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I fell in love with crystals because they’re beautiful but it wasn’t long before I realized how much more I smiled when I kept crystals around my home and workspace! So, I wanted to create a healing crystals chart just for you. 

You can use your healing crystals chart to learn more about crystals, find new ideas for pairing oils with crystals, or choose which crystal is right for you

healing crystals chart by whimsy + wellness

Here at Whimsy, we feel that crystals, like essential oils, are just another alternative and complement to modern medicine–something to make wellness fun and easy. Ready to learn more about healing crystals and how to use this healing stones meaning chart? Keep reading! 

What are Healing Crystals (and Can They Really Heal?) 

Crystals are beautiful little nuggets of earth goodness. Most of the crystals we use the most are formed when lava or magma cools slowly. As the materials in and around the molten rock cool, they line up in crystalline structures that result in stunning formations like amethyst and quartz. 

Cultures like the ancient Egyptians and the ancient Hebrews used and loved crystals, and believed they were powerful symbols or talismans. 

Today, we know that because of crystals’ atomic structures, they’re extremely stable. They have many technological applications because of this, and many people believe that crystals’ stable energy can stabilize our own energy. 

Thousands of years of healing crystal use have given us insight into how different crystals help people–and that’s what this healing crystals chart is all about!

4 Ways Your Healing Crystals Chart Can Help You 

Here are a few ways healing crystals may be able to help–you can use any of the crystals from our healing crystals chart for any of these purposes: 

1. Smile 

If all essential oils and crystals did when you saw them was make you smile, that’s more than enough. We’re all hungry for a little more joy in our lives these days! I love to keep crystals around my home for that very reason–they’re beautiful, and just seeing them brings me joy! 

2. Symbolize Healing 

Sometimes you don’t even need a crystal for it to remind you of hope and your inner strength. 

When my friend was going through a difficult time in her life, she pictured a rose quartz surrounding her, blocking negativity and toxicity. Picturing the crystal in her mind gave her comfort, and renewed strength to continue the healing journey she was on. 

crystals for love and relationships by whimsy + wellness
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3. Set an Intention or Speak an Affirmation

The mind is so powerful! This crystal healing stones chart is a great way to find a healing crystal that’s perfect for whatever you’re going through. 

Setting an intention means bringing your mind, memory, and mental energy towards a purpose. Your intention might be to replace negative thinking with positive thoughts, to choose kindness over frustration, or to partner with your inner child to be more creative. 

An affirmation is a truth about yourself, and speaking an affirmation is simply agreeing with that truth. Lots of people like to set intentions for the day first thing in the morning. You can tap into your crystal’s healing power to aid in the intention, and every time you see your crystal, you’ll be reminded of what you’re working towards.

Likewise, when you partner a crystal with an affirmation, that crystal can be a powerful talisman and reminder to speak truth about yourself! 

4. Meditation

You can also use the healing crystals in this healing stones and crystals chart to find a crystal to help you meditate. You can hold a crystal in your hand–they make great reminders whenever your mind wants to wander!–or you can place a crystal where you’ll see it. 

16 Healing Crystals and Their Uses 

Here are the healing crystals you’ll find in our healing crystals chart: 

Gemstone Essential Oil Rollers by Feeling and Need
healing crystals chart download whimsy + wellness

1. Stress, Tension, Anxiety | Amethyst 

Amethyst is a perfect overall stone. We love it for bringing balance and grounding to a room, but it can also bring protection and confidence. Amethyst pairs well with centering, warming oils like clove, cypress, frankincense, and sandalwood.  

2. Communication, Courage, Truth | Amazonite 

On our crystal stone chart, amazonite’s deep greeny-blues help open up healthy lines of communication. Amazonite dispels negative energy (worry, fear), and ushers in courage and truth. 

I love to pair amazonite with other life-celebrating oils like bergamot, geranium, orange, juniper, and spruce. 

3. Wisdom, Truth, Good Judgement | Lapis Lazuli 

Lapis lazuli is such a cool stone! It’s more unique than stones like amethyst or quartz, and it has a deep wisdom in its intense blue hues. It’s called the stone of truth for its ability to help you face your own truth. It brings wisdom, good judgement, and a desire for knowledge. 

Want to use your crystals with essential oils? Pair lapis lazuli with spruce, jasmine, frankincense, lime, or basil. 

4. Love & Relationships | Rose Quartz 

Rose quartz is the ultimate relationship stone! And that goes for relationships in every direction–your relationships with other people, and your relationship with yourself. Rose quartz is a powerful stone to reach for when you want to focus on self-care and pairs perfectly with affirmations of any kind. 

