Using Essential Oils to Manifest Abundance, Prosperity and the Life of Your Dreams

Essential oils can be an incredible tool to add into and amplify your manifestation practice; and that’s exactly what I’ll be sharing about on today’s episode of the Whimsy + Wellness Podcast!

Last week, on episode 33, I had manifestation advisor Jenni Adishian on the podcast, walking us through:

  • What manifestation is
  • The science behind HOW manifesting works
  • Answering alllll my many questions about manifesting
  • And of course her steps for how we can manifest!

If you enjoyed her interview, are passionate about the topic of manifestation, are interested in bringing essential oils into your manifestation practice OR are curious about their potential to inspire abundance, confidence, and prosperity, then this episode is for you!

I’m going to cover: 

  • How to use essential oils for manifesting and abundance 
  • Our 5 favorite essential oils for manifesting, abundance, and prosperity 
  • A great manifesting recipe for setting intentions, manifesting love, money, abundance, etc. 

You can listen to this episode on your favorite podcast app, or keep reading! 

Why using essential oils for manifestation is a great idea

Before I dive into the specific oils we chose, let’s talk about why you would want to use essential oils in our manifestation process in the first place!

These reasons are pretty similar to those that I gave you for using them in times of change and transition in episode 32 and the getting started with crystals episode, episode 30! 

That’s no coincidence – oftentimes no matter the topic, we’re going to be using essential oils for the same or similar reasons but different benefits or desired outcomes!

3 reasons to use essential oils for manifestation: 

  • Scent is the language of the subconscious mind 
  • Essential oils help us maintain high vibrations 
  • Essential oils increase your confidence

1. Scent is the language of the subconscious mind! 

The first reason you’ll want to use essential oils in your manifestation practice is because scent is the language of the subconscious mind!

Our subconscious mind holds some incredible power, knowledge, and potential and we can use essential oils and our sense of smell to ignite the subconscious to go to work for us!

2. Essential oils help us maintain a high vibration 

Next, essential oils help us maintain a high vibration. 

If you listened to the getting started with crystals episode you’ll remember me talking about how everything has a certain frequency, including essential oils! We want to be vibrating at a high vibration or high frequency! 

The things you’re manifesting need GOOD vibration and frequency to be brought in. Positivity, joy, belief, and abundance all have high vibrational frequencies. 

So, when we are using and surrounding ourselves with things that also have high vibrational frequency like essential oils, we can raise our own vibrational frequency even more, helping to bring in what we’re asking for or manifesting.

3. Essential oils increase your confidence! 

Number 3 is increase your confidence!! If you’ve ever applied an essential oil when you’re feeling nervous, unsure, or self conscious…you know what I mean with this one! 

There is something about when we EMPOWER ourselves with amazing natural tools that makes us feel more confident and capable! 

Oils make me feel like I have power over those negative feelings like doubt, fear, insecurity. I can DO something about them rather than just struggle with them. 

For example, I apply essential oils before every single interview I do for the Whimsy + Wellness Podcast to help with my confidence and to remind myself that I am capable of bringing these amazing conversations to you that will educate and empower and make the world a healthier & happier place!

If she didn’t have confidence in our mission behind our show – and instead had a mindset of fear and doubt and “urgh we’ll never make an impact” you’d be able to feel that. You’d be able to hear it in her voice and feel that negative energy. 

So if you’re needing a confidence and energy boost, lean on your oils! 

Using Essential Oils to Manifest Abundance, Prosperity and the Life of Your Dreams

The best essential oils for manifesting, abundance, and prosperity 

1. Clary Sage for Clarity 

Alright so the first oil we recommend using in your manifestation practice is clary sage!

The very first step in manifesting if you remember from last week’s episode #33, is to get clear on your intentions, where you currently are and where you’re headed.

This can seem in passing like an easy step but it’s often difficult, especially at first!

With that in mind, clary sage was a no brainer as it is considered the oil of “clarity”!

It’s amazing to use for both knowing what you want, and then for manifesting that into reality. It allows us to see what is really in front of us, helps us to become open to new ideas and experiences, and helps expand our vision and thinking big.

Remember how scent is the language of the subconscious mind? Well…tap into your subconscious mind with Clary Sage!

We recommend applying Clary Sage at the beginning of your manifestation practice.

Take a deep breath of Clary Sage right out of the bottle, pop a couple of drops in your diffuser or make a roller with it so you can simply roll on your Clary Sage  each time you start your manifestation practice or are in need of some clarity.

We recommend the My Beautiful Life set as they have beautiful affirmations written on the side of the bottles, encouraging you to manifest your dreams. with one of your Whimsy + Wellness rollers 

Jenni highly recommended journaling and writing down your manifestations so if you’re having a hard time finding clarity drop a drop of clary sage on your notebook or make a spray to spray the page and help you find that clarity you need!

(If you’d like some journaling prompts, we have some here!) 

Bonus: clary sage is also a really powerful oil for fertility, libido, and women’s sleep. For more on essential oils for libido and intimacy, listen to episode 6 of the Whimsy + Wellness Podcast, How to Spice Up Your Love Life With Oils In The Bedroom with Lucy Libido!

Note: Clary sage is one of the few oils that is not recommended to pregnant mamas as it can induce contractions! So if you’re pregnant, skip clary sage until your baby arrives!

2. Wild Orange or Neroli for Abundance or Prosperity

The next oil for manifestation is wild orange (if you don’t have wild orange, use neroli!) This oil not only is one of our favorite smelling oils, wild orange is also actually considered the oil of “abundance” which of course we want to bring in abundance no matter what we’re manifesting!

