Totally Natural Easter Basket Ideas From Small Businesses We Love

Whether you’re celebrating the Easter holiday or spring (or maybe you just need an excuse to buy a basket and fill it with fun things?!), we’ve rounded up some of our FAVORITE natural toys for babies, preschoolers, and elementary schoolers. These are all perfect for Easter baskets…or just because.  

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And because #reallife, we’ve included a few items from Target and Amazon, but almost all of the toys in this list are from other small businesses like us! 

We also made sure to include as many safe, non-toxic, sustainable, and natural Easter basket ideas as we could, because that’s as important to our family as it is to yours. 

Support fellow families this year, and shower your kids with natural fun and adventure…what’s not to love about these Easter baskets?! Let’s get started! 

1. Bubble Wands

These fun pastel-colored bubble wands make the biggest bubbles! They’re inexpensive and an easy yes–and tons of fun! (For bubble variations, you could also go with a bubble machine, a unicorn bubble wand, or a bubble stick blower). 

2. Mermaid Lagoon Play Dough Cup | Land of Dough 

Absolutely the most amazing play dough we’ve ever seen in our lives! Shimmering pinks, purples, blues, and whites will have your littles over the moon! The dough is all-natural, with compostable glitters and calming essential oils, and includes a natural, sustainably sourced wooden shovel made from birch. (also available in: Unicorn Dream and Sand & Sails)

3. Hanging With My Peeps Easter T-Shirt | Etsy 

Can you say ADORABLE?! These punny little shirts are perfect and come in all different sizes so you can match with your little! 

4. Egg Coloring Kit | Eco-Kids

I LOVE how Eco-Kids has helped reimagine Easter egg coloring! You can celebrate Easter or the beauty of new life in the spring thanks to these all natural vegetable and plant extracts. 

5. Oh Happy Day Roller Set | Whimsy + Wellness

What comes in every color of the rainbow and makes us SMILE from ear to ear? These Oh Happy Day Rollers! You can get them with or without the gemstone tops, and in 5ml or 10ml–though 5ml is perfect for small hands! Your kids will love having a set of their own rollers (you might need to get a set for yourself, as well ;).  

6. Printable Affirmation Cards for Kids | Orange Seed Store on Etsy

Affirmation cards for kids? Yes, please! These are so precious, and a lovely way to let your kids know every day you’re rooting for them. They’re also great *last minute* gifts since you can download them right away.

7. Who Likes Rain? | Wong Herbert Yee

The rhyming verses in this fun take on April showers and May flowers delights preschoolers (and kids of all ages!). Though Easter is in early April this year, it’s the perfect time to start talking about spring with your little ones. 

8. Lola Plants a Garden | Anna McQuinn 

Easter means spring, and what do we do in the spring? We plant a garden! Pair this fun book with gardening tools and maybe even some flower seeds below for a sweet gardening or flower-themed Easter basket. 

9.To The Moon & Back Mommy & Me Affirmation Bead Set | Put on Love Designs 

Does your daughter love matching mommy as much as ours do? This diffuser bracelet set comes with lovely strawberry quartz beads, a crystal of love, gratitude, and affirmation. There’s a smaller bracelet for your little, and an adult-sized bracelet for you! 

10. Pastel Rainbow | dëna

Dëna is a parent-owned company that makes these gorgeous silicone toys–babies can’t resist grabbing them, and neither can we! They’re free of BPA, latex, PVC, and phthalates, which makes us feel great about offering them to even our littlest ones. 

11. Mini Camera | PlanToys 

You had me at…”say cheese!” Your budding photographer will fall in love with this natural wood tiny camera. It’s the perfect size for small hands and helps inspire imaginative play! 

12. Kids Adjustable Diffuser Bracelet | Put on Love Designs 

Faux suede holds essential oils super well; your kids will love the fun colors in these bracelets and the fact that they’ll be able to diffuse their favorite oils on their own bracelets all day long! 

13. Coloring + Activity Books | the Caravan Shoppe 

These books are fantastic for kids of alllll ages. They’re created by an artist team with a small online business, and their binding and paper quality makes coloring super fun. They comes in Pets from Around the World, Dinosaurs, and (my favorite) Creatures of Myth & Magic. Grab a top-rated, kid-friendly colored pencil set while you’re at it.  

14. Adventure + Wonder Roller Bottle Set | Whimsy + Wellness

These beautiful three-roller bottle sets come in two designs (“Adventure” or “Wonder”) and feature Australian artist Kat Kalindi’s adorable work! These are perfect for Easter baskets…or (frankly) any time of the year. 

15. Morse Code Light | Huckleberry

Do you have a code lover on your hands? They’ll be delighted to find this in their Easter basket! It’s a small morse code light that comes housed in metal, so it’s super durable–perfect for outdoor play. 

16. First Pocket Knife | Huckleberry

Another super cool gift from a small business, this little knife is ideal for your budding adventurer! It comes with four functions, and a pouch, and holds up well to active play. 

17. Adventure Bag for Essential Oils | Modern Makerie 

Do you have an oil lover who wants their own stash? We love that this bag is personalized and comes in such a wide variety of fabric options! From a fellow woman-owned business, it comes with a vinyl lining and four compartments to hold roller bottles or essential oil bottles. 

18. Kids Pretzels Yoga Deck | Tara Gruber   

These cards are loads of fun, and great at helping kids find productive, fun ways to move their bodies. Yoga helps both the head and the heart (and pairs beautifully with essential oils!), something we all need these days! 

19. It’s Not Easy Being a Bunny | Marilyn Sadler 

This Easter classic is so fun. An Easter bunny who doesn’t want to be a bunny anymore?! Kids will love the suspense–and they’ll have so much fun finding it in their Easter basket! 

20. Chicken Sunday | Patricia Polacco 

This beautiful book is from a New York Times bestselling author; it’s about a Russian girl and her two African American brothers buying an Easter hat for their gramma. The illustrations are stunning, and the story is a thoughtful look at Easter traditions! 

21. Whimsy Crystals + Smelly Feelings | Whimsy + Wellness

Whimsy Crystals + Smelly Feelings is an essential oil diffusing book created by two mamas who wanted to teach their littles about crystals, oils, and feelings in a fun and interactive way. Each book comes with a recipe card, or recipes printed on the back of the book, that features recipes for each feeling meant to be made in a 10ml roller bottle. 

22. Bunny PJs for Little Ones | PB Kids 

Somebunny loves you! These pjs are perfect for your littlest bunnies, and soooooo soft!

23. Emoji Sticker Labels | Whimsy + Wellness 

Emojis for your Oils Sticker Labels make it easy to use and identify your oil blends! Each sticker sheet has the emotions and body stickers repeated twice. They fit on the top/cap of essential oil bottles, roller bottles, and on the side of any glass bottles.

24. Balancing Cactus | PlanToys

We all love cacti…and this little balancing cactus is totally safe to touch! In fact, its various shapes and sizes made in sustainable rubberwood with non-toxic, water-based stains are irresistible to small hands. Your child will love making beautiful trees with the pieces, or you can compete to see who can add the most branches without toppling the cactus! 

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