How I Got Started With Crystals

How I Got Started With Crystals | Haylee Whimsy + Wellness

These days, you can find crystals everywhere from Free People to Amazon. They’re beautiful and alluring, and since they’re not just found on the shelves of New Age shops anymore, they have a lot of us interested! I’m sharing how I got started with crystals (hint: it’s connected to my essential oils journey), so you can benefit from these ancient minerals, too.

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The Secret to How I Got Started With Crystals 

How I got started with crystals might surprise you, because it’s probably how you’re getting started with crystals–they’re so pretty, you can’t help but notice them! I’ve always felt that wellness shouldn’t be boring or stuffy, and crystals seemed like an exciting, fun way to make health more engaging for myself and my customers. So, I started researching crystals and learning more about how crystals pair with essential oils. Turns out–crystals are amazing for a lot of reasons. 

How I Got Started With Crystals | Haylee Whimsy + Wellness

How Do Crystals Work? 

Crystals are rock formations created by heat and pressure (or some combination of the two) hundreds of thousands of years ago. They’re ancient–and so is their use. Cultures and civilizations all over the world have long prized these beautiful stones for their healing power. We even use them today in electronics and watches for their amazing energy-transferring properties! 

There are many different types of crystals, and some are also gemstones. Diamonds, for example, are beautiful crystals that are also considered precious stones–and used to symbolize everlasting love. 

Do Crystals Have Energy? 

Just like everything else on earth, crystals contain energy. Many believe that because of how stable a crystal’s energy is, the stone can bring stability to our energy, which changes and fluctuates. When people talk about using crystals to heal, this is what they mean: using crystals to bring your energy back to a more stable place. 

How I Got Started With Crystals | Haylee Whimsy + Wellness
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What Kinds of Crystals Are There? 

There are tons of different crystals, but most fall into these basic categories: 

  • Raw crystals come in a huge range of sizes and are simply uncut crystals. They are interesting to hold and fascinating to look at–but they wouldn’t work well in your pocket. 
  • Like diamonds, cut crystals are cut into shapes–everything from spheres to hearts to pyramids. Jewelry is often made from cut crystals. 
  • Tumbled crystals are great for carrying in your pocket (“pocket crystals”) because all their sharp edges have been smoothed away. These are usually smaller. 
  • Crystal clusters are large groups of raw or uncut crystals. These can be more expensive but they are beautiful and fascinating to look at. 
  • Geodes are clusters of crystals that have been cut in half so you can see the stunningly intricate patterns inside. These make great display pieces, but can often cost a little more than uncut stones. 

How Do You Use Crystals? 

I got started with crystals by looking at them and enjoying their beauty, and I truly believe that’s the best way to start. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the knowledge, information, and options out there, but the truth is that if you see a beautiful crystal and it makes you smile, it’s doing its job and helping you to be well and happy. 

Here’s How I Got Started With Crystals: Look, Hold, and Enjoy

They say that you don’t choose crystals; crystals choose you. What I know from experience is that certain crystals look more appealing or feel better in your hand than others. Crystal experts say that’s because your body will be automatically drawn toward the crystal you need. 

In fact, that’s one of the best ways to pick a crystal: pay careful attention to what you’re drawn to. If that doesn’t work, you can also learn about what different crystals do, and choose a stone based on your “symptoms.” If you want a good all-around stone that’s helpful and beautiful to look at, for example, you might choose amethyst.

Purple Crystal sough cut stone How I Got Started With Crystals | Haylee Whimsy + Wellness

How Do I Get Started With Crystals? 

Most people start by looking at and enjoying crystals, then holding them as pocket crystals or for meditation. It’s very important, however, that the crystals you choose come from reputable sources. 

In my shop, I make sure to hand select my crystals as often as possible–and always from reputable sources. More often than not, I even get to know the people who are visiting the mines and sourcing the stones directly, so I feel good about where the crystals are coming from. 

