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Stefanie Madison shares a day in the life of essential oils whimsy + wellness

Hi hi!! My name is Stefanie Madison- you can find me over at @theeverhome on Instagram! My husband and I + our tinyyyy 4lb chihuahua, Zoe, live in Birmingham , AL and about three years ago we decided to jump into oily life. #bestdecisionever 

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Since then, we’ve learned so many things about wellness and what it looks like to steward & honor our bodies well. It’s truly been so much fun and life giving to incorporate oils into our daily life. These little bottles are such incredible tools and we look forward to using them every day to support so many different things. I’m beyond excited to share just a small glimpse into our daily life with oils today!

Stefanie Madison uses essential oils in the dunes collection whimsy + wellness
The Dunes Collection

Since day 1, one of my favorite ways to use oils has been for emotional support. Most mornings you’ll find me kicking off the day with intentional quiet time with The Lord. During this time I love to use my “Be Still” roller- a blend of white angelica, vetiver, valor, and present time. I like to roll this on my wrists and neck and really just breathe it in. It’s super grounding and calming and the perfect way to begin a new day.

Be Still Roller Blend with young living essential oils Whimsy + Wellness
Young Living Aria Diffuser with essential oils Whimsy + Wellness

My husband and I both work from home- he’s an author and I’m a wedding photographer- so you can pretty much always find an invigorating blend pumping out of our diffusers to keep us energized throughout the day! One of our go-to diffuser blends for getting alllll the work done is grapefruit, peppermint, and geneyus. It smells incredible and helps to keep us focused. 

Work Day Diffuser Blend with diffuser Whimsy + Wellness
Dunes Collection roller bottles with gemstone tops Whimsy + Wellness
The Dunes Collection

If you’ve never used oils in your beauty routine you’ve got to try it! Plants are so powerful and healing. Experimenting with different perfume blends has become one of my favorite things My current go-to perfume blend is a blend of higher unity, tangerine, bergamot, and jasmine (filled with dried flower buds of course.) Devineeeee.

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Summer Days Perfume Roller Blend with young living essential oils Whimsy + Wellness

I also have a skincare roller I use regularly called “Happy Skin” filled with lemon (for brightening), frankincense, lavender, blue tansy, and cypress. It’s a holy grail for sure. I just roll it on my face morning and night before my moisturizer!

Happy Skin Roller Blend with young living essential oils Whimsy + Wellness
The Dunes Collection Roller Blend with young living essential oils Whimsy + Wellness
The Dunes Collection

When I’m on the go you better believe I keep all my oily essentials with me! I keep a little pouch in my purse filled with all of my everyday wellness favs (think: deep relief, thieves hand sanitizer, cbd calm roller, elderberry lozenges, chapstick, etc.) I also keep two roller blends in it! One I call “Tummy Troubles” which is filled with digize and peppermint just incase my stomach starts to feel wonky after a meal.

Tummy Troubles Roller Blend with young living essential oils Whimsy + Wellness

The other is for immune support. I call it “Bye Germies” and it’s filled with thieves, oregano, frank, and citrus fresh. I love having this oily pouch on me throughout the day.

Bye Germies Roller Blend with Young Living Essential Oils
Dunes Collection roller bottle with matte gold cap Whimsy + Wellness
The Dunes Collection

Before bed we like to use our “Sweet Dreams” sleep roller. A blend of dream catcher, lavender, roman chamomile, and orange. It’s pure magic! We roll it on the bottom of our feet and down our spine. We always have the most peaceful rest on the nights we use this. Can’t go without it. If I’ve learned anything since getting started with oils it’s that it doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming. It’s just little switches over time, learning what works for you, and always keeping your oils out and easily accessible.

Sweet Dreams Roller Bottle Blend for essential oils Whimsy + Wellness

We are so grateful for the gift of oils and I hope this inspired you to start incorporating them into your life, too! xx

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