Virgo Crystals: the Best Zodiac Crystals for One of Our Favorite Signs

Virgo | The Virgin (August 23-September 22)

Virgo Cover Graphic

Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury, named after the Roman god who delivered messages (Virgos can be excellent communicators), and symbolized by a virgin (maiden) who has roots in goddesses of harvest or agriculture. 

Virgos are delightful, in large part because they’re often very grounded and very nurturing. What’s sometimes overlooked, however, is how analytical and hard-working they are; a Virgo is an excellent planner, and cares deeply about the world around him or her. 

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Because they care so much, however, Virgos can often struggle a great deal with perfectionism, anxiety, and negative thoughts. Sometimes people experience Virgos as cold or distant, but that’s only because a Virgo will sometimes put up walls with people they’re not close to. 

Once you’re “in” with a Virgo, however, you’re in! They are one of the most loyal, kind, intelligent, empathetic signs in the Zodiac

Here are our favorite Virgo crystals

1. Green Jade 

Green Jade Graphic for Virgo

Green jade is an excellent choice for Virgos, and it’s Virgo’s birthstone. Its color aligns it closely with all of the earth signs, and its grounding abilities mean it will highlight and enhance a Virgo’s natural earthiness. It’s a stone of luck and abundance, and will help amplify a Virgo’s hard-working, success-oriented nature. 

Green jade is a very hard stone, so it makes a great choice for jewelry and wearing, but we also like using it in roller bottles with essential oils

2. White Howlite 

White Howlite for Virgo Blog

White howlite is another one of our favorites for Virgos. It will help decrease stress and frustration when you’re trying to accomplish something that’s important to you, but it will also increase wonder and excitement. You can find white howlite in our Zodiac roller. 

3. Amazonite 

Amazonite for Virgo Blog

Amazonite connects to the throat and the heart chakras, which makes it an excellent choice for Virgos, who are usually great at communicating, but can struggle when it comes to sharing their deepest feelings and emotions. Amazonite is also very calming and soothing and can help quiet restless thoughts. Use it daily with essential oils bergamot, orange, or geranium for best results. 

4. Fluorite 

Flourite for Virgo Blog

Fluorite is a layered stone that can amplify a Virgo’s abilities to see all sides of a problem analytically. Keep it in your pocket or on your desk by your computer at work.  

5. Mookaite Jasper 

Mookaite Jasper for Virgo Blog

Mookaite jasper is a really unique stone that’s only found in one place in the world (Mooka Creek in Australia). Its brownish colors give it a deep connection to the earth; it can help a Virgo lean into her strengths and release her imperfections. 

6. Amethyst 

Amethyst for Virgo Blog

Amethyst is very calming and balancing. If you’re struggling with anxiety, difficulty sleeping, or racing, negative thoughts, reach for amethyst and meditate on a positive intention (eg, “I release all negative thoughts. I am perfect just the way I am.”) 

7. Smoky Quartz 

Smoky Quartz for Virgo Blog

Finally, smoky quartz can help sensitive Virgos by blocking negative energy. Keep this stone near your front door to maintain peace and joy inside your home. 

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