How to Use Crystals With Oils (+ a Complete Guide to Crystals and Their Uses)

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Updated September 2020 

I am often asked how to use crystals and how to pair them with essential oils, so this is a little guide to help you get started! There’s lots of great information in this post, but here’s this most important thing to know: using crystals with essential oils feels overwhelming, but only at first. The more you practice, the more comfortable you will feel using them!

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Here’s what I’ll cover today: 

  • Do crystals work? 
  • How do crystals work?
  • What are crystals used for? 
  • How do you activate crystals?
  • How long do crystals take to work?
  • Why use crystals with essential oils? 
  • How to use crystals with oils (two steps)? 
  • Crystals and their uses 

Do Crystals Work? 

Yes, but not in the way you might think! Using crystals isn’t like popping an Advil to relieve a headache. Instead, it’s about tapping into the innate wisdom deep inside of you. Using crystals is about helping our minds choose positivity and abundance instead of negativity and scarcity. 

How Do Crystals Work? 

Many people believe in the healing energies of crystals. Humans are made up of energies that are constantly changing based on our moods, behaviors, and even our surroundings. Crystals also give off energy–but because of their crystalline structure, their energy is constant, not changing like ours. Because of this, they can help us rebalance our own energies.

What Are Crystals Used For? 

There are SO many benefits of crystals. Here are just a few: 

  • Sleep 
  • Anxiety and depression 
  • Emotional ups and downs 
  • Stress 
  • Motivation and productivity 
  • Abundance 
  • Balance and calm 
  • Emotional healing or protection from toxicity or trauma 
  • Increased resilience 
  • Creativity 
  • Communication and empathy 

…and so much more! 

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How Do You Activate Crystals? 

You should buy your crystals only from reputable sources–you don’t want crystals arriving with negative energy. But even then, sometimes your crystals needs a little energy recharge. Here’s how to activate your crystal: 

  • Leave it outside under a full moon, or outside in full sun for a few hours 
  • Place it on or near selenite, a cleansing crystal 
  • Bury it in the earth overnight  
  • Burn sage (called smoke cleansing or energy cleansing) nearby 

How Long Do Crystals Take to Work? 

If you’re open to using crystals, you might experience some of their benefits right away–or at least feel their energy quickly. But to really benefit from crystals, you should pair them with intentions and use them daily. After a few weeks of intentional, sustained use, you’ll start to see your life shift! 

Why Use Crystals With Essential Oils? 

I love learning how to use crystals with oils for a few reasons. First, I love essential oils, and using crystals with oils makes me want to use my oils even more! 

Second, I love finding ways to use crystals and keep them around daily, even if I’m too busy to meditate or journal. I’m a mom and a business owner and I need quick, easy, beautiful, and helpful! 

Third, using crystals and essential oils are synergistic–both are completely natural and part of the earth’s ancient healing gifts. Each one is effective on its own; together, they’re incredibly powerful! 

Finally, using crystals and oils together makes me smile–we act like wellness needs to be a “thing,” but honestly if it makes you smile, you’re winning! 

3 easy steps to use crystals with essential oils

How Do You Use Crystals With Oils? (3 Easy Steps!) 

Step 1: Choose Your Crystal 

Many people believe that just by looking at crystals, or picking them up and holding them, you will be able to tell which ones your body needs because you will be drawn to it. In other words–your body knows what you need! 

Once you choose one using this method, you can research its benefits by doing a quick google search (crystal name + “healing properties”). Then, identify why you were drawn to it by choosing the benefit that best fits your current need.

(PS we’ve made this really easy for you–bookmark this page and use the guide below to research the crystals you’re interested in!)

Step 2: Choose an Oil 

Once you’ve chosen your crystal and identified why you need it, then you can choose an oil to pair with it. 

Understanding your desired end result after working with the crystal and oils will give you the best results. Having a reference guide for your essential oils is also helpful at this stage since it will allow you to look up your specific concern and then recommend oils to use! 

For example, if you chose amethyst as your crystal and after researching, feel you need it for confidence, then look to your oils reference guide and choose an oil(s) you would use for confidence.

Step 3: Use Your Crystal and Oil Together 

You can diffuse your oils while you hold a crystal and meditate with it, but I find that the easiest way to use crystals and oils together is to use a clear glass essential oil roller bottle with crystals inside, or a roller bottle with a gemstone roller top–or both

I’ve even created gemstone roller bottles by feeling and need

Our Most Popular Crystals and How to Use Them 

Gemstones are crystals that are hard enough to be cut and polished into perfectly round stones. Not all crystals can be gemstones, so to make it easy, we’ve listed out the best crystals for essential oils and gemstone roller tops below! 

