What’s Your Sign? A Fun Intro to the Zodiac + Essential Oils and Crystals for Each Star Sign!

On this episode of the Whimsy + Wellness Podcast we’re going to be talking all about the basics of the Zodiac and essential oils and crystals for each zodiac type!

You can keep reading for the full transcript, or listen to the episode below! 

The Zodiac is a really fun way to learn more about yourself and how you’re impacted by the natural world! 

If you aren’t a Zodiac pro, that’s ok because I’m honestly not either! 

But our team here at Whimsy has done lots of learning and researching over the past year when it comes to astrological signs, the Zodiac, and of course how to best pair oils and crystals with each sign!

On today’s episode I’m going to share what we’ve learned:

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And just a reminder, there is, in our opinion, no wrong way to use oils or crystals (except of course like pouring oil in your eye or something like that!) so do what you please with your suggested oils and crystals!

 This is your journey, don’t let anyone suck the fun and adventure out of it for you!

What is the Zodiac and where did it come from? 

Before we dive into each sign and our recommended oils and crystals I wanted to go over what the Zodiac even is and where it came from and why we’d want to refer to it!

So the term “Zodiac” actually refers to the fact that the sun “passes” through twelve distinct constellations/phases every 365 days (give or take), and then repeats the cycle all over again. 

Many ancient cultures have recognized this pattern of twelve (it’s the same pattern our Western year is based on!). In fact, it was Babylonian scientists in mid-1st millennium BC who created the star list (the list of stars we pass as the earth orbits the sun) that astronomers still recognize today. 

Honestly, isn’t it just so humbling and also inspiring that we are looking up at the same stars and constellations that people just like us were looking at almost three thousand years ago!?

The Babylonians handed down their knowledge to the Greeks and the Romans (who were likely influenced by the Egyptians’ use of the Zodiac). It was Ptolemy (pronounced “taa-lum-me”), a Greek mathematician, who condensed it all into the Zodiac star signs we use today (and star signs just indicate the stars that were nearby when you were born – cool right?!) 

The Zodiac is used by countless ancient cultures–there’s a Mayan Zodiac, a Chinese Zodiac, an Egyptian Zodiac, a Hindu Zodiac…. 

In essence, the Zodiac simply acknowledges how connected we all are, in ways that don’t even seem to make sense sometimes.

 But it’s a fascinating–and often powerful–way to think about the world! 

Why We Love the Zodiac (and How I Use It) 

Most things in the universe are in motion, right? Stars move, the sun wobbles as it rotates–and it tilts on its axis–and of course other planets move in and out of visibility from our vantage point on the earth, as well. 

All of these relationships are studied by astrologers, who believe that all of these things impact each other and work together. 

Astrologers believe that understanding these relationships can help us understand our own selves, including our personalities. Of course, these things have a direct impact on our futures–and that’s where horoscopes come in!

Today, modern science is “relearning” how deeply tied humans are to the earth’s cycles and the cycles of other heavenly bodies, like the moon.

 The ancients had a sense that all things were related and intertwined, and this same sense pervades the study of the Zodiac today. 

​​What about your horoscope?

Some people pay very close attention to their horoscopes, and some don’t–it’s totally up to you! 

I usually invite people to think about the Zodiac in the same way they thought about essential oils when they first started using them, or crystals: if it’s making you smile or helping you in some way, you’re winning! 

However you choose to see the Zodiac, I feel like it can bring insight into behaviors that you might not have noticed in yourself. 

Self-awareness is key to growth, and for that reason alone so I’m all for the Zodiac even if it’s just for fun!

Here are other ways the Zodiac can help you: 

  • Learn more about yourself–and tap into superpowers you didn’t know you had
  • Help you develop empathy and compassion for others 
  • Better understand how you can work together with other people 
  • Increase a sense of togetherness and connectedness–we really are all in this together 

Did you know you have more than one sign? 

Here’s something most people don’t realize: if your sign’s description doesn’t 100% fit, that’s normal!

