How Each Enneagram Type Does Crystals

Crystals and the Enneagram are a natural fit, but each Enneagram type does crystals in their own special way!

Read on to find out if you agree or disagree with our hilarious interpretation (and check out our fun crystals “recommendations” for each type)!

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Type Ones 

Tells people that there’s no actual scientific evidence that crystals work, but at last count as 63 crystals scattered all over her house. Probably sleeps with crystals. 

Our crystal pick for you…

One, you’re the big sister we always look up to, but consider this your permission to let all the balls drop (DON’T PANIC IT WILL BE FINE) and let loose every now and then! To help you embrace the magical, unexplainable side of life, try our Rainbow Moonstone Roller. It will bring all the mysterious, moonlit night vibes and bring the insight into life and yourself that you crave.  

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Type Twos 

Listens for hours to all your problems, then hands you the exact crystal you need. Will do it all over again for you tomorrow. 

Our crystal pick for you…

You are SO great at taking care of others, but when was the last time you took care of yourself? Self care is TOUGH, but this Love & Relationships Roller with rose quartz and green aventurine will help you remember that your most important relationship is with your own beautiful self. 

Learn more about Type Twos here.

Type Threes

Wins at crystals in the first week. What do you mean it’s not a competition? 

Our crystal pick for you…

We’re pointing you in the direction of our Creativity & Motivation Roller (with pyrite and labradorite) and then getting out of your way while the ideas, plans, and energy explodes out of you! You’ve got a world to change *grabs popcorn to watch it happen*. 

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Type Fours

Goes all in on crystals and has never felt more seen. The next time you visit her, her home looks like a shrine. 

Our crystal pick for you…

Four, we’ve heard you like being different from everyone else, so we’re recommending a stone that most people don’t know much about: tanzanite (you can find it here in our Tanzanite Roller). Tanzanite helps with meditation, communication, and the heart–so basically, it’s right up your alley. 

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Type Fives

Can look at a crystal and know its exact mineral makeup and what part of the world it comes from. Science rules. 

Our crystal pick for you…

We’re picking our Ruby Roller for you, Five, because it brings energy and motivation, and helps you melt out of your head and into your heart a little more. Also, it’s really cool to say you have a ruby roller bottle. 

Learn more about Type Fives here.

Type Sixes

They think extensively about crystals before ordering their first one. Like, extensively. 

Our crystal pick for you…

Six, in case nobody’s told you yet today: EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK. And if you would like a reminder, try our Stress & Anxiety Roller with tourmaline and blue lace agate. Whenever you roll it one, think of us, telling you how much we love you. 

Learn more about Type Sixes here.

Type Sevens

Started using crystals yesterday and is now flying to Bolivia because they heard there’s a great geode mine down there…

Our crystal pick for you…

We’re hooking you up with our Topaz Roller, because topaz is the stone of good fortune, goals, and love, and all three are exactly what any great fun-loving adventurer needs in her life to take every party to the next level. Seven, you are OUR goals. 

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Type Eights 

Publicly scornful about people who use crystals. Tries them. Now publicly scornful about people who don’t use crystals.  


Our crystal pick for you…

Eight, we want you to know we see your tough exterior, but we also see your squishy soft heart and we love you for both! Here’s our Emerald Roller–emerald is a stone of unity, friendship, and positivity. Let it remind you to let your guard down every now and then. We want to be friends!

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Type Nines 

Totally in love with crystals, but also 100% committed to avoiding any confrontation whatsoever about whether or not they “actually” work.

Our crystal pick for you…

Nine, we thought about picking the perfect crystal for you…but you’re probably pretty tired of listening to people telling you what to do. The truth is, you make amazing decisions, and we’re just going to get out of your way and let you decide for yourself which crystal you need
Learn more about Type Nines here.

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