You can learn more about which crystals might be best for you and what you need, plus find essential oil pairing ideas. Learning how to use crystals with oils is so much fun–enjoy yourself and listen to your intuition, and you can’t go wrong!  

crystal collection essential oil roller bottle whimsy and wellness haylee crowley
The Crystal Collection, Whimsy + Wellness

Crystals and Their Uses 

Use these crystals to hold or place inside your essential oil roller bottle:

AMETHYST: A good overall stone, can be used for protection, balance, and help with confidence | Oil Pairings: Clove, Cypress, Frankincense, Sandalwood

AMAZONITE: Courage and truth, dispels negative energy, worry, and fear | Oil Pairings: bergamot, geranium, orange, juniper, spruce, clove

APATITE: Motivation, energy, goals, growth | Oil Pairings: Peppermint, orange, myrrh, nutmeg, grapefruit

AQUAMARINE: Courage, calms the mind, useful for closure, promotes self-expression | Oil Pairings: clove, ginger, helichrysum, chamomile, lavender

BLUE CALCITE: Restores balance, stone of trust and communication | Oil Pairings: lavender, geranium, frankincense, vetiver, basil

CITRINE: (heat treated amethyst): Success, abundance,  creativity, power | Oil Pairings: sandalwood, frankincense, orange, clove, ginger, patchouli

CHRYSOCOLLA: Communication, teaching stone, encourages compassion, peace, and forgiveness | Oil Pairings: basil, lavender, tangerine, ylang ylang, helichrysum, sandalwood

CLEAR QUARTZ: An ultimate healer, amplifies whatever energy or intent is programmed to it | Oil Pairings: all

EMERALD: Enhances unity, promotes friendship, calming effect, brings positive actions | Oil Pairings: lavender, rose, cedarwood, patchouli, jasmine

EMERALD CALCITE: supportive during times of change, peaceful stone | Oil Pairings: tangerine, ylang ylang, patchouli, blue tansy

GARNET: Positive stone, uplifting, inspires love and devotion | Oil Pairings: frankincense, lemon, orange, jasmine, ylang ylang 

HERKIMER DIAMOND: Allows appreciation of inner self, healing of all types | Oil Pairings: frankincense, clove, sage, lemon, tea tree

LABRADORITE: Mental sharpness, inspiration, lets you see many possibilities at once | Oil Pairings: peppermint, basil, lemon, neroli

LAPIZ LAZULI: wisdom, good judgement, desire for knowledge, stone of truth | Oil Pairings: spruce, jasmine, frankincense, lime, basil

ORANGE KYANITE: creativity, optimism, encourages playfulness of our inner child, self esteem | Oil Pairings: basil, grapefruit, tangerine, jasmine, lavender, orange, geranium

PERIDOT: overcoming fear resentment helps move forward, manifest abundance in life | Oil Pairings: cinnamon, cypress, bergamot, patchouli, jasmine

PINK LEMURIAN (quartz): Unconditional love, spiritual awareness, female energy, meditation, connection with angels | Oil Pairings: ylang ylang, bergamot, sage, lavender

PINK OPAL: stone of renewal, calming, emotional balance | Oil Pairings: frankincense, sandalwood, juniper, lavender, orange

PYRITE: protective, creativity, energizes, leadership | Oil Pairings: peppermint, clove, frankincense, grapefruit

RAINBOW MOONSTONE: A calming stone that assists in change and brings insight | Oil Pairings: rose, cypress, lavender, vetiver, bergamot

RHODOLITE (a variety of Garnet): A warm and trusting stone stimulates contemplation, inspiration and intuition | Oil Pairings: rosemary, tangerine, cedarwood, spruce, coriander

ROSE QUARTZ: The ultimate love & relationship stone | Oil Pairings: ylang ylang, lavender, jasmine, rose, bergamot

RUBY: Energy, love stone, increases concentration & motivation | Oil Pairings: cinnamon, ylang ylang, rose, ginger, peppermint

SAPPHIRE: focus, love and commitment brings joy and restores balance in body | Oil Pairings: lavender, ylang ylang, orange, bergamot, vetiver, peppermint

SUNSTONE: leadership, joyful stone, inspires nurturing of self | Oil Pairings: orange, frankincense, neroli, clove, myrrh

TAMGERINE QUARTZ: May help let go of the past, emotional grounding, soothing, and may boost creative energy | Oil Pairings: tangerine, frankincense, fir, patchouli, neroli, chamomile

TANZANITE: meditation, connecting mind and heart, helps communication | Oil Pairings: sandalwood, frankincense, chamomile, geranium, rose, lavender

TOPAZ: stone of love and good fortune, confidence, goals, joyful | Oil Pairings: jasmine, sandalwood, orange, rosemary, bergamot

TOURMALINE: promotes understanding of self, attracts inspiration, compassion | Oil Pairings: fir, geranium, bergamot, hyssop, myrrh, orange

