The Best Healing Crystals for Pisces (+ our favorite essential oils for maximum benefits)

Pisces | The Fish (February 19-March 20) 

Healing Crystals for Pisces

Pisces is a water sign represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions, and if that doesn’t totally sum up Pisces, we don’t know what does! It’s not that they’re obstinate or like to be opposite; it’s that they’re extremely adaptable and flexible, deeply intuitive, and able to see the world in all directions, with deep compassion and insight. 

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If you have a friend you like to confide in, chances are they’re a Pisces! Pisces are known for being great listeners, non-judgemental, kind, and very empathetic. 

This empathy can actually come to haunt Pisces, however; they tend to feel everything, and feel it deeply. They can become overwhelmed by negativity in the world around them, depressed and very sad. 

When they’re in a healthy place, however, Pisces can use their sensitivity to great advantage; they often know and see things that other people just can’t. This means they’re often incredibly creative and imaginative; in fact, Pisces often prefers spending time in her head with her thoughts to spending time with lots of people! 

Pisces is typically great with change, and can make a great advisor or mentor for others when they’re struggling with transition. 

The Zodiac crystals we’ve chosen for Pisces are as gentle and kind as they are, but will also help amplify everything that’s wonderful about Pisces, and shore up places where they need help. Here are the best crystals for Pisces

Healing Crystals for Pisces Amethyst

1. Amethyst 

Amethyst’s purple and lavender hues point us to its purpose: it’s a much-loved stone for the dreamers and mystics among us! As such, it’s perfect for Pisces; it can help her tap into her natural intuition in a deep, natural way. And because of how balancing and protective amethyst is, Pisces won’t be overwhelmed by her insights or by the things she discovers. Instead, they’ll be better at balancing their intense emotions, setting up boundaries, and finding gentle, healing ways to express their creativity. 

Amethyst is extremely versatile (we love it paired with essential oils like rose, vetiver, and neroli, for extra heart support for Pisces), and it will be kind to everyone. Pisces can place it strategically throughout the house to bring peace and balance to all who enter. 

Healing Crystals for Pisces Aquamarine

2. Aquamarine 

Aquamarine is a water stone and March’s birthstone. It symbolizes both the wild imagination and the quiet inherent in Pisces: when you gaze into aquamarine’s watery depths, you can’t help but feel inspired and peaceful! This Zen, flow-like state is perfect for Pisces as she taps into her considerable visionary powers, and sees the world both as it truly is and as it could be. 

Aquamarine, like amethyst, is a great stone for Pisces to keep on hand daily. Slip it under your pillow at night if you’re having trouble sleeping; it will help you release negativity and get the rest you need. 

Healing Crystals for Pisces Moonstone

3. Moonstone 

Water + moon? Yes, please! Moonstone is pure magic for Pisces. Just like moonlight transforms the darkness into pure beauty, so moonstone helps Pisces light up insight and joy in places that were formerly dark or obscure. Like aquamarine and amethyst, moonstone has a gentle, calming presence, but it’s much more likely to unleash a Pisces’ imagination, helping them explode with creative wander and potential! 

Moonstone is a lovely stone to keep nearby wherever you practice creativity. It can help you remind you that there’s more in you than meets the eye. 

Healing Crystals for Pisces Bloodstone

4. Bloodstone 

Bloodstone is a deeply grounding stone, and nothing goes together better than the yin and yang of earth and water. If a Pisces is too up in their feelings or has their head in the clouds, bloodstone is great at helping provide a tether to the earth–not to judge or silence an emotional Pisces, but to help them find some stable ground. 

Bloodstone also cleanses and purifies at an essential level, which can be helpful to a Pisces hounded by negative thoughts. Pair bloodstone with earthy, herby essential oils like sage, lemon, and fennel, or patchouli and sage. 

Healing Crystals for Pisces Aventurine

5. Aventurine 

Aventurine is a wonderful go-to for a Pisces who feels emotional battered and bruised, as it’s a protector of the heart chakra. Aventurine is a protective stone that helps bring emotional and spiritual safety for a Pisces who continually finds herself hurt in relationships or the world at large. 

Wear it like a charm, or use it directly with protective essential oils like bergamot or melissa to shore up your emotional safety nets and help inner harmony blossom. 

Healing Crystals for Pisces Black Tourmaline

6. Black Tourmaline 

Aventurine brings gentle protective vibes, but pulling out black tourmaline is like bringing out the big guns! Black tourmaline is all about protection against negativity, which can be so helpful for a Pisces struggling to maintain a positive environment. It absorbs and blocks bad vibes before they can even get to you. 

At the same time, however, tourmaline promotes self-understanding and compassion, and releases inspiration (maybe because that’s what happens when negativity is finally given the boot).     

Keep tourmaline by your doors to protect your home and heart! 

Healing Crystals for Pisces Blue Lace Agate

7. Blue Lace Agate 

Pisces is so emotionally intelligent and because of this, is often tapped as a mentor or listening ear. As a communication amplifier, blue lace agate can help enhance Pisces’ ability to speak truth into a situation. This little blue stone connects to the throat chakra, to help Pisces grow in confidence as they use their considerable gifts. 

Use blue lace agate while you speak an affirmation over yourself: I am worthy. I have helpful ideas. I have all the confidence I need. 

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