7 Healing Crystals for Libra (+ our favorite essential oils for maximum benefits)

Libra | The Scales (September 23-October 22)

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Libras sit at the beginning of Autumn; in fact, the sign of Libra ushers in the Autumnal Equinox (the first day of fall). What’s notable about the fall is that it is both gentler than summer, and it is a mix of warm and cool days, much like Libras, themselves! 

Libras are known for having a calmer, gentler energy than the fiery energies of the summer signs (looking at you, Leo), but there’s also a distinct duality to their nature that’s on display in their sign: the scales. Libras are represented by the scales of justice; it should come as no surprise that they deeply value justice and will fight tooth and nail for it. 

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Libras often choose highly idealistic careers or causes and can be beautifully noble individuals who are objective and committed to openness and honesty in their relationships. Though they can overthink and get too “in their heads,” don’t let their sometimes aloofness or coldness fool you; Libras love being in committed relationships, whether those are romantic, professional, or friendly. 

Zodiac crystals (and essential oils!) can be wildly helpful. Here are our favorite Libra crystals

1. Sodalite 

Sodalite for Libra

Sodalite promotes truth, integrity, and communication, so it may very well be the patron saint of Libras everywhere! It combines disparate colors (blues, white, and violets) into one beautiful stone, much the same way that Libras can see and understand disparate viewpoints to find a way forward. 

Sodalite is emotionally balancing, but it can also amplify a Libra’s rationality and their ability to think through something objectively. Because of this, sodalite is a good stone to have nearby on a daily basis. Use it daily with essential oils like ylang ylang or frankincense for a spiritual high. 

2. Lapis Lazuli 

Lapis Lazuli for Libra

Lapis lazuli is one of Libra’s birthstones (aquamarine is the other). Like sodalite, lapis lazuli comes in beautiful, earthy blues that signal its impact on judgement, rationality, and truth. It’s a great stone for anybody who works as a journalist, investigator, or in any career where truth is vital and highly prized. 

Libras can wear lapis to remind them of their inner wisdom and judgement, and to amplify their already substation desire for knowledge. 

3. Bloodstone 

Bloodstone for Libra

Libras consistently desire pure motives, and bloodstone is a deeply purifying stone. It can also bring a grounding energy that helps pull Libras out of their heads and into their bodies, balancing out their airiness. 

Slip bloodstone into your pocket to act as a talisman; let its weight in your hand remind you to breathe deeply.   

4. Aquamarine 

aquamarine for Libra

Aquamarine is one of Libra’s birthstones. Because Libras have the unique ability to see a problem from all angles (and all viewpoints), it’s easy for them to struggle when the people around them have opposing viewpoints and can’t work together. In situations like this, aquamarine can be a huge help. Its water-like colors make it heavier than air, helping it to ground a Libra, but it also promotes feelings of calm and relaxation. 

When Libras are struggling with keeping the peace, aquamarine can remind them that true peacemaking isn’t about the absence of conflict, it’s about working through problems vulnerably and honestly. 

5. Tiger’s Eye 

Tiger's Eye for Libra

As justice-oriented as Libras can be, sometimes they struggle with speaking their truth. Tiger’s eye can build courage and strength in a Libra so that he or she can step forward decisively and purposefully.

Meditate with tiger’s eye before a big conversation, speech, or confrontation to help you bring justice and compassion to whatever situation you’re dealing with. 

6. Rhodonite 

Rhodonite for Libra

Rhodonite, like rose quartz, is a love stone, but it specifically excels at helping to heal old emotional wounds and encouraging reconciliation. Libras love love (romantic, friendship, or otherwise!) and thrive when they’re in committed relationships. But as we all know, any good relationship requires self-love, self-forgiveness, and love and forgiveness for the other person, as well. 

Rhodonite can remind Libra to prioritize honest communication, but can also help Libra find healing so he or she doesn’t stay stuck in the same unhealthy relationship cycles. Wear it or use it with essential oils like melissa, ylang ylang, or palo santo for true emotional release and deep inner peace.  

7. Moonstone

Moonstone for Libra

Libras are ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty in Roman mythology, which means they tend to have a deep love for all things beautiful. That’s why we’ve picked the moonstone for Libras; it is a unique, beautifully opalescent stone that reminds Libras to celebrate the beauty within! 

As an added benefit, it can help bring a sense of higher intuition, helping Libras avoid over-thinking to achieve a sense of serenity. 

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