How To Use Sage To Energetically Clear Your House

Learning how to use sage to energetically clear your house can bring greater health into your home for your whole family–and it’s not nearly as weird or strange as you might think!  It’s a beautiful way to connect more fully to your body and spirit and the natural world, in the same way you might use oils and crystals or

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How Each Enneagram Type Does Crystals

Crystals and the Enneagram are a natural fit, but each Enneagram type does crystals in their own special way! Read on to find out if you agree or disagree with our hilarious interpretation (and check out our fun crystals “recommendations” for each type)! Type Ones  Tells people that there’s no actual scientific evidence that crystals work, but at last count

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How Each Enneagram Type Does Essential Oils

Each Enneagram type is SO special and unique, and we absolutely love them all!!! Here’s our just-for-fun take on how each type “does” essential oils…and which natural wellness accessory each type needs ;). Do you agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments!  Type Ones  Starts a natural living blog so everybody knows how to do essential oils “right.”  Our

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Our 15 Favorite Essential Oils & Crystals to Support Fertility (+ bonus DIY recipes)

Since Haylee’s been so open about her miscarriage and fetility journey, we get a lot of questions about crystals and essential oils to support fertility. Whether you’re struggling with infertility, or just want to support your body in your pregnancy and fertility journey, we wanted to help you find some gentle, effective oil and crystal resources!  In this post we’ll

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Giving Birth During The Coronavirus Pandemic (5 Mamas Tell All)

Five women, including a surrogate mother and an essential worker, told us about their experiences giving birth during the pandemic. As Danielle says, “How we got here matters much less to me than the fact that WE GOT HERE!”  Whether you’re pregnant now or maybe you, too, have delivered during the pandemic, we hope these stories inspire you to celebrate

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Totally Natural Easter Basket Ideas From Small Businesses We Love

Whether you’re celebrating the Easter holiday or spring (or maybe you just need an excuse to buy a basket and fill it with fun things?!), we’ve rounded up some of our FAVORITE natural toys for babies, preschoolers, and elementary schoolers. These are all perfect for Easter baskets…or just because.   And because #reallife, we’ve included a few items from Target and

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Crystals & Essential Oils for Grief & Trauma

We’re in a season of grief and trauma, but loss certainly isn’t new. Humans have always looked for ways to find comfort, ease the pain, and restore hope through the natural world. Thankfully, our community has always been such a sweet place, where we grieve together and hope together.  We get lots of questions about which essential oils and crystals

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How To Make The Perfect Essential Oil Perfume Blend: By Sarah Buckley

Discover the benefits of making aromatherapy perfume from home while learning the magic and science of blending your own diy perfume with essential oils! As you begin to understand and utilize the perfume note theory, you’re able to create perfumes that radiate preferred characteristics with our beautiful tools.  One of my favorite past times is to make homemade perfume with

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The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Women in 2021

Thirteen creative, not-your-box-of-chocolates Valentine’s Day Gifts for Women in 2021. Ideas that will make the ladies in your life feel seen, special, and appreciated during the season of love. The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Women in 2021 1.) Blush Best Friends Set by Put On Love Designs This set of two rose gold metallic sliders with blush diffusing suede

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