I’m sure you’ve heard of an abundance mindset vs a scarcity mindset before but if not this is super important to keep in mind. If you have a scarcity mindset the glass is half empty, there is not enough to go around, there is “lack”. With an abundance mindset there is more than enough, the cup is overflowing, you know you’re worthy and deserving and you assume the best in outcomes and intentions.

Manifesting from a place of scarcity or desperation is not a good place and actually works against you! Wild orange helps us to release any scarcity or other emotions even that have a not so great vibrational frequency such as fear, worry, lack or greed.

The second step of manifesting, asking for what you want (whether that be through writing or journaling, prayer, meditation, or however you choose) is a great time to use wild orange to bring in the abundance!

When using wild orange for manifestation I recommend diffusing it or mixing up a roller with lots of drops of wild orange! Smelling this oil while you manifest is going to help uplift and bring about abundance!! 

3. Ginger for Taking Aligned Action 

The next step in manifesting after asking for what you want is getting to work! Where I think we lose a lot of people with manifestation talk is that sometimes when people talk about it, it can sound like we’re just thinking about something, doing nothing, and then our manifestation magically happens.

But most of the time you need to take aligned action!

This step of getting to work and taking action is where ginger comes in! Using this oil will help you to take the steps needed for the thing you’re manifesting to come true. 

Ginger is going to support you in being fully present, responsible, and accountable for what happens in your life. 

If you need empowerment that YOU are capable of making things happen and don’t need another person or outside “thing” besides YOU…ginger is for you! This life is your story to write. 

Going back to the abundance and scarcity mindset conversation above, ginger essential oil is especially helpful for people who struggle with scarcity, or even struggle with having a victim mentality (no shame here, we can own our unhealthy habits and know WE have the power to change). 

Maybe you’re feeling powerless in your own life and like everything is beyond your control, that is a scarcity and lack mindset and ginger can really help flip that for you!

So as you “do the work” for your manifestation, whatever that action is for you, pop some ginger in your diffuser!

4. Jasmine for Believing You’re Worthy and Releasing Emotional Blocks

The next step in manifestation is to trust the process and to have belief that you are worthy and deserving about what it is you’re manifesting along with it being possible!

We chose jasmine essential oil to support this step because jasmine is actually directly connected to helping us work through feelings of unworthiness. It releases emotional blocks and is also known to attract abundance – perfect, right?!

In order to trust the process and have belief, we must drop any feelings of unworthiness or doubt that are not true and not serving us.

Add jasmine in a roller or diffuser blend (Jasmine pairs well with so many different oils) when you’re needing a reminder that you are worthy and enough.

5. Black Spruce for Surrendering 

Okay, now the very last step but possibly the most important step when manifesting is to surrender! This is often very hard to do. We can be so attached to our desired outcome that it’s really hard and sometimes feels impossible to release control and surrender but it is so important when manifesting.

Black Spruce is an incredible oil to use all throughout the manifestation process but we wanted to mention it when talking about surrendering because black spruce can help us to feel confident which is helpful when needing to fully let go and surrender. If you think of a big huge spruce tree…those trees are ROOTED right?! They are grounded and steady and not going anywhere! 

We often don’t feel rooted, grounded or confident when we’re feeling controlling, rigid, and desperate for a desired outcome.

So, allow Black Spruce to help you dig deep into your roots, become grounded, confident, energized, and secure and TRUST that what is for you will come to you!

How to Use Your Oils to Manifest

As always, your journey with oils is yours! We love using roller bottles and diffusing, try out both during your manifestation practice. You might find that you prefer one over the other or you might find that you love BOTH! Rolling on some oils, having your diffuser pumping, and manifesting all your dreams!

Abundance Manifestation Recipe

Now that you know our 5 favorite essential oils for manifestation, we recommend popping all 5 in a roller bottle so you can benefit from them all at once (plus, is it a coincidence that they smell so dreamy together? I think not!) This recipe is great whether you want to manifest love, money, abundance, or to simply set your intentions and help you reach your dreams.

  • 10 drops clary sage
  • 10 drops wild orange’
  • 10 drops ginger
  • 10 drops jasmine
  • 10 drops black spruce 

Add to a 10ml roller bottle, and top with fractionated coconut oil or your carrier oil of choice.

Apply your abundance manifestation blend both while you’re doing your manifestation practice but then daily as well, as you take aligned action, surrender to the process, believe in yourself and your manifestation and allow your manifestation to unfold! 

I hope you feel empowered to implement essential oils into your already existent manifestation practice if you have one and if you don’t manifest yet, I hope you feel empowered to start doing so and doing so WITH you oils!!

Thank you so much for reading this post! If you enjoyed it and learned something please leave us a review on Apple Podcasts. Your single review makes a bigger impact than you know, so thank you!

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  • Phases 10ml metallic roller bottle set – these roller bottles would be another great set to mix up some manifestation blends in! Phases comes with 5 10ml roller bottles with beautiful metallic geometric shapes; inspired by how just as the earth moves through seasons, so do our lives. From the mountain climb, to the rainbow at the end of the storm. Find clarity on where you’re going, ask for what you deserve, take aligned action, believe it’ll happen, and surrender with our Phases roller bottle set!
  • Our peachy pink ceramic diffuser will be the perfect addition to your favorite space to manifest! Not only will it effortlessly pump your favorite oils into the room but it’s super cute, too (which is a must with all oily accessories, in our opinion!)
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