5 Best Crystals for Manifesting (Welcome Abundance, Wealth, Love, Creativity, & Motivation)

Normally, the Whimsy + Wellness podcast is hosted by Meg Ryan but this is a very special episode that Whimsy + Wellness founder, Haylee Crowley is hosting on her own – her first solo episode!

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Manifestation is an incredible tool for creating the life of your dreams and when you throw crystals into your manifestation practice? You’re sure to have some high vibration and good things coming your way! 

Today our founder, Haylee Crowley, will be sharing the 5 best crystals for manifesting abundance, wealth, love, creativity, motivation and the life of your dreams.

We’ll be sharing all about how Citrine, Pyrite, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, and Carnelian are the perfect crystals for manifesting, how and why you’ll want to use each one and more!

A few weeks ago on episode 33 (5 Easy Steps to Manifesting and Creating the Life of Your Dreams), we had manifestation advisor, Jenni Adishian, on the podcast, walking us through all things manifestation. We had such great feedback on her episode that episode 34 was on Using Essential Oils to Abundance, Prosperity, and the Life of Your Dreams. We knew we had to wrap up our manifestation themed episodes with an episode on CRYSTALS for you to use in your manifestation practice and that’s exactly what this episode is!

Grab a notepad and pen and get ready to be inspired to uplevel your manifestation practice with the healing power of crystals as you listen or read along  to this episode of the Whimsy + Wellness Podcast. And if you enjoy this episode and hearing about these crystals…SHOP OUR MANIFESTATION CRYSTAL SET ➡️ https://whimsyandwellness.com/products/manifestation-crystal-set?ref=podcast 

In this episode you’ll learn:

• The importance of using crystals in a way that feels right for you

• Why citrine is an amazing crystal for manifesting anything

• How to use pyrite to manifest wealth and financial abundance

• How to amplify your intentions with clear quartz 

Rose quartz is your go-to crystal for manifesting love and strong relationships with yourself and others

• How you can use carnelian to manifest creativity and motivation

• All about our new manifestation crystal set

Why should you use crystals in a way that feels right for you

Haylee chose five specific crystals she recommends using in your manifestation practice but like we always encourage you, use what feels right for you! 

If having a full blown manifestation practice and harnessing the different energies of different crystals is a bit too much for you, that’s totally fine! 

If you just want to learn about some crystal properties without diving all the way into manifestation, that is also fine! 

Or if every bit of this is way too “woo-woo” then simply skip to a different blog or podcast episode – we have lots of options in lots of categories and we celebrate and respect everyone’s comfort zones and beliefs.

Also note that there are tons of other crystals that you can incorporate into your manifestation practice, not just these five Haylee is sharing about here.

Also feel free to check out our many crystal sets for different needs and intentions:

The options are truly endless (and amazing) so allow this to be what it is, your crystal journey!

The 5 Best Crystals for Manifesting

1. Citrine – to manifest anything you desire

If we had to choose just one crystal for manifesting it would be citrine!

Citrine is so beautiful (warning: we’ll probably say this about every single crystal but it’s just because it’s TRUE!) It’s an orangy-yellow and as Haylee said in the episode, “just thinking about it makes me happy!”

Citrine is well known and loved for manifesting abundance, prosperity, joy, financial wealth or really anything you desire, which is why if we had to choose just one crystal for manifestation, it would be this one!

In ancient China, Citrine was considered a “wish-fulfiller.” and is also known as the money stone. 

Haylee also shared a really cool teaching from Feng Shui that says that the back left corner of your home (looking in from the front door) is the “abundance corner” so you’re supposed to keep your citrine there to bring about abundance to your home and life! How cool?!

Allow Citrine’s high vibration to help you raise your vibration, elevate your mood and help you bring in the optimism and abundance you need to manifest the life of your dreams!

Now there are actually two types of Citrine. 

The first is natural citrine. This “natural” citrine is amethyst that has been heated / treated by the earth

The other type of citrine which is probably the type you’re more likely to find because of its affordability is amethyst that has been heated by man. Still beautiful, still a breathtaking stone from the earth, just a bit (a lot) more affordable! Some people are very against the citrine that has been heated by man and some people (like Haylee) love it! So it’s up to you!

So, if you are looking for a rockstar crystal to help you manifest anything you desire, then citrine is definitely the crystal for you!! Plus it’s just so pretty – who wouldn’t want citrine in their home?!

2. Pyrite – to manifest wealth

The next crystal is pyrite! I’m sure you’ve heard of “fools gold” before, well did you know that fools gold is pyrite!?

