How to Use Crystals and Oils to Help You Thrive During Mercury Retrograde

Crystals and oils for Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrograde has gotten a bad rep! You may have heard horror stories about what happens during Mercury retrograde, but I’m here to tell you the truth. It doesn’t have to be scary! We have created a Mercury Retrograde set along with this guide that will help you understand the science behind it and how to use this time to thrive.

Mercury Retrograde essential oil recipe

Retrogrades are a planet’s natural rest period. Everybody has them. I mean, how long can you go until you need to sit down? You’ll need to take a break at some point. The planets are no different!

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The natural world offers us many tools to aid us during this sacred readjustment period, namely crystals! Here are the crystals I’ll be covering in this article:

  • Tourmaline
  • Amazonite
  • Clear Quartz
  • Labradorite
  • Selenite
  • Jade 
Tourmaline for Mercury Retrograde


Tourmaline is famous for its ability to ground chaotic energy quickly and effectively. Mercury retrograde can cause unexpected slow downs and stalls. Although these deferments are usually for our highest good, they can cause us to go into worry mode. All of that anxious energy is no match for the robust properties of Tourmaline. This mighty crystal is also used for protection, so it will shield you from getting caught in the crosswinds of anyone else’s nervous energy.

Oil to pair with: Sandalwood oil

Amazonite for Mercury Retrograde


Amazonite is a beautiful crystal that specializes in creating harmony through promoting flexibility and fluidity within your thoughts and within your communication with others. This is the perfect crystal to ward off the confusion and frustration that can come with Mercury retrograde, because it encourages you to roll with the punches when things go haywire. Amazonite helps you relax into flow, making your Mercury retrograde super peaceful.

Oil to pair with: Eucalyptus oil

Clear Quartz for Mercury Retrograde

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a master energy cleanser. It happily pulls away any dense or negative gunk that has overstayed its welcome in your energetic field. Mercury retrograde encourages us to reflect on the past, and many times this can pull up old feelings and thoughts that have been weighing on us heavily. Because they’ve been in our field for so long, it can be difficult to release them. Cue Clear Quartz to the rescue! Clear Quartz can help you release the burdensome energy of the past, lightening your energetic load.

Oil to pair with:  Sage oil

Labradorite for Mercury Retrograde


Labradorite, with its signature iridescent shine, encourages self-reflection and assists in emotional processing. Mercury retrograde periods often bring up a need to do some deep inner shadow work, and Labradorite is a wonderful tool for this. Labradorite can also link you to valuable spiritual insight during times of transition and transformation, so it is an amazing sidekick to have during the changes that happen during Mercury retrograde.

Oil to pair with: Bergamot oil

Selenite for Mercury Retrograde


Selenite has an uncanny ability to brighten up any energy field it’s brought into. It kindly taps stale energy on the shoulder and asks it politely to leave. It’s common to keep Selenite in your home simply to clear away the everyday accumulation of stagnant energy. Mercury retrograde likes to kick up the energetic dust in our lives in an effort to get us to clean house, but having Selenite is like opening a window, allowing the dust to float out and away from your space.

Oil to pair with: Tea tree oil

Jade for for Mercury Retrograde

Jade (Offered in crystal roller form)

Jade has been used for millennia to bring about wealth, success, and stability. Who wouldn’t want a little more of that during Mercury retrograde? Jade can be an excellent source of prosperity-building energy as you pause to reorganize your thoughts during this retrograde season. Whatever essential oil you use in this roller bottle will be infused with the abundance energy Jade exudes!

Oil to pair with: Lemon oil

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