How to Use Crystals to Block EMF Radiation

how to use crystals to block emf radiation whimsy and wellness

You might have heard of EMFs, and maybe you’ve heard of things like people turning off their wifi at night or using crystals to block radiation, but you’re probably still confused. Well, we’ve done the research and are sharing our findings on EMFs, crystals, and what you need to know about both. 

Here’s what we’ll cover in this article: 

  • What is EMF radiation, and should I be worried about it? 
  • What can I do to protect myself and my family from EMF radiation? 
  • How can crystals block EMF radiation? 
  • Which crystals are best for healing and blocking EMF radiation? 

Ready to get started? Let’s go! 

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What is EMF Radiation? 

EMF stands for electromagnetic fields. It refers to the radiation given off by electrical and magnetic forces generated by everything from cell phone towers to microwaves to radios to the earth, itself. 

It sounds strange to think of your body as having electrical function, but it does! Even your body can carry a charge; it also produces its own electricity via the heart and several other biological processes. 

Electrical Fields vs. Magnetic Fields 

Electrical fields are generated even if your appliance, device, or machine isn’t turned on, and they’re easy to block with walls, structures, and objects. Magnetic fields are only generated when your device is on; however, they are able to pass through almost anything. 

The radiation produced by EMFs varies hugely. This chart from the National Cancer Institute show the full spectrum: 

electromagnetic spectrum chart from the National Cancer Institute whimsy and wellness

You’ll notice that things like power lines and your laptop generate pretty small amounts of radiation, while things like x-rays and MRIs develop huge, toxic amounts of radiation. This toxic radiation is called ionizing radiation. 

Ionizing radiation is known to significantly damage cells in the human, but the good news is that safety standards are already in place to protect most people from these risks. We won’t worry about these in this article. 

The Problem With Non-Ionizing Radiation 

Non-ionizing radiation, however, is a different story. This is the radiation type that comes from your phone, your wireless speakers, your hair dryer–any kind of electric appliance you have. (Side note: put your phone down for a minute and take a quick count of everything electrical in your room right this second–chances are, you’ll be surprised at how many devices you find!). 

Non-ionizing radiation doesn’t seem to damage cells in the way that ionizing radiation does, however there are still some very large concerns around its potential to harm and cause disease in adults and children. 

How Does Non-Ionizing EMF Radiation Cause Disease in Children and Adults? 

Scientists aren’t sure how EMF radiation damages cells. And we want to be clear–there are lots of studies that only show problems when the radiation levels are so high most normal children and adults will never experience them. However, there are enough studies that haven’t been conclusive–or that have indicated potential problems–that many health experts consider EMF radiation to be a concern. 

As the National Cancer Institute’s website points out, there has been a large amount of research on the issue, but most of it is inconclusive. Some studies have shown that EMF radiation can lead to breast cancer, leukemia in children and adults, heart disease, and an inability to get deep, restorative sleep at night (which has ripple effects throughout the rest of our health). 

EMF radiation can effect deep restorative sleep whimsy and wellness

EMF Radiation is Everywhere 

Many experts also point to the steep rise in EMF radiation. Our homes and most public and work spaces (including schools) now have wifi, and we’re all more connected than ever to devices of every conceivable kind, including wearable devices. And, people aren’t just encountering all this EMF radiation as adults, with fully formed bodies–our children now encounter the same levels of radiation we deal with daily before they’re even born. 

Important questions are being raised about the growing link between EMF radiation and everything from bad sleep, to poor energy, infertility, abnormal growth and development, and the ability to focus and feel well at school. It’s also worth noting that other countries–including France and Israel–have banned the use of wifi in schools to protect children from possible carcinogens. 

The Bottom Line 

Appliances and wifi are becoming ubiquitous, and our are kids encountering all of them from before they’re even born. These, combined with other lifestyle risks like:

  • Endocrine-disrupting plastics that are part of our daily lives (including food production and storage) 
  • Poorly regulated cosmetics, household cleaners, and body care products that include toxic ingredients like phthalates and parabens 
  • Conventionally fed agriculture products comprising the bulk of our diets 

mean that it just makes sense to take steps to protect yourself and your family from EMF radiation–especially because it can be so simple! 

