How Each Enneagram Type Does Essential Oils

Each Enneagram type is SO special and unique, and we absolutely love them all!!! Here’s our just-for-fun take on how each type “does” essential oils…and which natural wellness accessory each type needs ;). Do you agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments! 

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Type Ones 

Starts a natural living blog so everybody knows how to do essential oils “right.” 

Our wellness pick for you…

The Wild Thing Set. It’s totally ok to let your hair down every now and then, One! The journey is just as fun as the destination! 

Learn more about Type Ones here

Type Twos 

Signs up to sell oils, but then gives her discount to everybody. Arrives at your house with oils and diffusers to make it easier for you to get started.  

Our wellness pick for you…

The Flora Collection! Gorgeous dried flowers to slip into your roller bottles and take your incredibly thoughtful gifts to the next level.  

Learn more about Type Twos here.

Type Threes

Within a few days of signing up to sell oils, has casually enrolled a couple hundred new members and is making enough to retire her husband and buy a vacation home in Maui. Writes a literal book on oils and success (it’s a bestseller). 

Our wellness pick for you…

The Hope + Homestead Roller Bottle Set from fellow Type Three Madison Vining is *just* what you need to realize all your leadership potential. Don’t forget us when you’re famous, mkay? 

Learn more about Type Threes here.

Type Fours

Refuses to do wellness because everyone else is. Finally decides to make some changes, but her favorite oil is one nobody’s ever heard of. On rainy afternoons, she diffuses oils and cries gently. She’s never been happier. 

Our wellness pick for you…

Nobody taps into the natural cycles, phases, and seasons of the natural world like you do, so you’re a natural fit for the Phases roller bottle set. Use it to create the perfect recipe for every mountain climb and rainbow at the end of the storm. 

Learn more about Type Fours here.

Type Fives

Has already extensively researched natural living and signs up to sell oils because it’s a great investment, but refuses to talk to people about oils because she ran out of energy. Low-key knows more about oils than anyone else in her community, but nobody knows… 

Our wellness pick for you…

Learning is your forte, and so we think you’re going to love Beyond Lavender, our essential oils & crystals DIY recipe book. You’ll find tips for making your own perfume, cleaning products, roller bottles, and so much more.

Learn more about Type Fives here.

Type Sixes

She’s been thinking about selling oils for the past 3 years. She’s still thinking about it. Don’t rush her. 

Our wellness pick for you…

Hands down, one of our bestsellers is our Crystal Rollers by Feeling & Need Collection, and we think the Confidence & Courage roller is a great place for you to start! The sunstone crystals inside the clear glass bottle will remind you that your glow warms everyone around you, while the tiger’s eye gemstone top can give you the courage to trust yourself.  

Learn more about Type Sixes here.

Type Sevens

Oils? Old news. Already over the next big thing you haven’t even heard of: earthing. 

Our wellness pick for you…

You know what you’ll love? Our Surprise Set! More than two hundred 5-star reviews can’t be wrong, right? 

Learn more about Type Sevens here.

Type Eights 

Somewhat aggressively interrogates their friends on why they’re still using toxic self-care products. Starts a non-profit to lobby to better protect consumers for corporate irresponsibility in personal care products.  

Our wellness pick for you…

Eights, we love you! We think you’ll love our Hope + Homestead collection. It comes with three different kinds of bottles: rollers, spray, and dropper, so you’ve got exactly what you need to tackle essential oils in your home. Plus, the collection is gorgeous, a gentle reminder to slow down and listen to your heart! 

Learn more about Type Eights here.

Type Nines 

Buys oils to make gifts for people. Starts making roller bottles to go with the oils. Accidentally builds a whole company because people can’t get enough of her roller bottles. 

Our wellness pick for you…

Nobody does cozy like you do cozy, and to take your cozier vibes to an enough higher plane, we present to you this GORGEOUS Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser in the perfect shade of peachy pink. Its lovely glowing light and convenient size make it *perfect* for giving each room that loving, homey feeling, and reminding you that you’re perfectly loved just the way you are. 

Learn more about Type Nines here.

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