup of coffee and Marco Polo to talk to Haylee about the story of Whimsy + Wellness. She has just finished nursing Goldie and hands her off to her mom so she can sit down and answer my questions about the early days of her business and where it