Pyrite is called fools gold because it used to fool miners that were looking for gold because it’s bright and metallic, too (just not worthy nearly as much!).

So just like how we connect gold to wealth – the same goes for pyrite; it’s an incredible crystal for manifesting wealth. Lots of people love to combine pyrite with citrine to help manifest financial security, financial freedom, financial abundance, and luxury!

Now, if you’re wanting to manifest wealth but feeling bad or guilty about that, don’t! 

Remember – money in the hands of good people does good things! 

(We highly recommend the book, You Are a Badass at Making Money if you need some confidence boosting in this area!)

So, if you are working on getting rid of limiting beliefs regarding money like Jenni and Meg spoke about in episode 33, and harnessing financial abundance, then definitely reach for some pyrite!!

3. Clear Quartz – to amplify your intentions

You might remember learning about clear quartz on episode 30, our crystals for beginners episode. Clear quartz has so many amazing properties but especially when it comes to manifestation for its ability to help us amplify our intentions!

If you remember from the manifestation episode with Jenni, she shared with us the importance of having clarity around our intentions. 

Clear quartz is incredible for helping harness clarity AND once you have that clarity and know what it is you’re working to manifest, clear quartz will be the crystal you’ll want to lean on to amplify those intentions.

Along with that, when you pair clear quartz with other crystals it will help give THOSE crystals a boosted surge of manifestation energy! Yes please!!

In our humble crystal loving opinion, everyone needs clear quartz in their collection! The benefits are endless and hello – it’s gorgeous!

4. Rose Quartz – to manifest love and strong relationships with yourself and others

Rose quartz is another crystal that Meg shared about in the crystals for beginners episode but I wanted to share about it in this episode because I know many of you may want to manifest love and afterall, rose quartz is the love stone!

It can definitely help with relationships, but we like to think it does that (at least in part) by helping you with your relationship to yourself, which is so important, right?

It has this really strong ability to move heavy & hard feelings out of the way and make room for forgiveness, compassion, and understanding – especially with yourself. You know that saying, “You can’t pour from an empty glass?” Allow rose quartz to help you learn to keep your glass full!

Rose quartz helps increase compassion, empathy, and love–all of which can help you set boundaries, communicate your truth, and state what you need in a relationship; hopefully leading to your manifestation involving love to come to fruition.

If you are specifically looking to manifest love and compassion whether through a partner, maybe with yourself, or maybe trying to bring about healing either to a certain relationship or to your own heart, rose quartz is definitely the crystal for you!

5. Carnelian – to manifest creativity, motivation, and your inner super woman

Last but most definitely not least is carnelian!! If you’re wanting to manifest creativity, motivation, and your inner super woman then look no further!

Think of carnelian as your energizer bunny hype girl! 

It can quickly get us out of that “stuck” place we all find ourselves in from time to time, cultivates creativity, sparks big ideas within us, and brings about lots of energy and encouragement to manifest exactly what’s on your heart!

Haylee loves to keep carnelian right on her desk while she’s working to help with her creativity and motivation while she creates all our beautiful Whimsy + Wellness products. 

Some even swear by sleeping with carnelian under your pillow if you’re trying to manifest anything from extra creativity to large entrepreneurial goals

Basically, if you need a hype girl or I should say hype crystal for your manifestations, it’s carnelian!

5 Best Crystals for Manifesting (Welcome Abundance, Wealth, Love, Creativity, & Motivation)

Our Manifestation Crystal Set

Okay now that you’re probably drooling over those crystals, are you ready for the good news?! 

We just launched a manifestation crystal set on our site! Haylee hand chose each crystal for the set, and it comes with 9 breathtaking manifestation crystals (all except clear quartz that she spoke about on this episode!) and a handy guide for each crystal making it perfect for crystal beginners and veterans alike! You’re going to LOVE them!

  • Use the set in your manifestation practice just like we talked about in this episode
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Want to pair some more Whimsy with your manifestation practice? Here’s what we recommend:

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  • My Beautiful Life 10ml roller bottle set – these are the perfect bottles for manifesting the life of your dreams. Designed by artist and dreamer, Casey Wiegand, this set contains 5 beautiful ombre colored bottles with inspiring affirmations as a reminder to dream big, believe in yourself, and know we’re right there with you, cheering you on! Your set comes with three roller bottles with glass roller balls, one dropper bottle, and one spray bottle along with a recipe + affirmation card.
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