5 Easy Steps to Manifestation and Creating the Life of Your Dreams with Manifestation Advisor Jenni Adishian

Manifestation has been quite the popular topic lately and maybe you’ve found yourself saying, “What is manifestation? How do I manifest?” 

Well, I’m asking an acclaimed manifestation advisor all those questions (and more!) in today’s episode! 

Manifestor advisor, Jenni Adishian joins the show to help us unpack patterns and beliefs that could be holding us back from living the life we desire and walks us through the 5 steps of manifestation.

In this episode with Jenni Adishian we discuss:

• What is manifesting and why would you want to do it?

• The main difference between manifesting and goal setting

• The 5 steps to manifesting

• Is there a difference between manifesting and the law of attraction?

• The impact your self-talk, mindset, and beliefs has on your life

• How to recognize & unlearn subconscious patterns and beliefs that could be holding you back

• The importance of releasing desperation and control in order to attract abundance 

• Can our worries manifest the things we’re afraid of?

What is manifesting and why would you want to do it?

Manifestation is taking a goal or desire from your mind and bringing it into your physical reality.

We do that through our day-today actions, our mindset, what we believe, what we’re telling ourselves, and how we show up in the world. 

Manifestation is taking a dream and bringing it into fruition.

What is the difference between manifesting and goal setting?

With manifestation, you don’t have to know every single step from where you currently are to the end goal/dream like you normally need to with goal setting. 

When you’re manifesting, you are taking action, but it’s really about setting an intention and then surrendering. 

Manifesting rids us of the “hustle” mindset that goal setting can put us in along with that feeling of needing to have control over when and how our dream or what it is we’re manifesting will happen.

The 5 (really simple) steps to manifesting:

  1. Get clear on where you are now and where you want to go
  2. Ask for what you want and deserve
  3. Take aligned action
  4. Believe that what you’re manifesting is possible and that you are worthy of receiving it
  5. Surrender to the process 

Step 1: Get clear on where you are right now and where you want to go

For getting clear on where you currently are you’ll want to do this in the specific area of your life that you’re wanting to work on or manifest for. 

Do a self-check in and ask how you feel, what’s draining you, what’s energizing you, etc.

Then you’re going to work on clarity around where you want to go in this area. 

Sometimes it’s easier to start with the things you don’t want as you grow; the things you want to leave behind or sometimes it’s really envisioning exactly how you want to feel, what you want your energy to look like, who you want to be surrounded by, etc.

Step 2: Asking for what you want and deserve

When was the last time you even thought about what you truly wanted? This is such an important step in manifesting however it’s something that so many of us forget to do. 

You can do this in a few ways such as journaling, vision boards, during prayer or meditations, however you want. 

Jenni’s favorite way and the way she recommends to her clients is writing it down in journal or list form. Make a clear statement of what you’re asking for and what you deserve. This is helpful to come back to as inspiration and a reminder of what is possible!

Remember: If you can think it and envision it for yourself, it exists! Believe that!

Some examples of things you can manifest are: a dream job, house, partner, even better health, money, etc. If you aren’t sure what you want to manifest, ask for clarity! Manifest clarity!

Step 3: Taking Aligned action

Whatever it is that you’re asking for/manifesting, if it was already in existence how would you be showing up differently? How would you act? How would you treat yourself and others? How clean would you keep that dream home? 

When you start to take action as though what your manifesting has already happened you get aligned with that thing and you become more of a match, right?

Step 4: Believe that what you’re manifesting is possible and that you are worthy of receiving it

As you can tell by how many times I’ve mentioned belief…it’s such an important part of manifesting!! 

Some ways in which you can do this step are to surround yourself with people who already have or have done what it is you’re currently manifesting. 

If it’s a healthy relationship, hangout with people or couples who have healthy relationships and try wherever possible to avoid surrounding yourself with lots of people with unhealthy relationships. 

If it’s someone who is in the business you want to be in, look up to them, follow them on Instagram or grab coffee together if you’re able! 

When you’re surrounded by people or things that you’re working towards, your brain starts believing that it is possible for you, too!

Step 5: Surrender to the process

This step is usually the hardest part for people but according to Jenni, is the most important! 

