The Best Scorpio Crystals for You (and how to use them)

Scorpio | The Scorpion (October 23-November 21)

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Scorpios are those born when the ancient sun was in Scorpius. The scorpion constellation is one of the brightest in the sky (and, btw, it’s not recognized as a scorpion by everyone; indigenous peoples in so-called Hawaii know the constellation as demigod Maui’s fishhook!) and Scorpios are, indeed, some of the brightest people you’ll ever meet. 

Scorpios come with some serious big vibrational energy, similar to Leo. They’re alluring and charismatic, but also extremely intuitive and highly driven. They can be loyal and brave, but also aloof and secretive. 

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Scorpios are part of the water element, and just like water can storm and surge one minute and be calm and clear as glass the next, so Scorpios contain multitudes on the inside. On the outside, though, they’re often seen as cool and collective, which gives them a mysterious air. Like water, it’s not always easy to know what’s going to happen with a Scorpio! 

That’s partly why Zodiac crystals are so helpful for a Scorpio, and here’s a list of our favorite crystals for Scorpios

1. Labradorite 

Labradorite for Scorpio

Labradorite is mined in northern latitudes where it’s possible to see the Northern Lights. And it shows; labradorite is a stunning crystal with a play of light and colors that reflect across its dark surface (called labradorescence). 

It’s no surprise, then, that labradorite helps you see many possibilities all at once, and sharpens mental acuity. It’s perfect for Scorpios; it will aid them through transformations, impart strength, and help grow endurance. 

Labradorite will also help amplify a Scorpio’s natural intuitiveness and encourage those around you to look closer and bask in the glow of your magic. 

Labradorite is lovely in any form. Hold it every morning while you set a daily intention, and let it help you release the “shoulds,” and settle down into who you really are. 

2. Aquamarine 

Aquamarine for Scorpio

Aquamarine is a sea crystal (its name literally means “sea water” in Latin), which makes it an ideal choice for Scorpios. It will help shore up a Scorpio’s natural reserves of courage while also bringing calmness and a sense of purpose. 

Aquamarine can also help bring closure, often by promoting self-expression, something that can be difficult for this sign.  

Aquamarine is a versatile, beautiful crystal that comes rough cut, polished, and in jewelry, as a pocket stone, a display stone, or even as a gemstone roller ball in an essential oil roller bottle! However you choose to use aquamarine, use it with essential oils like patchouli, jasmine, and ginger. These oils’ ancient healing properties will partner with aquamarine to increase your courage and ambition. 

3. Smoky Quartz 

Smoky quartz for Scorpio

Smoky quartz is a mysterious, alluring, intuitive stone–much like Scorpios! Its dark color resembles a scorpion and tells us that smoky quartz is a grounding, earthing stone. Smoky quartz is terrific at gently blocking negative energy. For this reason, it’s a popular choice for use in the home; you can place it by entryways to block unwanted energy before it even enters your house. 

Smoky quartz can also help to dispel feelings of depression, fear, stress, and anxiety, making it a great choice for Scorpios who feel unbalanced. And since it can help detoxify, it’s a great match for Scorpios who want to connect with their big energies (ambition, determination, etc.) without the negative side effects that sometimes accompany those (becoming a workaholic, stress, etc.). 

Keep smoky quartz nearby and let it remind you to breathe deep and let go of the negativity that’s not serving you! 

4. Obsidian 

Obsidian for Scorpio

Obsidian is a fascinating stone with some serious protection energy. If you’re in a place where you feel battered or bruised by forces around you, obsidian comes in like a big, bad bodyguard to keep you safe! 

Its inky depths draw your gaze, but they also draw negative energy, absorbing it so it can’t bother you anymore. And as it does so, it will stimulate growth, as you’ll find yourself free to focus on healing, trying new things, and failing forward. 

Keep obsidian nearby as a pocket stone (or on a keychain!) for maximum benefits. 

5. Citrine  

Citrine for Scorpio

Citrine is Scorpio’s birthstone, and it’s an abundance stone. Since Scorpios are natural trailblazers, passionate, and determined, citrine can help them tap into their natural superpowers and open their hearts to abundance. Its orange color harnesses the dynamic power of the sun and fire, releasing talented Scorpios into the world with motivation and energy galore! 

If you’re working on a big new project, hold citrine (or pair it with an oil like patchouli, ginger, or citrus), and repeat after us: I am open to creativity, new ideas, and abundance! 

6. Turquoise 

Turquoise for Scorpio

Turquoise, like citrine, is all about abundance, but it’s also a protective, calming stone that can help ground a Scorpio deeply into her purpose and calling in life. It can help a Scorpio solve knotty problems, while also stabilizing the inner self so Scorpios can choose calm over stress. 

Turquoise is abundant in jewelry and decorations; listen to your intuition and choose a piece you’re drawn to for daily wear. Your inner self is a deep well of knowledge; trust her to lead you well! 

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