A Day In The Life of A Rachael James Roller Bottle

Rachael, pictured with a roller bottle from The Crystal Collection, filled with sunstone crystals.

Heyyyy fellow whimsy fanatics! My name is Rachael James and I am a clinical aromatherapist, mama of four, chiropractic wife, writer, enneagram 3, adventurer and Young Living diamond. When I started using oils years and years ago the only rollers were ugly brown rollers from the health food store and as a mama-on-the-go rollers felt essential to consistent use. It’s hard to oil when you’ve got to wait on drops and add carrier and deal with a meltdown at the same time. So, ugly brown roller bottles it was… then I found Whimsy + Wellness. Back in those days they were just a tiny Etsy shop making cute rollers- today they are an entire mood! And all the praise hands for that! 

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Let’s go through my back pocket must haves and things I am currently obsessing over. (If you’re a Young Living member you’ll be happy to see most of these recipes have February promo oils as the bulk of the oils you’ll need!)

A mini 5ml roller bottle from our Beginner Collection, pictured with rose gold cap.

First things first! Fresh out of the shower I put witch hazel on my face and immediately follow with my Blemish roller. This has essential oils perfect for spot treating troubled areas or rolling all over, but I always, always do this first and then follow the rest of my skin care routine! 

Blemish Roller Bottle Blend

  • 20 drops tea tree 
  • 20 drops geranium
  • 20 drops lavender 
  • 10 drops patchouli 

Fill remainder of the roller bottle with rose hip or jojoba oil.

It’s dragon week for me this week, cue my Lady Dragon roller! And it’s a birthday week for one of my kiddos and I have a million other things going on just like the rest of the busy women out there- so spending two days on a heating pad in bed watching Gossip Girl reruns isn’t an option. Sad, I know! But y’all, this is my secret weapon and it literally came to me in a dream during a particularly hard period. My team loves this blend as much as I do and I hope it’s helpful for you too! 

Lady Dragon Roller Bottle Blend

  • 20 drops dragon time
  • 20 drops cypress 
  • 20 drops lavender 

Fill remainder of bottle with carrier oil.

Rachael, rolling with a bottle from The Crystal Collection, filled with Lapis Lazuli crystals.

As an Enneagram 3 with a 4 wing February has me feeling all the romance feels. I am spending the days daydreaming of a Valentine’s Day in Paris…. can you imagine?! Street lined with velvety roses and the smell of chocolatiers and cappuccinos… PURE ROMANCE!

Well, that’s not in the cards for me this month so I made a roller instead and named it Femmé. It has all the things you need to feel romantic, feminine and channel your inner French girl! Make this roller and buy yourself some long stems. 

Femmé Roller Bottle Blend

  • 5 drops ylang ylang
  • 5 drops patchouli 
  • 15 drops lavender 
  • 15 drops tangerine 
A day in the life of a rachael james roller bottle whimsy and wellness
Rachael’s daughter pictured with a Clear Quartz crystal roller bottle with a Bloodstone gemstone roller top.

As a mom of four, essential oils have changed my life and helped me feel incredibly empowered in supporting their bodies, their emotions and overall wellbeing. Rollers take all of that to the next level because hello easy button! But more importantly it helps my kids oils with confidence, it gives them tools and helps them feel empowered! 

On our kitchen table, which doubles as a school table because we homeschool, is a stash of our most used and most loved rollers. We have something for brain support, wellness support, emotional support, and a digize roller, because food!

Focus Roller Bottle Blend

  • 15 drops Lavender 
  • 15 drops Cedarwood
  • 15 Vetiver 
  • 5 drops Patchouli 

Fill remainder of roller bottle with your favorite carrier oil.

Big Feels | Little Bodies Roller Bottle Blend

  • 10 drops valor
  • 10 drops lavender 
  • 10 drops orange 

Fill remainder of roller bottle with your favorite carrier oil. 

Wellness Roller Bottle Blend

  • 15 drops thieves 
  • 15 drops frankincense 
  • 15 drops lavender

Fill remainder of roller bottle with your favorite carrier oil.

Digize Roller Bottle Blend

  • 5ml digize 
  • 5ml Carrier 

Fill roller bottle with Digize (Young Living blend, or use another digestion blend) essential oil and your favorite carrier oil (such as coconut, almond, etc.)

I hope y’all enjoyed our oily day and it inspired you to freshen up your oily routine! You can find me on Instagram @thewildjamesclan

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