Healing Crystals for Aries: Unleash Your Inner Strength and Connect to Your Heart in Powerful New Ways 

Aries | The Ram (March 21-April 19)

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Aries restarts the Zodiac cycle every twelve months. Its sign is the ram, a hard-headed individual if ever there was one, which makes so much sense when you realize Aries is named after the Roman god of war! Oh, and its sign is fire! 

In short, Aries is fierce and powerful. They’re competitive and demanding (nothing less than first place will do). This sign is an absolute powerhouse, but don’t let that fool you into thinking they don’t have a softer side! 

Aries can also be remarkably likeable and popular among friends. Underneath their bold exterior, however, they can struggle with insecurity. Part of this is because of how successful they often are; sometimes they wonder if they’re loved for who they are or what they do.

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Regardless, Aries are extremely energetic. They bring all the passion and purpose of fire to bear on whatever they do, and like to dive into new endeavors. 

When it comes to crystals for the Zodiac, you can go one of two ways: you can look for crystals in fire colors (reds, yellows, and oranges) to either amplify an Aries’ natural abilities, or help to relight a flame that’s gone out.

Either way, here are our favorite Aries crystals

1. Green Aventurine 

Aries Healing Crystals Green Aventurine

As strong and fierce as Aries are, they’re often even more in need of comfort and healing because it can be hard for them to admit it. Green aventurine is such a lovely choice for this reason! It helps protect the heart chakra, acting like a shield to keep away people who would love Aries just for their success or what they can make happen. 

Like water puts out a fire, green aventurine’s watery depths can calm Aries’ fire when it’s gotten out of control. 

Use it with essential oils like sandalwood or grapefruit to help release self-destructive patterns and embrace daily joy. 

2. Citrine 

Aries Healing Crystals Citrine

Citrine is one of Aries’ favorites, because, as a stone of abundance, it helps magnify an Aries’ natural draw towards achievement and success. In fact, citrine used to be extremely popular among merchants and traders because it was believed to bring good luck, lots of customers, and great prices and merchant’s way! 

Citrine is also a joyful, energizing stone, which pairs great with Aries’ productivity and daily momentum. 

Citrine’s oranges and yellows look beautiful displayed (keep them close to wherever you do your best work), or use it for birthday or beginning of the year rituals. 

3. Carnelian 

Aries Healing Crystals Carnelian

Carnelian is an amplifier for Aries. It’s highly invigorating, like a rush of oxygen, restoring Aries’ motivation and stimulating creativity in an off-the-charts kind of way! Look to carnelian when you feel you’ve run out of inspiration, as it will re-light your fire. 

It’s also a terrific confidence booster, helping Aries overcome her insecurities and find the courage that will propel her forward. 

Hold carnelian while you meditate on your purpose and goals. Diffuse spicy wintergreen or peppermint for best results. 

4. Rose Quartz 

Aries Healing Crystals Rose quartz

Sometimes others can be put off by Aries’ display of outer strength, but rose quartz can help Aries lead with the heart, allowing her vulnerability and kindness to show through. Rose quartz is the ultimate relationship stone, which means it can help strengthen Aries’ relationships with others. 

However, rose quartz can also help Aries strengthen her relationships with herself, silencing the inner mean girl/critic so that she can focus on how she is a gift to the world. 

Wear rose quartz or pair it with your favorite essential oil to remind yourself of your worth and value! 

5. Black Onyx   

Aries Healing Crystals black onyx

Black onyx is super protective; Roman soldiers even wore it when going into battle. Onyx can also help Aries deal with grief (probably because it offers them a safe space to experience and feel difficult emotions). 

Its inky dark depths can also help Aries when they’re in a place to take charge; sometimes they can hold back for fear of being seen as “bossy” or “ambitious” or “too much,” but black onyx reminds Aries that ambition isn’t a dirty word. 

Hold black onyx in your palm and breathe deep when you’re feeling insecure or afraid. Pair it with gentle oils like chamomile or cedarwood to help you find your center.  

6. Pyrite 

Aries Healing Crystals Pyrite

Like black onyx, pyrite is a leadership stone. And not only does it help protect an Aries’ fire and passion, but it helps activate Aries’ natural protective instincts, so that they’re able to show up fully in their leadership as just, kind, thoughtful bosses. In other words, pyrite helps Aries be the boss we all want! 

Pyrite also sparks Aries’ creative fire. It’s a creative, energizing stone that pairs with other energizing oils like peppermint and grapefruit (or, pair it with frankincense if you want to amplify its leadership-enhancing qualities). 

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