Haylee is the CEO of Whimsy + Wellness and the brains behind the business. She has her hand in every area of the company...from product creation to supply chain solution to online marketing. When she's not looking at spreadsheets she's mom to Mason, Posey, and Golden. Her kids inspire her to run a company that values community over competition and people before profit.

Meet Haylee!

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CEO, Mom, and Brains Behind Whimsy + Wellness

Russ left corporate America to begin working full-time at Whimsy + Wellness. He is the operations manager and supports all of Haylee’s crazy ideas. Once the product gets made, Russ ensures that every bottle is checked for quality, packed into sets, and gets to the fulfillment center to make it into your hands! He’s also the numbers guy and human resources guru.


Operations manager, numbers guy, trophy husband and supporter of Haylee's crazy ideas

Mason is 8 and gets paid in candy (we offered money, but he declined) to help us sticker boxes, build boxes, check caps for damages, and other business help. He doesn't usually last long, but enjoys having our friends over to help get work done and especially enjoys his payment.


Box Builder, sticker guru, and cap checker

Posey is our 2 year old rainbow baby and business partner. She gets to play with the bottles (ba-ba's), color on the walls when we aren’t looking, and find other ways to make working take 10x longer than without her around.


rainbow baby and business partner

Golden, or "Goldie", as we affectionately call her, was born in August and stays busy drooling, smiling, and keeping us awake at night. She was born 3 days before our biggest launch of the year, and ever since has been insisting we snuggle her instead of working with our hands -- We are okay with that!


drooler and nightly alarm clock

Wendee is Haylee’s mom and resident “Nana”. She wrangles our children so that we can actually focus on work! This is her dream job and she still can’t believe she gets to do it!


kid wrangler

Mattee is Haylee’s sister and the ultimate label maker. She works on-call creating labels when we need them. Her full time job is with another woman-owned small business and Mattee’s knowledge and insight has been so helpful in deciding what we can do better! Learning from other small businesses is extremely helpful. 


sister and label maker

Mandy just joined the team and is our customer care extraordinaire. She loves taking care of people and using her gifts to connect and serve. She also ties all of our team's loose ends together with her attention to detail and superb organization. Outside of work, she loves trying local coffee places, getting outside in the Florida sunshine, and diffusing a combination of frankincense, rosewood, spruce, and blue tansy.


Customer Service and administration

Mary Beth jumped into Whimsy + Wellness as a marketing consultant and after falling in love with the company never looked back. She now runs the marketing campaigns, keeps the website spiffy with her husband, manages wholesale and affiliate relations, and strategizes with Haylee on how to continue growing the business. Her favorite thing to do outside of work is read and go on weekend adventures with her husband and 4 kids. Oh, and fun fact! Mary Beth and Mandy are sisters!




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