Healing Crystals for Sagittarius: Lead With Your Inner Wisdom

Sagittarius | The Archer (November 22-December 21)

Healing Crystals for Sagittarius

Sagittarius, like Aries and Leo, is a fire sign and if you know one, this probably makes total sense to you! Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the Roman ruler of the gods, and this also sets the tone for Sagittarius: they tend to be authoritative, but also very protective of their people. This can make them seem overbearing, but more often than not, they are really appreciated by the people around them. They’re deeply compassionate, truthful, and often very wise souls. 

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Sagittarius is represented by the Archer, which speaks to their desire for truth, honesty, and high standards. Sagittarius is super curious and has a deep thirst for knowledge. They’re always down for an adventure, and love travel and trying new things. 

Like other mutable traits, Sagittarius has a dualistic nature; don’t mistake this for thinking that Sagittarius is two-faced or dishonest. Far from it, but it does mean that Sagittarius can struggle with depression or a sense of meaninglessness if they don’t have something worthy to aim towards in life.  

Sagittarius value their independence and freedom greatly, but they also have a tendency to over-commit themselves (usually out of a desire to be helpful), which can make them feel trapped and very frustrated. 

Luckily, there are some great Zodiac crystals to help! Here are the best crystals for Sagittarius

Lapis Lazuli for Sagittarius

1. Lapis Lazuli 

Is the stone of truth and wisdom. As such, it reminds Sagittarius of who she is, and it helps her tap into her natural strengths and talents. Lapis helps a Sagittarius pair her extensive knowledge and truth with deep wisdom so that she’s able to be a winsome, helpful guide to her own self and to the people around her. 

Lapis lazuli is also a very ancient stone, which helps remind Sagittarius of the people who have come behind her, and the people who will come after her. This helps her excel at making good decisions; she won’t just impact herself, she’ll impact the world to come. 

Lapis is a hard stone, so it makes beautiful jewelry (and it works well as a gemstone rollerball). Pair it with rosemary or frankincense for a healing, invigorating combination that helps ground and center a Sagittarius.

Topaz for Sagittarius

2. Topaz 

Topaz is a birthstone for November and December birthdates, and this makes it another ideal choice for Sagittarius! Topaz is a really lovely stone whose meaning can change slightly depending on its color (topaz can come in really gorgeous shades of orange, pink, yellow). 

It’s a stone associated with nobility, making it a great choice to represent Sagittarius, as their natural authority and care for those around them makes them naturally noble. Topaz can help a Sagittarius find joy (they often have a great sense of humor!), love, and good fortune by helping them grow in confidence as they reach for what they want. 

Pair topaz with essential oils like jasmine, sandalwood, and bergamot for a beautiful synergistic effect. 

Blue Lace Agate for Sagittarius

3. Blue Lace Agate 

Sagittarius usually has terrific insights on problems, but speaking frankly or bluntly isn’t always wise, as it can hurt people who aren’t ready to hear the inner workings of their souls laid bare. 

Blue lace agate can help a Sagittarius communicate not just honestly, but effectively. It can also help amplify a Sagittarius’ raw talent for speaking one’s truth. Being able to tell their own stories truthfully and vulnerably can have a very powerful impact on the world.

Use blue lace agate as a sort of talisman during difficult or careful conversations–hold it in your hands or slip it into your pocket so that it’s nearby when you speak. 

Tiger's eye for Sagittarius

4. Tiger’s Eye 

Tiger’s eye helps to capture the powerful energy of the sun to fan the flames of Sagittarius’ inner drive. It’s a powerful little tiger of a stone whose striations can remind Sagittarius that growth is a process, but nothing’s wasted. 

Sagittarius can use tiger’s eye to help them tap into their natural leadership abilities, and find a source of centering and strength during difficult decisions. 

Tiger’s eye can also remind Sagittarius of their innate love of travel and adventure; they’ll feel like they’re floundering if they forget about it. 

Ruby for Sagittarius

5. Ruby 

Sagittarius does great with ruby; just like the sun is a concentrated powerhouse of energy that gives warmth and brings growth, so ruby is a concentrated powerhouse of motivation, love, and energy. Not all signs are strong enough to truly harness ruby’s energy, but Sagittarius is, and the two make a powerful pair that’s absolutely irresistible to those around them. 

Pair ruby with essential oils like ylang ylang, cinamon, or rose to increase the love attraction! 

Clear Quartz for Sagittarius

6. Clear Quartz 

Clear quartz is considered a “master healer” because it amplifies any intention that’s set into it. And since Sagittarius usually has specific, meaningful goals, clear quartz is an excellent choice. Focus on your goal, turn it into a mantra, affirmation, or intention, and speak it out loud while you hold your clear quartz. Do this daily, and watch as your goal becomes reality! 

Labradorite for Sagittarius

7. Labradorite 

We love labradorite for Sagittarius because of its connection to the mind. Sagittarius LOVES living through their thoughts and ideas, and labradorite sharpens mental acuity and helps Sagittarius see numerous possibilities all at once. Keep this inspiring, mad-scientist sort of stone next to a workstation (or wherever you have your best ideas), and let it open up the world to you! 

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