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How To Make Non-Toxic Rainbow Bath Bombs

How to make non toxic rainbow bath bombs with essential oils whimsy wellness DIY kit

Nothing spells self care like winding down with a non-toxic rainbow bath bomb diffusing essential oils in your tub. I always envied those fun bath bomb DIY kits you see at Target and other places, but never bought them because who knows what’s in the ingredients 😏. So, I set out to make my own version for all of you with all the organic ingredients I could find and know you could TRUST.

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How I Created The Perfect Non-Toxic Rainbow Bath Bomb Recipe

I wanted to make a DIY kit that felt lighthearted and fun since this year has been a doozy. Rainbow bath bombs with crystals, flowers, and your own essential oils seemed like the perfect craft afternoon with a dash of whimsy!

After working on the kit for months I nailed the perfect bath bomb recipe and put the ingredients, the crystals, and the flowers and the instructions all in one place so the process stayed super easy. I’m including the step-by-step process here so you can see how it works. If you like video tutorials, be sure to check out the video at the bottom of this post with extra troubleshooting tips!

Crystal Infused Rainbow Bath Bomb DIY Kit

These non-toxic rainbow bath bombs are the perfect sensory experience for you to complete by yourself or as a fun afternoon craft with your kiddos. It’s a hands-on experience, so if you have kids that like to use their fingers for crafts, they will LOVE this DIY. They are just so fun for adults and kids alike…PLUS they make bath time luxurious.

Crystal Infused Non-Toxic Rainbow Bath Bomb Kit Whimsy + Wellness

Here’s everything you get in the Crystal Infused Rainbow Bath Bomb DIY Kit for $54:

  • All the ingredients to make approximately 15 rainbow bath bombs (you’ll get a bag of dry ingredients that’s pre-measured for easy use, and the cutest reusable glass jar with the perfect amount of organic coconut oil in it!)
  • 1 rainbow mold that is reusable!
  • 5 rose quartz crystals to put in your bath bombs (perfect for self love vibes)
  • 1 jar of dried calendula flowers to add into your bath bombs (great for skin!)
  • Instructions with photos to follow along AND a link to a video if that’s more your thing
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These non-toxic rainbow bath bombs are perfect for everyone! Homeschool lesson anyone? Make and take class? Gifts for birthdays coming up? Treat yourself to a good time annnnnd an even better bath!

Rainbow bath bombs with dried flora and essential oils whimsy and wellness

Crystal Infused Rainbow Bath Bombs: A Diy Kit

Time: 30-45 mins + dry time (overnight)

Makes: About 15 bath bombs

Step by Step Instructions to make bath bombs with the whimsy + wellness DIY kit
Step by Step Instructions to make bath bombs with the whimsy + wellness DIY kit

Tag us in a photo on Instagram with #livewhimsy if you make these non-toxic bath bombs…we want to see all of the fun you have!

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