This is because:

  1. A short description could not possibly cover all within a certain sign because while you might be the same sign you’re still an individual with all different things influencing you besides your sign!
  1. We are actually made up of three different signs! When people ask “What’s your sign?” what we mostly commonly refer to as our sign is technically our sun sign! However, we also a moon sign and an ascendant or rising sign!

Sun sign

Our sun sign, which is what we’ll cover today and like I said, is the most commonly referred to when speaking of our signs and horoscopes, represents our core self. 

This sign is highly influential and significant, which is why it’s the most referenced sign.

Because our sun sign represents our core self, sometimes if we are not in touch with our core self, the description can seem a bit off. But try checking in, “ok maybe this doesn’t sound like who I am in this moment or point in time, but deep down does this describe the true me?”

Moon Sign

Your moon sign represents your inner self. 

It reveals a lot about our habits, reactions, and instincts!  It shows how we express and deal with our emotions. Most obvious in our homes or in private when we’re feeling comfortable, our Moon sign reveals our innermost needs. 

The Moon can represent our experience of nurturing; it also shows how we nurture ourselves!

Ascendant (or Rising) Sign

Your ascendant or rising sign represents your physical self; physical appearance, physical bodies, overall health, and an important one, our ego. 

Think of your rising sign as your mask, it’s how you present to the world or how you come across.

All three of our signs; sun, moon, and rising make up who we are! The easiest sign to figure out is our sun sign as it’s just based on the date we’re born. 

Finding out our moon and rising sign is a little trickier as you need to know your birthday place and time you were born BUT I do think since figuring out my moon and rising sign, the zodiac seems to make more sense to me and feel more accurate.

Here’s a free moon and rising calculator, where you plug in your date of birth, birthplace, and time of birth and it will tell you your moon and rising sign along with a super interesting and thorough overview.

 We aren’t sponsored by this site, it’s just one that I personally like!

An overview + essential oil recipe blend for each star sign 

We’ve included our favorites essential oils that you can blend up yourself in a diffuser or roller bottle, or you can take our Zodiac quiz to get the exact recipe! 

Aries | The Ram (March 21-April 19)

The first sign is Aries – the ram! Just like real animal rams are strong and powerful,  so is an Aries! They like to be first, and are bold, daring and very ambitious but they’re also extremely generous and often funny.

Aries’ essential oil must-haves are sandalwood and grapefruit. Both are earthy and grounding, yet spicy and energizing.

Our favorite crystal for an Aries is green aventurine; it will help Aries release self-destructive patterns and embrace daily joy. 

Taurus | The Bull (April 20-May 20)

Next is a Taurus the bull! Don’t think of a mean, snorting bull–think of Ferdinand, the sweet, gentle bull from the classic children’s story! 

If you have a Taurus in your life you probably know it, because he or she is dependable, reliable, and devoted. 

Our favorite essential oils for Taurus are neroli, cardamom, and lemon. All uplifting and energizing, paired with rose quartz crystal. Rose quartz is the love stone–it will help bring Taurus all the love he or she needs.   

Gemini | The Twins (May 21-June 20) 

Geminis have this great, irresistible energy to them, they’re charismatic and usually can talk to anyone about anything. They sometimes however need some help getting out of their heads and into their feelings. 

My favorite Gemini essential oils are bergamot and tea tree oil to help them do that! The combo is cleansing and grounding, and you can amplify it with clear quartz, the ultimate healing stone, which can help center and calm a Gemini’s sense of wonder and excitement.

Cancer | The Crab (June 21-July 22) 

Yes, the crab sounds like a weird animal sign at first, but when you think about how crabs exist in and out of the water, you begin to see how versatile and talented Cancers are!

Cancers are imaginative (that’s their water element kicking in), sensitive, empathetic and also very loyal. 

Cancer’s go-to essential oils are lavender, chamomile, and lemongrass. These oils bolster Cancer’s love of self, while countering negative emotions like anxiety. Our favorite crystal for Cancers? Peach moonstone

Leo | The Lion (July 23-August 22)

Everything you know about lions is spot on for Leos: they are the kings (and queens) of their domains, charismatic, yet inclusive, outgoing and protective of their family/pride! 