TURQUOISE: protective stone, promotes calming, and creative problem solving | Oil Pairings: clove, cypress, Palo Santo, fennel, frankincense, rosemary

how to make a roller bottle with essential oils and crystals

Gemstone Roller Tops 

These crystals make fantastic gemstone roller tops:

AMETHYST: A good overall stone, can be used for protection, balance, and help with confidence | Oil Pairings: Clove, Cypress, Frankincense, Sandalwood

ARAGONITE: Grounding, aids concentration, acceptance | Oil Pairings: Frankincense, rosemary, basil, peppermint, lemon, coriander, geranium 

AVENTURINE: Safety, inner harmony, protector of heart chakra | Oil Pairings: bergamot, geranium, neroli, cinnamon, melissa, hyssop

BLACK ONYX: May help with grief, self control, taking charge, and decision making | Oil Pairings: bergamot, chamomile, cedarwood

BLOODSTONE: Cleanses and purifies the body, grounding energy | Oil Pairings: lemon, sage, fennel, patchouli, spruce, cypress

BLUE GOLDSTONE: Deflector of unwanted energies, useful for advancements in career | Oil Pairings: ginger, juniper, palo santo, myrrh

BLUE LACE AGATE: Communication, confidence, speaking one’s truth | Oil Pairings: jasmine, sandalwood, basil, bergamot, spearmint, lavender

BROWN GOLDSTONE: Stone of ambition, increases self acceptance | Oil Pairings: bergamot, geranium, rosemary, frankincense

CARNELIAN: Invigorates the body and mind, restores motivation and stimulates creativity | Oil Pairings: wintergreen, peppermint, tangerine, clary sage

CLEAR QUARTZ: Amplifies energy or intent programmed into it, the perfect beginners stone | Oil Pairings: all

CRAZY LACE AGATE: The laughter stone, brings joy and stimulating for the mind | Oil Pairings: geranium, bergamot, orange, peppermint, rosemary

GREEN JADE: Brings feelings of love and passion, invigorating and motivating | Oil Pairings: lavender, ylang ylang, peppermint, nutmeg, orange

HEMATITE: Fosters connection to the earth, is grounding, and evokes deep thought | Oil Pairings: patchouli, spruce, cypress, frankincense, rosemary

LABRADORITE: Mental sharpness, inspiration, lets you see many possibilities at once | Oil Pairings: peppermint, basil, lemon, neroli

LAPIZ LAZULI: wisdom, good judgement, desire for knowledge, stone of truth | Oil Pairings: spruce, jasmine, frankincense, lime, basil

LEOPARD JASPER: Brings tranquility and wholeness, keeps spirits up | Oil Pairings: lavender, ylang ylang, orange, cedarwood, rose

MOONSTONE: A calming stone that assist in change and bring insight |Oil Pairings: rose, cypress, lavender, vetiver, bergamot

OPALITE: Boosts self esteem, calming, brings peace | Oil Pairings: chamomile, myrrh, lavender, bergamot, rose

RAINBOW FLUORITE: Good for focusing the mind | Oil Pairings: lavender, peppermint, rosemary, lemon

RHODONITE: Emotional balancer that assists with forgiveness and self-love. Clears away emotional wounds and encourages reconciliation | Oil Pairings: rose, ylang ylang, chamomile, melissa, palo santo 

ROSE QUARTZ: The ultimate love & relationship stone | Oil Pairings: ylang ylang, lavender, jasmine, rose, bergamot

SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN: Provides balance for mind, body, and spirit. Good for meditation to bring peace of mind | Oil Pairings: frankincense, vetiver, cedarwood, myrrh, sandalwood 

SODALITE: Promotes truth, integrity, and communication | Oil Pairings: coriander, basil, cypress, bergamot, peppermint

TIGER EYE: Lifts mood and good for courage and new beginnings. A feel-good stone | Oil Pairings: clove, fennel, ginger, bergamot, orange

TURQUOISE HOWLITE: May be used for calming, self-awareness, creativity, and helping to speak one’s mind | Oil Pairings: tangerine, lavender, helichrysum, frank

WHITE HOWLITE: A wonder stone for calming upset states of mind and emotion | Oil Pairings: lavender, rose, orange, cedarwood, vetiver

The healing properties of the gemstone described here have been compiled from various sources. Many of them are traditional uses of this gemstone. No claims have been made about the suitability of this stone for healing or for curing diseases. We do not make any medical claim for gemstones. This is not medical advice. You may consult a qualified professional to do that. The information here is provided to allow the informed user to make their own decision. The information provided here has not been evaluated or approved by FDA or any other agencies of any government.

using rose quartz facial roller on face with crystal roller bottle

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