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Hi there! I’m Elisha, small business owner and Young Living leader. I’m also a homeschooling mom of 3 girls and I’m so excited to share our day and how we use essential oil rollers with you! 

Kid Morning & Night Checklist

I dove into holistic health and wellness around 8 years ago, after my first daughter was born, and have found a passion in sharing these bottles of plant magic with everyone around me. I have watched them transform the lives of my friends and family and I have fallen in love with guiding people along this journey. 

Young Living Sandalwood moisturizing cream with Endoflex essential oil and Dunes Roller Bottle Whimsy + Wellness
Serene Rainbow Set

I would like to say I start my day with my skin-care routine but the truth is nothing would get done if I didn’t first drink some coffee or tea 🤪 Once I’m more awake and getting ready for the day I wash my face with a charcoal bar and then moisturize with sandalwood cream. Then I move on to under-eye care to reduce puffiness and dark circles. For this I use my fav Whimsy and Wellness roller with a blend of 5 drops Frankincense and 5 drops Copaiba topped with jojoba oil. Then I apply Endoflex for hormonal and thyroid support in the insides of my ankles. Now I’m ready to tackle my day!

Under Eye Skin Blend with essential oils by Elisha Burns For Whimsy + Wellness

I do as much of my work that I can in the mornings til early afternoon and take a break around lunch time. We get some school work done for the girls and then spend some time outside playing. My younger two are usually ready for a nap around 1pm and they love to apply their sleepy-time roller to the bottoms of their feet and spine. I swear by this magical blend and have tons of moms thank me for sharing about it because it’s made nap and bed time a lot sweeter for them as well! This sleepy roller consists of 2 drops Dream Catcher, 6 drops Gentle Baby, and 3 drops Peace and Calming topped with jojoba oil. 

Sleepytime Blend with essential oils by Elisha Burns For Whimsy + Wellness
White Angelica, Surrender, and Orange Essential Oils with Dunes Roller Bottle
Serene Rainbow Set

I get more work done while they nap and once they wake up I try to be done for the day. We will usually make a post office run to drop off some orders and then come home and do some more school work. And then it’s free play until dinner time! We love to keep our happy roller on hand (also known as the tantrum tamer) for those hard emotional moments that all children go through. This blend is 3 drops White Angelica, 3 drops Orange, 2 drops Surrender and topped with jojoba oil. It is such a life saver in those tough moments and my girls’ moods are instantly lifted after applying the happy roller- they will even ask for it now when they’re feeling frustrated about something! 🙌 They love the rainbow design on this roller. We also love to put the Happy blend on their Whimsy and Wellness rainbow necklace! They can wear it around all day and get the aromatherapy benefits from it continuously. Plus it’s so cute 😍

Happytime Blend with essential oils by Elisha Burns For Whimsy + Wellness

After dinner, baths, and bedtimes I move on to my self care routine. That usually involves some down time and eventually leads to my night time skin care. I am obsessed with this DIY glow serum that consist of a handful of essential oils that are high in antioxidants and vitamin C. I use my under-eye roller again and let my skin do it’s thing💃 Our body and skin do most of it’s repairing at night, so always apply your face serum then. The serum will assist your skin in fighting free radicals (damaging cellular waste) while you sleep! 

And that’s it 🙌 Thank you for following our oily roller day in the life! If you’d like to see more DIY blends and oily education, homeschool life, and entrepreneur tips then feel free to follow along with me at @bringinguptheburns 🥰🤗

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I'm Haylee!

Haylee is the CEO of Whimsy + Wellness and the brains behind the business. She has her hand in every area of the company…from product creation to supply chain solution to online marketing. When she’s not looking at spreadsheets she’s mom to Mason, Posey, and Golden. Her kids inspire her to run a company that values community over competition and people before profit.

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