We love using a mixture of cinnamon, clove, orange, and vanilla for Leos–this essential oil blend is joyful and recharging at the same time. Leos can pair it with black onyx crystal to protect their energy and absorb negativity. 

Virgo | The Virgin (August 23-September 22)

Virgos are lovely–they’re observant, creative, gentle and very kind.

Essential oils like ylang ylang, peppermint, and black pepper help enhance Virgo’s creativity (which taps into their superpowers), but also helps recharge and energize them, since they’re often busy pouring into others. 

Our favorite crystal to recommend for Virgos is white howlite, which will help decrease stress and frustration and increase wonder and excitement. 

Libra | The Scales (September 23-October 22) 

Libra’s sign is a set of scales–which makes sense, considering how much balance Libras bring to our world. Libras are idealistic yet kind, social, and tend to be really great at listening to all sides of the story. 

Frankincense and ylang ylang are superpower oils that will help Libras find strength and confidence; and a great crystal for Libras would be sodalite as it is a calming stone that will amplify a Libra’s desire to verbalize truthfully. 

Scorpio | The Scorpion (October 23-November 21)

Scorpios are passionate, resourceful and honest to a fault. Scorpios are also extremely determined and brave.

The best essential oils for scorpio are patchouli, jasmine, and myrrh–these oils have ancient healing properties that will help increase Scorpio’s natural courage and ambition. 

Pair them with labradorite, a beautiful stone that will aid Scorpios through transformation, imparting strength and endurance.  

Sagittarius | The Archer (November 22-December 21) 

The archer, Sagittarius’ sign, is a symbol for high standards and taking aim for the best in life. Sagittarius’ are outgoing, optimistic, funny, and very giving.

The best essential oils for Sagittarius are rosemary and frankincense, a healing, invigorating combination that helps to ground Sagittarius in their philosophical pursuits. 

Sagittarius can turn to  lapis lazuli–it’s the stone of wisdom and good judgement. Which means I need to find some lapis lazuli because I’m a sagittarius!!

Capricorn | The Goat (December 22-January 19) 

Capricorns are a delightful blend of “opposite” strengths: realistic and sensitive. Ambitious but also pragmatic. And (usually) humorous! 

Chamomile, sandalwood, and patchouli have a calming, soothing effect that speaks to Capricorn’s gentler side, but these oils also have a strengthening, positive effect that speaks to their courageous side. 

Capricorns can reach for tiger’s eye crystal as its strength will inspire greater courage and self-love in their lives. 

Aquarius | The Water Bearer (January 20-February 18) 

Aquarius works towards balance by bringing an intelligent, original presence to the world. This sign is deep and imaginative and because each Aquarius is usually very individual, it can be tough to describe them as a group.

Ylang ylang, peppermint, and lime is a combination that’s as unique as this sign–and will help energize an Aquarius so she or he can better plan for the future. 

Fluorite is the perfect crystals pairing for an Aquarius, as it will bring spiritual cleansing and help you tap into your intuitive abilities. 

Pisces | The Fish (February 19-March 20) 

Pisces are often known for swimming against the current–and it’s their inner compassion and empathy which give them the strength to do so! They are deeply intuitive or even psychic-like; they feel things very deeply and have strong gut and instinct feelings and reactions. Pisces are also very creative and artistic as well as intelligent!

The best essential oils for Pisces are rose, vetiver, and neroli. These oils will enhance Pisces’ creativity and help ground the heart.

Pair those oils with amethyst crystal for even more gentle support and nourishment.

Alright those are the 12 zodiac signs! Now if you didn’t 100% resonate with your sign, that’s ok! 

Remember that you have a sun, moon, AND rising sign and figuring out your moon and rising sign might help you to connect the dots a bit better!

I hope this was a fun episode for you and you that learned something new; maybe about your sign in general or maybe you’re already into astrology and the zodiac but you learned which oils and crystals to pair with your sign! 

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