The Best Holiday Gift Guide for the Essential Oil Lover 2020 (Gifts you’ve never seen before!)

It’s that magical time of year where we get to show up for our favorite people with their favorites–gifts for essential oil lovers! We’ve gathered some of our absolute fav essential oil presents, whether you’re shopping for a team member, a coworker who loves oils, a hippie sister, aunt, or cousin, or (cough) yourself. 

Most of these gift ideas support small businesses (and especially women-owned shops!), which makes a gift that much better, if you ask us ;). But we’ve made sure to include a few Amazon essential oil gift options because #reallife. 

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What Do I Get Someone Who Loves Essential Oils? 

Picking a great gift for an essential oil lover is a simple as: 

  • Bath salts made from essential oils 
  • Candles made with essential oils 
  • Diffusing jewelry that can be used with essential oils 
  • Diffusing oil keychains or car ornaments 
  • Diffusers 
  • Essential oil journals 
  • Essential oil roller bottles 
  • Oil holders or shelves   
  • Rare or unusual essential oils 
  • Books about essential oils and/or wellness 

Want to make it even easier? Here are our 20 top favorite gifts for essential oil lovers!

Don’t forget to share YOUR favorite gift in the comments below–or let us know what you’d like to receive as a gift! 

Top 20 Favorite Gifts for the Essential Oil Lover 

1. Essential Oil Roller Stand from the Essential Turnery 

Your oil lover likely has approximately seventy nine gazillion essential oil roller bottles. Help her get organized in this really, really chic way thanks to the Essential Turney, a family-owned small business crafting their roller stands by hand in their Florida garage. These Essential Oil Roller Stands with White Marble Tops are also SO cute and come in so many delectable colors!   

2. Essential Oil Roller Doormat from Shop Bekai 

You know what your oil-loving friend/loved one/family member would LOVE? An essential oil door mat! This one is a hilarious nod to wellness and the power of essential oils, and will make just about anybody smile. 

3. The Tree Oils Sweatshirt from AstroBarn Design 

If your oil lover is deeply committed to the tree oils (pine, spruce, eucalyptus, cypress, sandalwood, etc.), she’ll lose her mind over this gorgeous, super-soft sweatshirt from AstroBarn Design. It comes in two colors and in a t-shirt–perfection. 

4. The Seasonal Soul: A Mystic’s Guide to Inner Transformation by Lauren Aletta 

If your friend or family member is part hippie, he or she will be fascinated by this beautiful, thoughtful book that invites readers into natural seasons and rhythms of personal development and self-discovery. The Seasonal Soul, by Lauren Aletta, is practical and beautifully illustrated, and pairs well with natural aids like essential oils. It’s a must-have for the library of any hippie or beginner mystic! 

5. Essential Oil Leather Zipper Pouch from Magnolia Leatherworks 

Everything at Magnolia is handcrafted from high-quality materials–and this beautiful leather essential oil pouch is no exception. It’s perfect for an oil lover to organize her essential oils or to travel with them–this pouch slips right into a purse or bag, and comes with inner leather loops to keep the oils safe. Absolutely stunning. 

6. Holiday Diffuser Postcards from The Graphics Market 

Does your friend or family member love sending notes or care packages? Then she’ll get so excited over this Holiday Diffuser postcard from this Etsy shop artist. The postcard is a digital download and simply needs to be printed! From there–all it needs are stamps and a beautiful pen and your friend will be ready to go! 

7. Zodiac Constellation Roller Bottle from Whimsy + Wellness

Is your friend into the Zodiac? She’ll love a roller bottle that celebrates her Zodiac sign! The high-quality, beautifully designed roller bottles come with glass roller beads (the standard option) or a gemstone roller bead made from hand-chosen crystals, picked just for her sign. We can’t get enough of these roller bottles and we have a feeling neither can she ;).  

8. Fizzing Bath Cubes with Essential Oils from Slow North 

These delightful fizzing bath cubes from popular, Austin-based, ethically-sourced shop Slow North are made with therapeutic-grade essential oils. The Sweet Dreams cubes are large enough to be used for two baths (just cut in half) are made with lavender, vetiver, and cedarwood–an absolutely dreamy combo–as well as nourishing virgin coconut oil and pure Dead Sea salts. But we’re also eyeballing eucalyptus mint and spiced chai–maybe a few of each? 

9. Macrame Car Diffuser or Macrame Diffuser Hanger from Magnolia Blue   

Macrame is super cool, super vintage, and super chic–and small shop Magnolia Blue has figured out how to combine the awesomeness of macrame to essential oils!

Our two favorites from this shop are the Rainbow Mini Car Diffusers–perfect for keeping your car smelling fresh and lovely (without the toxins from traditional fragrances)–and the Macrame Diffuser Hanger. Your friend will drool over either! 

