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A Sneaky Peek of the Favorites Collection

You asked…we answered! Our newest collection — Favorites, launching 06/15/2020 — is FULL of mix and match essential oil bottles so you can build your own sets to your heart’s content. We’re including favorites from past bottle sets and offering them as individual bottles for the first time EVAH (and for a limited time).

As if this wasn’t exciting enough, add in splashes of color to your bottles with the oh-so-popular mica that was previously offered in our sold out Potions Set. Throw in some loose crystals for an extra dose of whimsy in your bottles and add on mix and match caps for your 10ml bottles.

This is what we call a party for your oils…and you’re invited.

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You may notice a few new surprises, too. Keep your eye out for extra glitter, gemstones, and natural wood products. If you’d like to receive a text reminder for this launch go HERE – so you don’t kick yourself later. Trust us: you do NOT want to miss this.

In Bloom Sky 5ml Roller Bottle ($6) | In Bloom Lime 5ml Roller Bottle ($6)

Fuchsia 5ml Roller Bottle ($6) | Kindness like Confetti 2oz Glitter Spray Bottle ($19)

Unicorn 10ml Glitter Roller Bottle ($12) | Unicorn 2oz Glitter Spray Bottle ($19)

Peony 10ml Glitter Roller Bottle ($9.75) | Golden 10ml Glitter Roller Bottle ($9.75)

Royal 10ml Glitter Roller Bottle ($9.75) | Glow 10ml Glitter Roller Bottle ($9.75)

Peacock 10ml Glitter Roller Bottle ($9.75) | Diamond 10ml Glitter Roller Bottle ($9.75)

Surf 10ml Glitter Roller Bottle ($9.75) | Mermaid 10ml Glitter Roller Bottle ($9.75)

Wildberry 10ml Glitter Roller Bottle ($9.75)

Rose Gold 10ml Beginning Get Well Roller Bottle ($6) | Rose Gold 10ml Beginning Energy Roller Bottle ($6)

Rose Gold 10ml Beginning Immune Roller Bottle ($6) | Rose Gold 10ml Beginning Snooze Roller Bottle ($6)

Rosé Pink 10ml Roller Bottle ($5) |Blush Pink 10ml Roller Bottle ($5)

Metal Roller Cap for 5ml or 10ml bottle | Rose Gold, Black, Silver, Gold ($2 each)

Dropper Top for 10ml Bottle | White ($3) | Spray Top for 10ml Bottle | Matte Gold ($3)

Frosted 1.7oz Bamboo Spray Bottle ($12) | Rainbow 15ml Frosted Bamboo Dropper Bottle ($9)

Rose Gold 2oz Spa Set Spray Bottle ($12) | Rose Gold 1oz Spa Set Dropper Bottle ($14)

Floral 15ml Spray Bottle ($8) | Floral 15ml Dropper Bottle ($8)

Iridescent Gold Glass Hand Soap Dispenser ($21)| Rose Gold Foaming Glass Hand Soap Dispenser ($21)

Sunshine Sage Bundle ($14) | Clear Quartz Glass Perfume Bottle ($52)

Mica | Set of 3 ($17)

Car Diffuser, Gold with Aquamarine Crystal ($18) |Bamboo 10ml Roller Bottle ($9)

Crystal Bracelets for Feelings by Put On Love Designs

Crystal Bracelet for Stress – Amazonite ($24) | Crystal Bracelet for Motivation – Labradorite ($24)

Crystal Bracelet for Confidence – Sunstone ($24) | Crystal Bracelet for Energy – Garnet ($24)

Crystal Bracelet for Calm – Amethyst ($24) | Crystal Bracelet for Love – Rhodochrosite ($24) |

Crystal Bracelet for Happiness – Citrine Gemstone ($24)

Black Walnut Honeycomb Oil Holder (Dark $28) | Maple Honeycomb Oil Holder (Light $23)

Selenite Bowl for Protection + Insight + Flexibility (Small – $19 | Large – $31)

Bohemian Set with Glass Tops ($29) | Bohemian Gem Tops ($49)

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