The Best Gemini Crystals for You! (+ how to use them)

Gemini | The Twins (May 21-June 20) 

Gemini is represented by twins, but let’s go ahead and get this out of the way: Geminis are not two-faced! In fact, a healthy Gemini has two sides that he or she can access, which means they can be incredibly versatile and adaptable in a wide range of situations. Are they great people to have on a team where flexibility is important? Absolutely! 

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In general, Geminis are known for being curious, playful, and absolutely irresistible, which makes them so fun to be around! However, they can also struggle with commitment and follow-through, and sometimes need help getting out of their heads and into their feelings. 

The following Gemini crystals can help an anxious, overly chatty Gemini center herself in her natural intelligence; they can also help Geminis tap into their superpowers as the energetic, excellent communicators that they are. (BTW, you can learn more about the Zodiac and crystals here.) 

Here are our favorite Zodiac crystals for Geminis: 

1. Agate 

Agate is one of Gemini’s birthstones, which makes sense when you consider that agate is usually a mix of two primary components: chalcedony and quartz. Like Geminis, agate is flexible, creative, and highly adaptable. It amplifies a Gemini’s natural abilities, stimulating the intellect and helping a Gemini communicate effectively and clearly. 

Agate is also deeply harmonizing, and can help a Gemini who feels conflicted find peace and balance on the inside.  

Agate is a beautiful decorative stone, so it’s a great choice to place on bookshelves, decorative shelves, nightstands, and anywhere else you spend lots of time. 

2. Clear Quartz  

Clear quartz is a powerful stone for Geminis because it amplifies whatever energy or intent is programmed to it–and we know Geminis have a lot of energy! Clear quartz can help you funnel your tremendous passion and excitement for life so that you can achieve your aims. 

Clear quartz is also a healing stone, and can help center and calm a Gemini’s sense of wonder and excitement so that they don’t feel overwhelmed by their passion. 

Use clear quartz to create an intentions station as part of your daily ritual; hold it while you verbalize and visualize the day’s intention each morning. 

3. Moonstone

Moonstone is this beautiful, opalescent stone that’s named after the moon, a wise, magical heavenly body that reminds us of the power of change and transformation. Because of moonstone’s calming, insightful presence, it’s a great stone for Geminis. And, no two moonstones are exactly the same, just like no two Geminis are exactly the same! 

Wear moonstone or use it with essential oils (like bergamot, lavender, or vetiver) to fully embrace your magical Gemini powers!

4. White Howlite 

White howlite is a great emergency stone–look to it for help when you’re extremely agitated or facing depression. While Geminis are normally very upbeat, sometimes life can just be too much, and during those times, white howlite can remind Geminis to breathe deeply and focus on the next best thing. 

It is a wonderfully calming, soothing stone for both the mind and emotions. Keep it nearby in case of emergency! 

5. Chrysocolla 

Chrysocolla is another unique, super gorgeous stone (it’s made from copper) that comes in all kinds of greenish hues. Therefore, it’s a stone of abundance. But we’re not just talking about financial security (though it can do that too). Chrysocolla is about a deeper abundance of compassion, peace, and forgiveness. It’s perfect for Geminis because it can help them overcome any emotional hang-ups and tap into emotional healing and peace.     

Chrysocolla is a great stone to use for meditation. Hold it while you repeat positive affirmations or during meditation practice. 

6. Tiger’s Eye (or Sunstone)

Tiger’s eye is a striped stone in earthy reds, oranges, and browns. It’s an empowering stone; if you’re feeling attacked or oppressed, look to tiger’s eye to both ground you and give you courage to speak your truth. Tiger’s eye can help Geminis step into their futures during times of transition.   

Use tiger’s eye with essential oils like orange, clove, or bergamot for an extra powerful dose of courage! 

Want your own customized essential oil blend? Take this short quiz and we’ll craft a recipe just for you!  

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