Capricorn Crystals to Help Your Inner Light Shine (our favorite gemstones just for you!)

Capricorn | The Goat (December 22-January 19) 

Healing Crystals for Capricorn

As a cardinal sign, Capricorn represents the start of a new season (winter). Capricorns bring a different energy than their more fiery predecessors, Sagittarius. Instead of big, strong energy, Capricorns bring steady, gentle energy. 

Don’t think they’re not just as powerful, however. Like any goat worth her salt, a Capricorn can be extremely stubborn. She knows what she wants and she’ll work hard to get there! Capricorns are not unrealistic, however; while they’re usually very ambitious and (like Taurus) enjoy the physical trappings of a luxe life, they’re very realistic. In other words, this is not usually a sign that can’t stick to a budget! 

Capricorn does, in fact, have a deep appreciation for order, structure, and rules (they tend to get a little out of sorts when the rules aren’t clear, or people aren’t following them). Capricorns are realistic yet sensitive. Ambitious yet pragmatic. And often quite humorous! They’re fantastic people to have on your team or in your corner; hard-working, loyal, and committed. 

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This makes sense, of course, because they’re ruled by the earth. This means they’re deeply grounded. Even if their heads are “in the clouds,” their feet have never left solid ground! This ability to be well tied-in to their earthly limitations means that even in the dead of winter, they’re able to show up daily and do the work. That’s often why they see so much success in life. Teach us your ways, Capricorn! 

Zodiac crystals can be really helpful for Capricorns; here are the best crystals for Capricorn

Rainbow Fluorite for Capricorn

1. Rainbow Fluorite 

At first glance, rainbow fluorite might seem like an odd stone for a grounded Capricorn. But that’s actually what makes it such a fantastic pairing: rainbow fluorite will increase a Capricorn’s intuition and spiritual energies, but their feet will stay firmly connected to the earth, creating this really incredible powerhouse of a human! 

Rainbow fluorite will also help to focus the mind, which means it will amplify a Capricorn’s already considerable focus abilities. If you’re a Capricorn and you feel like your focus has been broken, look to this gorgeous little stone to help you get back to your center. 

Pair rainbow fluorite with meditation and essential oils like lavender, rosemary, and lemon to stimulate the mind and heart.  

Tiger's eye for Capricorn

2. Tiger’s Eye 

Earlier we spoke about a Capricorn’s energy; though it’s more subtle than the sun signs, it’s just as strong. Tiger’s eye is a stone of strength and courage that helps a Capricorn grow in confidence and leadership. They actually make fantastic leaders because of how committed, loyal, and hardworking they are and tiger’s eye helps them speak up so that get the recognition they deserve. 

As a mood-boosting stone, tiger’s eye can also help a Capricorn tap into their innate good humor. It can also help them find comfort during changes or transitions, periods that can be difficult for order-loving Capricorns. 

Tiger’s eye will inspire a Capricorn to greater courage, and increase their sense of self-love and self-nurturing. Place this stone where you’ll see it often, or use it as a gemstone roller ball in an essential oil roller bottle (just remember to use it daily). Pair with oils like sandalwood, chamomile, or patchouli for maximum benefit.  

Malachite for Capricorn

3. Malachite 

Capricorn’s birthstone is malachite, and this green stone has a really fantastic history that reveals both its practicality and its beauty (sound like Capricorn?!). Malachite was mined in Britain over 3,000 years ago (and more recently, in other parts of the world) because it can be turned into copper! It’s also a stunning stone that can be made into vases, jewelry, and other decorative objects–the Malachite Room in the Hermitage Museum in Russia, for example, is filled with Malachite and absolutely stunning in its opulence. 

During the Middle Ages, Capricorns wore malachite with a sun symbol inscribed to help ward off depression, and ancient Egyptians associated malachite with death and resurrection. 

As a stone of transformation, Malachite helps amplify a Capricorn’s steady dependability and hard-working nature, turning these practical traits into some truly tangible rewards! Wear it or keep it nearby and let it remind you that spring always blooms after winter.

Rhodochrosite for Capricorn

4. Rhodochrosite 

Rhodochrosite is a beautiful pink stone (its name evolves from the Greek word for pink) that practically oozes love and self-nurturing. Extremely hard-workers, Capricorns can use rhodochrosite to remind them that resting is just as important as working, and that they’re deeply deserving of love and care. 

Rhodochrosite is an especially good choice for Capricorn kids, since it’s so kind and gentle, but it can also help a grown-up Capricorn connect to their inner child, too! 

Chrysocolla for Capricorn

5. Chrysocolla 

Chrysocolla, like malachite, is a copper ore (this explains its greenish hues!). And like malachite, it’s a stone that amplifies abundance for a Capricorn. 

It’s earthy vibes do more than abundance, however; chrysocolla is also a communication stone. It encourages compassion, peace, and forgiveness, helping a Capricorn who might be tempted to use work to avoid relationship problems. 

Chrysocolla is also a teaching stone. Capricorns are usually happy to work quietly in the background, but because of their hard work, they often have a great deal of knowledge that their communities need. Chrysocolla helps a Capricorn step into her full power.  

Chrysocolla is great for meditation; use it with essential oils like lavender, sandalwood, and ylang ylang for maximum effect! 

Black Tourmaline for Capricorn

6. Black Tourmaline 

Tourmaline does two things really well: it helps protect, and it helps inspire and promote understanding of self. Both of these are an ideal combination for Capricorn, who can sometimes encounter negative energy or depression when they’re not seeing progress on their goals. 

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Reach for tourmaline when you’re in times of transition or change; it will help absorb the stress and anxiety you may be experiencing. 
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