Healing Crystals for Taurus: Crystals for Your Zodiac Sign

Taurus | The Bull (April 20-May 20)

Taurus is a lovely, strong, earthy sign represented by the hard-working (and sometimes quite stubborn) bull! Calm, straightforward, and methodical, the Taurus is also inspired by the somewhat hedonistic pleasures of luxury and wealth. 

If you have a Taurus in your life, you’re very fortunate, as they love to work behind the scenes to solve problems, and will show up whenever you need help. However, Taurus can sometimes struggle with the unexpected; that same bull-headedness that is so great in some situations can get them into trouble when they can’t be flexible. 

Where they tend to shine, however, is in relationships; a Taurus is often the strong, silent type who can always be counted on. 

Crystals and the Zodiac are a natural pair for Taurus (learn more here). Here are our favorite crystals for Taurus

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1. Emerald

Ok but have you seen emeralds? They are GORGEOUS and the height of luxury (they were known to be loved by Roman Emperor Nero and by the Incas), which makes them perfect for the luxury-loving Taurus. 

Emeralds are the Taurus birthstone, and they’re also the perfect Taurus crystal because they promote friendship and unity, helping the bull sign double down on all her best superpowers. 

Emerald is a great stone to wear as jewelry, either for a special occasion or for daily wear! Let it remind you to center yourself in strength and let your gifts shine. 

2. Aquamarine 

Taurus is ruled by the earth and spring, but that may be why aquamarine is so helpful; water and earth are a natural pair, afterall. Aquamarine’s beautiful blues and greens are phenomenally peaceful and calming (think: life on a beach), but it’s also a very courageous stone. 

Unlike Aries, Taurus doesn’t like to take the lead, but if you’re in a situation where it’s time to step out in front, look to aquamarine to help you promote and express yourself (you are a GREAT leader, Taurus). 

If you’re feeling that bull-like aggression is overwhelming you, you can also look to aquamarine for calm, but also help with closure. Use it to meditate with, or hold it while you breathe deeply. 

3. Rhodonite 

Taurus is faithful, kind, and super supportive, but they can also have a hard time forgiving others for emotional damage, and letting go of past wounds. Rhodonite’s lovely earthy pink color clues us in to its purpose: it is a warm, trusting stone that can help you connect to your inner self and release others from the hurt they’ve caused you, so you can experience the inner healing you need. 

Rhodonite is also very protective; if you’re walking through therapy and/or inner healing, hold onto rhodonite during your sessions (or place it nearby while you’re journaling), to help give you the courage to face healing without becoming overwhelmed by past hurts. 

4. Lapis Lazuli 

Lapis lazuli is another great pick for Taurus because, like Taur, it’s such an earthy, grounded king of stone. It will help Taurus tap into their super powers (methodical, disciplined, organized), while also promoting wisdom and good judgment. 

Use it often with essential oils like basil, lime, and frankincense. 

5. Carnelian

Like the bull, Taurus can sometimes be very shy and overwhelmed in social situations. Carnelian invigorates the body and mind and encourages creativity, helping Taurus’ overcome their overwhelm by shifting their focus from their insecurities to the task at hand. 

You can use carnelian to set intentions; place it near your desk or wherever you’ll see it frequently to remind you that you have everything you need to succeed. 

6. Rose Quartz 

Rose quartz feels luxurious and opulent, but it can help the sometimes earth-focused Taurus to look, instead, to love and relationships. Rose quartz is the ultimate love stone and can help Taurus attract love, or increase love for herself. 

Use rose quartz with essential oils like neroli or cardamom for a decadent, self-honoring experience.  

Want your own customized essential oil blend? Take this short quiz and we’ll craft a recipe just for you! 

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