The Whimsy Team Favorites: Gift Ideas & What Your Oils Stash is Missing 😉

Whimsy Team favorites

Sometimes online shopping is tough (Which one to choose? Is it as pretty IRL as it is on my screen?). 

SO, we thought it was time for the true Whimsy experts to step up to the plate! 

These are our team members who KNOW the best Whimsy + Wellness products because they use them all the time and they’re spilling their secrets below! 

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These are perfect gifts for yourself or somebody you love.

And… thanks for shopping small with our family-run business! 💞


Russ Whimsy Team favorite

Is Russ married to the brains and beauty behind Whimsy + Wellness? Yes. Is he biased? Totally. But does he also have great taste? Absolutely he does! 

Here’s what Russ says about his favorite products, the Amethyst, Clear Quartz, and Smoky Quartz Perfume Bottles: 

“I get to hand select each crystal and apply to each bottle. No two are alike and the dissimilarities in each make them so unique. Sometimes we think bigger is better, or color, etc., but each one of these comes out looking stunning.” 

*rushes off to get more perfume bottles* 


Krissy Whimsy Team favorite

Krissy is our go-to for non-toxic resources and all things vegan, and you might call her slightly plant-obsessed! Her favorite Whimsy is the Plant Lady Spray Bottle

She says: 

“Impossible to pick just one! :heart_eyes: But here’s my most used one other than my diffuser! I am obsessed with my spray bottle! Just some water and peppermint oil and it keeps the gnats away from all of my plant babies!” 

Krissy, you’re a genius! 


Meg Whimsy Team favorite

If you’ve ever listened to the Whimsy + Wellness Podcast, you know Meg! She has a way of making the whole room brighter and sunshine-y, so of course, it makes sense that her favorite Whimsy is the My Beautiful Life collection!

Meg says:

“Our ‘My Beautiful Life’ collection makes me smile daily!! The ombré colors on the bottles are breathtaking and the different affirmations scripted on the sides are inspiring and remind me to actually say them each time I apply my oils (there is tons of research behind the power of affirmations!). 

If I could gift all my loved ones one set it would definitely be this one!”

So, Meg, what you’re saying is My Beautiful Life is the perfect gift?

*makes note* 


Bethany Whimsy Team favorite

If you’re an affiliate or a wholesale customer, chances are you’ve connected with Bethany. Bethany has some absolutely delightful Enneagram 7w6 energy… and she loves show tunes, so obviously, there’s no way she could be anything but amazing!! 

Bethany’s favorite Whimsy is the Phases Roller Set.

She says: 

“I loveeee my Phases collection. The gold details make me so happy.” 

I mean… she’s not wrong! 


Mandy Whimsy Team favorite

Mandy is our beloved customer support person. She makes our customers feel seen and loved, and boy do they ever!   

Mandy’s favorite Whimsy is sort of sad because it’s from a previous launch and isn’t available anymore. This underscores the tragic truth: our favorites don’t last forever 😭. 

The good news: we have lots of other amazing crystals.

Mandy says: 

“I love my garnierite crystal! It reminds me of the sea and sky, two of my favorite calming things!😍”

Hot tip: Try Amazonite- it 100% gives us similar garnierite vibes. You’re welcome. 


Team holiday favorites Bri

Bri is the behind-the-scenes guru for social media. If you love all the crystal happiness filling up your feed, you can thank her! (And actually, you should thank Bri… right now in our DMs!)

Bri’s favorite Whimsy is the Iridescent Spray Bottle.

She says: 

“I am obsessed with my Iridescent Spray Bottle!!! I filled it up with a spray for my plants. I love the way it flashes rainbows, especially in the sun! It just makes me so happy.”

This bottle is definitely something that’s even more incredible in person!  


Kayleigh Whimsy Team favorite

We would be lost around here without Kayleigh, and that is not an understatement! 

Kayleigh’s favorite Whimsy is the Constellation Bottle.

Kayleigh says: 

“I love my constellation bottle! It’s gorgeous and holds the most dreamy linen spray. The spray top mists perfectly and the bottle is so pretty on my nightstand.”

Kayleigh, we also need your dreamy linen spray mkay? 


Kelsey Whimsy Team favorite

The next time you see Kelsey, ask her about her cross-country move and her international travel! Seriously, if anybody has a need for travel products, it’s her, so we take her recommendation below very, very seriously. 

Kelsey’s favorite Whimsy is the Oh Happy Day Roller Set

She says: 

“I love my Oh Happy Day Rollers. They are the perfect-sized travel companions wherever I go!”

Car filled up with gas? Check. Snacks for the drive? Check. Oh Happy Day Roller Set? Double check. 

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