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The Rooted Collection

The Rooted Collection was created and inspired by the many ways we are learning to ground ourselves during an upside down time. We’ve taken elements of home and earth and put them together to provide a collection that we hope helps you take deep breaths and feel connected to yourself and others.

Petrified Wood Slab
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In this collection, you’ll find everything from hand painted wooden glass essential oil bottles to one-of-a-kind aragonite clusters. We cannot wait to launch Rooted on Thursday, May 28th at 10am PST! Until then, we’re sharing a sneak peek and giving you ideas and essential oil blends that pair with each of the products.

Woodsy Set of 2 Dropper and Roller Bottle

Into The Woods Beard Oil

  • 12 drops cedarwood
  • 12 drops frankincense
  • 12 drops sandalwood

After adding essential oils, fill 1oz dropper bottle with jojoba oil.

Apply a few drops to your beard every day.

Stress Relief Roller

  • 4 drops eucalyptus
  • 6 drops tangerine
  • 6 drops lime
  • 6 drops lavender

After adding essential oils, fill 10ml roller bottle with carrier oil of choice.

Roll on neck and wrists to help with stress relief.

Frosted Cologne Bottle

His Cologne

  • 60 drops cedarwood
  • 40 drops pine
  • 35 drops nutmeg
  • 30 drops clove
  • 20 drops lemon

After adding essential oils, fill 3.5oz spray bottle with 100 proof (or higher) vodka or white rum.

Spray on as your cologne.

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The Perfect Shower, Set of 3

DIY Home Spa


Fill with your favorite shampoo. Add 10-20 drops rosemary to promote heathy hair growth.


Fill with your favorite conditioner. Add 10-20 drops cedarwood or lavender to promote healthy hair.

Body Wash

Fill with favorite body wash. Add 10-20 drops peppermint for an energizing wake me up. Add 10-20 drops lavender or chamomile for a wind down night time shower.

We cannot forget the crystals we’ve curated to bring some whimsy into your home! Each crystal is completely unique and comes with an affirmation to use. Here’s a few highlights, but you can view the full collection HERE.

More Crystals For Your Home Set

Our Crystals for Home collection was so popular that we created ANOTHER Home set with the following crystals:

  • Rose Quartz rough chunk for your bedroom
  • Celestite cluster for a bedroom
  • Amazonite tumbled piece for your dining table
  • Carmelian tumbled palm stone for your work area
  • Amethyst cluster for your living room

Affirmation: We belong to each other.

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Agate Bookends

Gorgeous agate bookends for a cozy reading nook, your nightstand, or a touch of whimsy on your shelves.

Diffuser Keychain Blush White Druzy

Anyone else escaping the chaos by going on solo drives with a cup of coffee? These gorgeous faux suede leather tassels made by Put On Love Designs holds a drop or two of essential oils so your vehicle gives off peaceful vibes.

To preview the rest of the collection go HERE.

May you feel rooted and grounded to yourself, the earth, and the ones you love.

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