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The Whimsy Valentine Treat Box (a Super Simple DIY You’ll Love!)

This Valentine’s Day is our year to celebrate strong women! And more than ever this year, I’m looking forward to making my loved ones feel extra special. Plus, I LOVE all things hearts and colorful and fun, which makes this a really fun holiday for us here at Whimsy + Wellness! 

DIY Upcycled Valentine Treat Box

Our team came up with this ADORABLE idea for upcycling your Whimsy roller bottle tubes that many of our roller bottles now come in. We’ve made the instructions SO easy (we even designed a printable paper template for you!!) because #momlife ;). 

I’ve even made sure to include a tip for saving a TON of time below, and products you can order on Amazon right this very second. 

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What Do I Need to Make These Valentine Treat Boxes? 

We think these tubes are ADORABLE with a fun candy tucked inside (conversation hearts, anyone?), but there are so many other ways you could use these. Here are a few more ideas: 

  • Tuck a sweet note or Valentine’s Day card inside (perfect for your significant other)
  • Roll up a $20 bill for a teen 
  • Gift an individual roller bottle or a bottle of essential oil, and slip in one of your favorite recipes 
  • Add small gifts like stickers or temporary tattoos (think: what you might stuff into a small Easter egg!) 

Here are some of the different kinds of candy that will fit inside your roller tube:

  • Conversation hearts 
  • Hot Tamales 
  • Gummy bears 
  • Hershey’s Kisses
  • M&Ms
  • Skittles 
  • Rollos 
  • Smooth & Melty Mints 
  • Werther’s Caramels 
  • Riesens 
  • Reeses Pieces 
  • Jelly Bellies 
  • Tootsie Rolls 
  • Smarties 
  • Any other small candy! 

How Much Time Will This Take & What Will it Cost? 

This Valentine’s DIY shouldn’t take you much time at all! The most time-consuming part of this project is (literally) waiting for the paint to dry, but we’ve included a tip for getting around that below. 

You also won’t have to spend much more than the cost of the candy, itself. And here’s another hint: we’ve included Amazon links to make things SUPER easy for you, but you’ll find most of these items cheaper at your local Walmart! 

Which Whimsy Rollers Come in This Awesome Tube? 

Here are the Whimsy rollers that come in a tube: 

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Here are the Supplies You’ll Need

Easy Upcycled DIY Valentine

You’ll need…

How to Make This Adorable Valentine’s Day Upcycle 

Step 1) *optional* If using the box to regift – paint it first & set it aside to dry.

Step 2) Fill box with Valentine treat or W+W roller bottle. 

Step 3) Cut a piece of tissue paper approximately 9” h x 10” w 

Step 4) Center the box along the bottom edge. 

Step 5) Roll the bottle up in the tissue paper and use the double sided tape to secure it together.

Step 6) Cut two 12” pieces of ribbon.

Step 7) Tie ribbon on each end to create the gathered effect. 

Step 8) Trim ribbon and tissue ends to your liking. 

Step 9) Cut out the wraps and fill in the blanks. 

Step 10) Wrap the label around the tissue covered box and secure with tape.

Step 11) Admire the cuteness & gift it to your loved one.

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Have Fun & Enjoy! 

See? So simple! Enjoy your Valentine Treat Box, and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram so we can see!!  

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