Pair rose quartz with ylang ylang, lavender, jasmine, rose, and bergamot.

crystals displayed in home on bookshelf with whitewashed brick
crystals and oils guide for newbies by whimsy + wellness

5. Deep Healing | Clear Quartz 

Clear quartz is the ultimate healing stone, known for its ability to amplify whatever affirmation or intention you use around it. This stone is perfect for beginners and for seasoned crystal pros–in part because it pairs perfectly with all essential oils! 

6. Creativity, Abundance, Success | Citrine 

If you feel like you’re dragging, especially at work, and just can’t summon the creative muse, citrine is such a gem of a stone to reach for! I love keeping it around my desk to inspire me. Use it to amplify success, abundance, creativity, or power. 

Citrine pairs beautifully with sandalwood, frankincense, orange, clove, ginger, and patchouli. 

7. Cleansing, Harmony, Balance | Turquoise 

Selenite is a cleansing crystal that’s often used with palo santo. It promotes harmony and balance with your inner self, making it a stone everybody should have in their home or room.

Selenite pairs well with spiritual oils like palo santo, myrrh, clary sage, and frankincense. 

8. Calming, Courage, Closure | Aquamarine 

Aquamarine is a water stone, and its effect on the mind is just as soothing and calming as any island getaway. Aquamarine will also impart courage and promote self-expression–look to this beautiful stone when you need closure. 

Pair aquamarine with clove, ginger, helichrysum, chamomile, or lavender. 

9. Fear, Resentment, Positivity | Peridot 

Peridot helps us look to the future–and the future is as bright as this stone is! Peridot is a go-to stone for overcoming fear and resentment. It can help you leave negative thoughts behind, move forward in joy and abundance, and live a life of positivity, not toxicity. 

Pair peridot with cinnamon, cypress, bergamot, patchouli, or jasmine. 

10. Motivation, Energy, Growth | Apatite

Apatite is just lovely, bringing so much life and growth via extra motivation, a shot of energy, and growth. Use apatite to get after those goals! 

Apatite pairs great with energizing oils like peppermint, orange, myrrh, nutmeg, and grapefruit. 

11. Strength, Joy, Love | Sunstone 

Sunstone is also known as tiger’s eye, and it makes sense when you see this powerful gem’s stripes. Sunstone is as strong as the sun itself, and can amplify your leadership and strength. Sunstone inspires a nurturing love of self (any good leader needs this) and greater joy.

glitter essential oil rollers with loose crystals

Pair sunstone with orange, frankincense, neroli, clove, and myrrh.

12. Protection, Calming, Connection | Turquoise 

Turquoise is a deeply spiritual stone that’s been used for protection and calming for many thousands of years. In addition to a deeper connection with the earth, turquoise can also help you with creative problem solving. 

Pair turquoise with clove, cypress, palo santo, fennel, frankincense, or rosemary. 

crystals with essential oil roller bottles

13. Renewal, Calming, Balance | Pink Opal

Don’t make the mistake of thinking pink opal is a wimp just because she’s pink. She can roll up her sleeves and get to work as good as any woman we know! Pink opal is a stone of renewal and calming. It can help bring you back into emotional balance. 

Pair pink opal with: frankincense, sandalwood, juniper, lavender, and orange. 

14. Energy, Love, Concentration | Ruby

Ruby, as it turns out, is more than just a pretty piece of jewelry. Ruby also contains inside its fiery red depths a true source of energy. It’s a love stone, which means it can increase your sense of love and your capacity to love. It can also help increase your concentration and motivation. 

Pair ruby with cinnamon, ylang ylang, rose, ginger, and peppermint. 

15. Creativity, Emotional Grounding, Comfort | Tangerine Quartz 

Turn to tangerine quartz (don’t you just love the color tangerine?!) for a rush of creative energy plus whatever emotional grounding, soothing, or comforting your heart needs. This gorgeous stone may also help you let go of the past–adios bad memories! 

Pair with tangerine, frankincense, fir, patchouli, neroli, or chamomile. 

16. Confidence, Joy, Good Fortune | Topaz 

Topaz is a cool, beautiful crystal, and it brings with it a sense of confidence. Topaz can increase your joy, help you knock out your goals, and bring you love and good fortune. 

Pair topaz with jasmine, sandalwood, orange, rosemary, or bergamot.

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healing crystals chart download whimsy + wellness

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