Wherever you end up selecting your crystals, however, here are some ideas for them: 

1. Decoration

You might think it’s not ok to use a crystal simply for decorative purposes, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Crystals are made to be enjoyed visually, and the happiness and peace they bring you when you observe them isn’t an accident. 

2. Meditation

Just like some people use essential oils to help them meditate, some people use crystals to help them meditate. You might also choose to state your intention for the crystal while you hold it. Whether your intention is more peace, a better night’s sleep, or less anxiety, doing so can help you take advantage of the crystal’s energy-calming properties.    

3. Pair With Essential Oils 

This is how I got started with crystals–pairing them with my favorite essential oils! I wrote a complete guide to pairing crystals and oils here (it also includes a super helpful oils and crystals cheat sheet). When I started my shop in 2016, crystals were just barely becoming mainstream and nobody was creating tools to help people like me use crystals and oils together. I knew I couldn’t be the only one who wanted to take advantage of both amazing elements, so I created two different products: crystal rollers and gemstone roller tops.   

crystal collection roller bottle whimsy + wellness

Every clear glass roller in my Crystal Collection comes with a crystal already inside. The visual effect is stunning, and all you have to do is add your essential oils and carrier oil like normal. This is such a fun conversation starter! This cheat sheet has some great ideas for oil and crystal pairings.  

crystal collection roller bottles with gemstone roller tops whimsy + wellness

If you’d like to apply the crystal and the oil directly to your skin, you can use the Gemstone Roller Tops I created. We put an incredible amount of thought and effort into picking just the right stones for these bottles. They fit standard 10ml roller bottles and replace the usual plastic, glass, or metal ball with a genuine gemstone. There are about thirty different stones for you to choose from right now, and you can add the tops to any of your already made roller blends, or combine them with a roller bottle from the Crystal Collection.

What Are the Best Crystals to Start With? 

Amethyst, clear quartz, and pink quartz are great places to start if you’re new to crystals.

  • Amethyst is popular with a lot of people because it’s so beautiful, but it also makes a great all-purpose stone that can help with everything from balance to confidence. I like to use my amethyst roller bottle with frankincense, which is a great balancing oil. 
  • Clear quartz is sometimes considered the “master crystal.” It’s extremely popular and holds whatever intentions you give to it. I like to use it daily in my own DIY perfume blend
  • Rose quartz is the “love stone,” but it’s not just for romantic love. It also pairs well with female energy. I like to use it inside my lavender roller for a beautiful, heart-forward pairing. 

How Do You Clean and Charge Crystals? 

Just like people, crystals can become full of negative energy. If your crystal is new to you or you’ve been using it a lot, it’s nice to “charge” it, or help to clean it and release any negative energy. Here are several different ways to clean and charge crystals: 

  • Bury your crystal in the earth for 24 hours 
  • Bury your crystal in brown rice for 24 hours or more 
  • Leave your crystal in the full sun for four hours or in the light of a full moon for fours hours 
  • Smudge or burn incense near your crystal 
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How Do You Use Crystals for Healing? 

Crystals can help with anxiety, sleep, new beginnings, peace and tranquility, and so much more. Here are some popular ways to use them: 

  • Keep a crystal in your pocket or wear it as jewelry. This keeps the stone’s energy close by all day, and also acts as a focal point for you if your anxiety kicks in or you become nervous. 
  • Slip a crystal under your pillow at night if you’re experiencing insomnia or trouble sleeping due to stress or anxiety. 
  • Start a crystal collection to observe, enjoy, and decorate with. 
  • You can use crystals to charge your water. I don’t recommend placing crystals inside your water for health reasons, but you can place them directly next to your water overnight to experience the crystals’ benefits in water form. 
clear quartz how i got started with crystals haylee whimsy + wellness

What I Wish I Knew When I Got Started With Crystals

The truth is, crystals don’t have to be intimidating or overwhelming! And now that you’ve learned how I got started with crystals, I hope you’re ready to start your own adventure. Crystals are fun and beautiful, and a great way to compliment your wellness or essential oils journey. I have to warn you, however, crystals are addicting–once you start collecting these beautiful little stones, it’s hard to stop!

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