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How Can I Start Protecting My Family From EMF Radiation? 

When you’re thinking about using crystals to block EMF radiation, it’s worth thinking about who is most at risk for EMF radiation. As we’ve mentioned, it makes sense to be most concerned with EMF radiation in children, both because of their size and because their bodies are still developing. 

by your nightstand is a hot spot for EMF radiation whimsy + wellness

It also makes sense to think about where you are most at risk. Think about EMF hotspots like: 

  • The wifi in your home
  • Your nightstand (it likely has a few devices on it close to your brain while you’re resting)
  • Children’s rooms (white noise machines and monitors near their heads) 

What Can I Do to Block Radiation? 

Your body is powerful, and our world is full of natural ways to find healing. Don’t give in to fear over EMF radiation! One of the first steps to blocking EMF radiation is to just turn it off. Turn off your wifi at night, and remove appliances from near your body and your children’s body. You can also switch your devices to airplane mode whenever you’re not using them.  

Getting outside–barefoot!–is also a fantastic strategy. This article explains more about earthing. Many people believe the earth’s natural energy can help bring our energies back into alignment, helping to heal and counter the effects of EMF radiation and other modern problems. Frankly, standing barefoot in the soft grass on a summer day feels way too good not to try! 

variety crystals on pink background with hand whimsy and wellness

How to Use Crystals to Block EMF Radiation 

It probably won’t surprise you, though, that we love using crystals to block EMF radiation! Crystals are little nuggets of earth goodness that have been used traditionally for thousands of years, across many different cultures. 

Many traditional people groups have understood there was something special about crystals, and the more we learn about their scientific makeup today, the more we agree! Because of crystals’ chemical properties, the energy they give off is extremely stable. 

That’s why they’re popular choices as components in machines and even some electronics–you’ve definitely heard of crystal components in high quality watches! Many people believe that crystals’ energy can stabilize our energy. 

Where Do I Place Crystals So They Block EMF Radiation? 

We’re not sure if crystals block EMF radiation or if they absorb EMF radiation, but the best way to use crystals to block EMF radiation is to place them either near your body, to protect your body, or to place them next to the source of the EMF. 

Common places to use crystals to block EMF radiation include: 

  • On your desk, next to your phone and computer 
  • On your nightstand, next to your bed (you can do this for your kids, too, as long as the crystals are large enough to not be swallowed by small children) 
  • In your kid’s backpack or lunchbox (or pocket!) at school
  • In your pocket, to carry with you throughout the day 
  • In each room of your house, or whichever rooms you spend the most time in 
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Which Crystals are Best to Block EMF Radiation? 

Here are some of the best crystals to block EMF radiation:

  • Orgonite 
  • Tourmaline
  • Hematite 
  • Amazonite  

Orgonite is a popular choice, and isn’t actually a crystal. It’s a composite made of resin, metal shavings, and a very small amount of quartz, a master healing crystal. The combination is known for its ability to block or absorb EMF radiation. 

Tourmaline is known as a bodyguard crystal because of its protection abilities. Hematite is composed partly of iron and creates a strong, grounding connection to the earth. Amazonite is an earth-hued stone, which gives you a clue to its power: filtering out stress and negativity, and helping you connect to the earth. 

All four of these crystals are great to wear or display around your home–or if you’d like, you can add them to your favorite, frequently used essential oil rollers to get the benefits of both essential oils and crystals for blocking EMF radiation and helping your body heal and restore.  

crystals used to block EMF radiation

Crystals are beautiful, completely natural ways to welcome the earth’s healing, restorative power into your home. We love crystals for blocking EMF radiation–and we also just love how they make us smile! Hopefully this article has equipped you with the basics on EMF radiation, and how to use crystals to block EMF radiation for you and your family. 

Are you planning on using crystals to block EMF radiation? Will you try another method? Comment below and let us know!

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