Oftentimes when we have such a tight grasp on control over the exact details of the outcome, it makes our manifestation take longer! 

That weight we put on the thing we’re trying to manifest is actually often what holds us back! So as hard as it can often be, be intentional about releasing control and attachment, letting go of a specific timeline, the how and the when and allow it to come to you how it’s meant to!

Is there a difference between manifesting and the law of attraction?

Jenni says not really! The law of attraction is the most scientific of the two and manifesting is a mix of the sciences but also can often have a spiritual aspect.

The law of attraction states that like attracts like. The way in which you’re living and spending your energy, you will attract more of it. If you’re living out gratitude and joy and love, you will attract more of that. If your energy is negative, judgmental, etc. you will continue to attract that.

And manifestation is the same way. 

The impact your self-talk, mindset, and beliefs has on your life

I’m sure you’ve heard people say “your thoughts become your reality before” and it really is true for the reasons I mentioned above: like attracts like. 

The types of thoughts you spend your most energy on are the type of thoughts you’ll continue to have more of. This is the same for self-talk and limiting beliefs about yourself. It’s very important when starting your manifestation journey to evaluate your self-talk, your mindset, and your beliefs. 

Oftentimes they’re so second nature and subconscious that we don’t fully recognize them or realize that we can flip the script!

So friend, start talking yourself up! 

If you’re wanting to attract good energy, joy, love, appreciation, even wealth, start with treating yourself with good energy, joy, self-love and love and gratitude for others, and believing that you’re worthy and capable of wealth, love, whatever it is that you’re working towards! 

When you start to do this, you’ll see a shift almost immediately!

Tips for recognizing & unlearning subconscious patterns and beliefs that could be holding you back

  • Get curious about your subconscious patterns 
  • Ask yourself questions
  • Look at your life from another perspective
  • Do some Inner Child Work 
  • Flip the script 
  • Put some affirmations in place 

The best way to start recognizing and unlearning subconscious patterns that are holding you back is to open yourself up to seeing and getting curious about your own subconscious patterns! We ALL have them. 

Start zooming out and get curious about different things in your life. For example, in love and relationships, if this is an area you struggle with, ask yourself some questions around this. “I seem to be attracting the same types of people” or maybe your limiting beliefs are around money and you notice that you feel judgmental about women who talk about earning money, release any shame and just get curious, “I’m having this reaction any time this happens, when did I pick up this messaging?”

It’s helpful to really zoom out and look at your life from a bird’s eye view or another’s perspective and ask yourself some questions about possible patterns.

Once you recognize patterns that are coming up or limiting beliefs you’re carrying you can go back and do some Inner Child Work (we love Nicole Lepara’s How to Do the Work book that talks a lot about this!) and oftentimes you can make a shift and flip the script to those limiting beliefs once we recognize them. 

Put some affirmations in place something that helps you flip the script.

The importance of releasing desperation and control in order to attract abundance

When we manifest it’s important to have an attraction mindset versus desperation!

When we are desperate about anything, we put out energy that says we are incomplete without our desired outcome and like we talked about before, like attracts like. Desperation doesn’t have great energy. When we’re desperate and coming from a place of lack we attract and feel more desperate and empty.

Needy, desperate energy repels the good beautiful energy of what you’re trying to bring in.

Think about dating! If someone is super needy and clingy and insecure, it repels the other person, right? It’s not attractive to them. However when a partner is confident and secure and happy, they attract a partner. 

Treat your manifestations the same way! 

Can our worries manifest the things we’re afraid of?

Trust me when I say, I can be quite the worrier (enneagram 6 here!) However, if it were the case that we would manifest our worries, think of the amount of craziness and tragedy that would be happening every moment of every day! 

So first know that you thinking a fear or worrying about something will not manifest it to suddenly happen.

However, do keep in mind that worry does feed worry

The more we focus on our fears the more afraid we become because we’re watering that thought, we’re looking for ways in which it’s happening, maybe in small ways even. 

Our thoughts impact our feelings which impact our actions and so if we allow our worries and fears to overtake us we can subconsciously allow that to hold us (or our loved ones) back from the beauty that life can offer!

5 Easy Steps to Manifestation and Creating the Life of Your Dreams with Manifestation Advisor Jenni Adishian

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