Leo Crystals: the Best Crystals for the Lion of the Zodiac

Leo | The Lion (July 23-August 22)

If you have a Leo in your life, you probably know it. Leos are represented by the lion, and it’s no surprise that Leos, themselves, are strong, competitive, charismatic personalities that demand the awe and respect of those around them! 

Leos are natural leaders; they like being the center of attention, but they’re also just good at leading. They work hard, they’re disciplined, and they tend to be very protective of their family/pride. 

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Their natural magnetism makes it possible for them to motivate others towards a common goal though sometimes their sense of competitiveness can get them into trouble. They can also be misunderstood by others who feel overwhelmed or bulldozed by their power. 

Leos often need help connecting to their softer, more gentle side, and sometimes need help blocking negative energies like jealousy. That’s where Zodiac crystals can help! 

Here are our favorite Zodiac crystals for Leos

1. Tiger’s Eye 

A no-brainer for a Leo! Tiger’s eye is a Leo birthstone, and it’s as joyful and feel-good as summer, which is when Leos are at their peak. Tiger’s eye is also called sunstone, which makes it perfect for Leos as they’re ruled by the sun. Tiger’s eye can help a Leo tap into their lion-like courage as well as their natural warmth. 

Tiger’s eye is great for new beginnings. If you’re a Leo and you’re starting a new project or venture, keep tiger’s eye close by (you can use it daily with essential oils like orange, ginger, or bergamot). 

2. Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is an excellent choice for Leos who are struggling with feelings of being “too much,” or having a difficult time connecting with people on their teams or in their families who perceive them as being overwhelming or too strong. 

Rose quartz can help a Leo tap into their greatest motivation (love), and lead with the kind of patience, gentleness, and kindness that will ultimately change everyone for the better. Keep it by your desk, your phone, or wherever you’re having difficult conversations with people. 

3. Black Onyx 

Leos are often in leadership positions, but the downside to this is that during times of stress of transition, they can find themselves taking on undue amounts of pressure. Black onyx is a really great crystal for times like this; its inky black depths absorb negative energy and help prevent Leos from feeling like all of their energy, kindness, and compassion is being drained away by stress. 

Black onyx can also help a Leo deal with grief in a healthy manner; if your natural inclination is to press on through grief, this crystal may help you slow down enough to feel your loss so that you can begin to heal from it. 

Set black onyx around your house or office to help protect your energy and absorb negativity before it gets to you. 

4. Citrine 

Citrine is a stone of success, abundance, creativity, and power, and if that doesn’t sound like a Leo we don’t know what does! Citrine has long been known to help increase prosperity for all kinds of merchants and tradespeople, but it’s also used by artists to help them tap into their most creative flow states. 

Leos can use citrine to amplify their own passions and desires for success. Use it with essential oils like frankincense, orange, or sandalwood to boost the effect! 

5. Labradorite 

Sometimes a Leo can get so focused on the end goal that they’re not able to adapt or be flexible when needed. Labradorite is an intensely beautiful stone that resembles the Northern Lights (it’s mined in the north, where ancient people once believed it was the Northern Lights fallen to earth!). Like the lights, labradorite can help sharpen a Leo’s intellect, tap into their intuition, and help them see more possibilities than they do at first. 

It’s a powerful stone to have on hand for meditation when you’re making difficult decisions. 

6. Pyrite 

Pyrite is also called “fool’s gold” because of its resemblance to gold, but there’s nothing foolish about this powerful crystal for Leos! Pyrite helps Leos tap into their natural (and seemingly unlimited) stores of energy. It’s also a terrific stone for leadership as it helps remind Leo not to take herself or himself too seriously. Finally, pyrite can encourage creativity, while also being protective–a great combo! 

Use pyrite during the work day with essential oils like peppermint or grapefruit to increase your motivation and concentration. 

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