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How I See You…

Hello everyone! This is Russ, Haylee’s husband.

You have never heard from me because I am definitely not the tech savvy one – that’s Haylee for sure 😂.  I’m the behind the scenes guy; the one who makes the beautiful product come to life that Haylee designs, transports it to our shipping facility, and helps make anything Haylee needs easier for her so she can continue to bring you all the great products she does. 

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I wanted to sneak this post in to show you how much Haylee loves this business, her people, and you. How passionate she is. How she is constantly thinking, designing, worrying, networking, and stressing about getting the perfect product to you every day. 

She is amazing!  She puts what sometimes feels like every moment of her day into making sure that her family is provided for, her children are happy, and her customers are satisfied. She never turns it off.

She started this business a little over 4 years ago and she keeps wanting to improve it daily. You cannot imagine how many times she has asked “do you think everyone would love this?”  She truly puts her everything into wanting to make others happy — so much so that as her small business has grown all she wants to do is help others do the same as well. She is constantly in contact with other small businesses to collaborate and create newness so that she can bring it to as many people as she can. It’s why I love her so much. She has the most wonderful heart. 

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Why am I posting this today?  One is that I always want to, but never know how (trust me I needed help editing and getting this posted), but second is that you always get a chance to see Haylee from her perspective, but I wanted you to see how I get to see her in photos and words.

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I hope this finds you well and I want to thank you for everything you do for us to make this whole business possible!

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8 thoughts on “How I See You…

  1. I loved reading this and Haylee is an absolute jewel! All of my whimsy and wellness products beam with love and I know it’s because all of the love and kindness that she puts in. Thank you so much Haylee, Russ, and team for the wonderful products, inspiration, and education that Whimsy and Wellness offers!

    1. She certainly is a jewel! Thank you for your kind words and for supporting Whimsy + Wellness!! Xoxo

  2. Omg SOBBING!!! This is the sweetest most amazing thing! Thank you BOTH for being power couple goals! Russ this was such a sweet thing to do for her!! As mamas and especially business mamas, we can often feel unseen and under appreciated, like we are stuck in the behind the scenes and pulled in a million directions. I’m sure this means the world to her! I love you all at whimsy and wellness, you guys have me the inspiration and courage to start my own business and I’m so appreciative of all you guys are and do! Happy mother’s day Haylee!!

    1. This is the sweetest! Thank you so much for your kind words! Rooting for you and sending love your way! Happy belated Mother’s Day!

  3. Tears 😭 Russ- this is the. sweetest. thing. Seeing you guys and your business blossom the past few years has been so inspiring! And you’re right, Haylee really is the most wonderful person!

  4. That is soooo freaking SWEET!! What an amazing tribute to your beautiful wife and #MomBoss!!! We absolutely love what she has put so much time and effort in!! Go Haylee!! 💗💗

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