10. Aura Rollerball Necklace in Sterling Silver or Red Brass from Rising Sun Apotheca 

These rollerball necklaces from Rising Sun Apotheca are handmade and incredibly unique–truly a one-of-a-kind gift! Rollerball necklaces are wearable art–a beautifully designed jewelry necklace that holds an essential oil roller bottle. If your oil lover loves keeping her oils close to her heart, this is a gift she’ll love and treasure for years. 

BONUS: Rising Sun Apotheca was so kind and shared a discount code for all of you–use WHIMSY10 at checkout to save 10%!! (Code has no expiration date.)

11. Lavender Soy Candle from Thistle Farms 

Thistle Farms is a nonprofit that creates natural home and body products made by women survivors of trafficking, trauma, and addiction. It has artisan partners all over the world, and thanks to its beautifully-made, non-toxic products, has provided more than 10,000 nights of safe, supportive housing to people who need it. Our favorite pick from Thistle Farms is their classic lavender soy candle, made with Bulgarian lavender. It smells beautiful, is completely non-toxic, and burns for hours! 

12. Gemstone Facial Roller from Whimsy + Wellness

Is your essential oil lover into skincare? Then you’ve got to grab her one of our gorgeous gemstone rollers! You can go the classic route with jade or rose quartz, or try the stunning dalmatian stone, opalite, lapis lazuli, or tiger’s eye. These pair beautifully with essential oils like lavender, frankincense, and blue tansy for the face, and help depuff, improve lymphatic drainage, improve skin tone, smooth wrinkles, and create a rosy glow! And who doesn’t want all that?! 

13. The Feelings Collection Diffuser Bracelets from Put on Love Designs

These bracelets are gorgeous on their own–but they’re also perfect for essential oil lovers because they’re made with crystals and faux suede that can diffuse essential oils all day long. Simply drop a few drops of oil onto your hands, gently roll your bracelet in your hands, and you’re ready to go! Each bracelet features crystals and a suggested oil pairing to match a feeling or need: energy, happiness, confidence, etc. Want to really wow somebody? Give her several bracelets as a gift–and she can reach for exactly what she needs every morning. 

14. Agate Essential Oil Journal from Modern Makerie

If your friend or family member loves being organized–or she just needs a little help keeping up with all her amazing oils, this journal will be an absolute life-saver for her! It has four tabbed sections to help her keep track of her favorite essential oil recipes and notes. Beautiful stationary weight pages make it so easy and fun to write in! 

15. Essential Oils Stickers from The Shop by Amy Lorraine Creates 

Soooooo cute! Who wouldn’t want one of these amazing hand-designed stickers from Amy Lorraine?! They’re beautiful and hilarious–perfect for the oil lover who is super into her oils but doesn’t take herself too seriously. 

16. Don’t Worry Be Hippie Pullover from the Modern Oil Co. 

We’re going to be honest: we don’t even know where to start with this shop. Give us all the hilarious t-shirts and all the cozy sweatshirts! Maybe your oil lover will fall for this hilarious “don’t worry be hippie” sweatshirt, or maybe the uber-trendy “Oil Lady” Tie Dyed Pullover is more her style. Whatever the case, she’s going to be so excited when she unwraps this gift! 

17. The Flora Collection from Whimsy + Wellness

This is that gift you get for your oil-loving friend who has everything–and wants to take things up a notch! These gorgeous, high-quality dried flowers can be sprinkled into clear glass essential oil roller bottles for a beautiful effect, or they can be sprinkled into your friend’s DIY bath salts (or straight into the bath!). They are USDA Certified Organic; choose from lavender, chamomile, rose buds, calendula, or grab the whole set! 

18. Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser by Whimsy + Wellness

What color is cheer? We say it’s this perfectly, joyously elegant shade of peachy pink! This *swoons* brand new, natural ceramic diffuser also has a warm, glowing light that will usher coziness right inside your home while you diffuse your favorite holiday oils. Cue up the joy this winter!

19. Crystal Collection Essential Oil Roller Bottles from Whimsy + Wellness 

Our crystal roller bottles are bestsellers for a reason–they’re beautiful! Each high-quality glass roller bottle comes with hand-chosen, cleansed crystals that pair perfectly with essential oils. You can choose from more than 20 different crystal options–or grab a few different options for your friends to choose from!

20. Ascendant Moon Phases Reclaimed Wood Rollerball Necklace from Ohio Moon Designs

This gorgeous roller top is handmade from start to finish with reclaimed wood. This particular design comes with gorgeous moon phases burned into the wood and a 1mL glass vial to hold essential oils and/or tiny chips of crystals! The chain is made in the United States by a family-owned business–there’s nothing not to love about this beautiful necklace! 

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We hope you love this holiday gift guide for the essential oil lover! We’d love to hear from you–which gift do YOU want to receive, and what do you think you’ll grab for your friend/coworker/family member? Let us know in the comments!

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