Zodiac Crystals for Your Sign: Our Whimsical Guide to Letting Your Inner Light Shine!

You might think crystals are a recent obsession (they’re popping up everywhere right now!), but humankind’s interest and respect for earth’s crystalline goodness has looooong been documented. Crystals have been used for their beauty and their impact for (literally) millennia; definitely before recorded time! 

In this post, we’ll cover: 

  • Why use crystals with the Zodiac? 
  • What are the Zodiac crystals? 
  • Which stone is suitable for my Zodiac sign? 
  • How to use crystals with your Zodiac sign

We’re also going to take a deep dive into each astrological sign to help you find the perfect crystals for you! So much to cover, so little time. Let’s get started! 

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Why Use Crystals with the Zodiac? 

We share more about the Zodiac and its history here, but to study the Zodiac essentially means to study how we are influenced by the world around us, specifically, the sun, moon, stars, and planets. 

If you’ve ever considered how powerful the moon is (I mean, it controls the Earth’s tides!), you’ll understand just how connected and interrelated we are to the natural world. And if you consider that crystals are simply mineral formations in crystalline structures, and that they’re buried all over our world, it makes sense to consider how they might influence and interact with the Zodiac, as well. 

If all of this weirds you out, though, or feels way too complicated, here’s how we approach all of this here at Whimsy. We have a saying: if you’re smiling, you’re winning. And crystals definitely have us smiling! 

The truth is that we love using crystals and we love the Zodiac (and essential oils!), so it makes sense for us to use them together. Both can help us release negativity, embrace positive thinking, and set intentions to live fuller, deeper, richer, more joyful lives. 

They can also help us understand ourselves more, and become more aware of how we relate to other people, and how we show up in the world which can in turn help us to grow intuition and become better decision makers. 

Here are a few more reasons we love using the Zodiac and crystals together. They can help you: 

  • Tap into and amplify superpowers you didn’t even know you had! 
  • Help you better understand others, so you can develop empathy and compassion for them
  • Increase your sense of connectedness to the world…we’re all in this together 💙

However you cut it, crystals and the Zodiac are so much fun to use together!!!

What are the Zodiac Crystals? 

The Zodiac crystals are the crystals that are best for your Zodiac type. We’ve chosen this list based on extensive research, intuition, and experience, but don’t forget to listen to your own intuition! 

You can click on any of the signs below to get a much more detailed look at how to use each crystal for your Zodiac sign. 

  • Aries | The Ram (March 21-April 19): citrine, sunstone, carnelian, rose quartz, herkimer diamond, onyx, pyrite 
  • Taurus | The Bull (April 20-May 20): emerald, aquamarine, rhodonite, lapis lazuli, carnelian, rose quartz
  • Gemini | The Twins (May 21-June 20): agate, clear quartz, moonstone, white howlite, chrysocolla, tiger’s eye 
  • Cancer | The Crab (June 21-July 22): peach moonstone, ruby, selenite, rose quartz, aquamarine, chrysocolla, chrysoprase 
  • Leo | The Lion (July 23-August 22): tiger’s eye, rose quartz, black onyx, citrine, labradorite, pyrite
  • Virgo | The Virgin (August 23-September 22): green jade, white howlite, amazonite, fluorite, mookaite jasper, amethyst, smoky quartz
  • Libra | The Scales (September 23-October 22): sodalite, lapis lazuli, bloodstone, aquamarine, tiger’s eye, rhodonite, moonstone
  • Scorpio | The Scorpion (October 23-November 21): labradorite, aquamarine, smoky quartz, obsidian, citrine, turquoise 
  • Sagittarius | The Archer (November 22-December 21): lapis lazuli, topaz, blue lace agate, tiger’s eye, ruby, clear quartz, labradorite 
  • Capricorn | The Goat (December 22-January 19): rainbow fluorite, tiger’s eye, malachite, rhodochrosite, chrysocolla, black tourmaline
  • Aquarius | The Water Bearer (January 20-February 18): fluorite, amethyst, garnet, aquamarine, apatite, pyrite, rhodochrosite 
  • Pisces | The Fish (February 19-March 20): amethyst, aquamarine, moonstone, bloodstone, aventurine, black tourmaline, blue lace agate

Which Stone is Suitable for My Zodiac Type?

Here are all the birthstones for each Zodiac type: 

Astrological Sign Birth DateBirthstone 
Aries March 21-April 19Herkimer diamond 
Taurus April 20-May 20Emerald 
Gemini May 21-June 20Agate
Cancer June 21-July 22Ruby 
LeoJuly 23-August 22Tiger’s eye 
VirgoAugust 23-September 22Green jade 
LibraSeptember 23-October 22Lapis lazuli or aquamarine 
ScorpioOctober 23-November 21Citrine 
Sagittarius November 22-December 21Topaz 
Capricorn December 22-January 19Malachite 
Aquarius January 20-February 18Amethyst or garnet 
Pisces February 19-March 20Aquamarine 
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The Aries birthstone is the diamond, which is just as strong, fierce, and powerful as the Ram, herself! The herkimer diamond helps Aries think clearly and brilliantly, and awaken her spiritual side. 

Taurus’ birthstone is emerald. It’s opulent and signifies the finer things in life, perfect for luxury-loving Taurus. 

Agate is Gemini’s birthstone. Agate’s natural flexibility amplifies Gemini’s duality, bringing out their creativity and positivity. 

The Cancer birthstone is ruby, which exerts an energizing, loving influence over the Crab. 

Leo’s birthstone crystal is tiger’s eye, a powerful lion of a stone that helps this natural leader find joy and courage in every situation. 

Virgo’s birthstone is green jade. Jade is an earth stone that’s been highly prized for millenia. It will amplify a Virgo’s hard-working, success-oriented nature. 

The birthstone for Libra is lapis lazuli or aquamarine. Lapis is the stone of truth, and aquamarine exudes a calming, peaceful presence. Either can help a Libra connect to her inner strengths. 

Scorpio’s birthstone is citrine, a stone of abundance that harnesses the dynamic power of the sun on Scorpio’s behalf. 

The birthstone for Sagittarius is topaz, a clear-eyed gemstone that brings out the best in noble Sagittarius’ personality, and helps them find good fortune and joy. 

Capricorn’s birthstone is malachite, a brilliant green stone that amplifies Capricorn’s ability to be both practical and creative! 

The birthstone for Aquarius is amethyst or garnet. Both Amethyst can help balance Aquarius’ sometimes tumultuous inner life, and garnet can enhance her passionate depths and inner drive. 

Pisces’ birthstone is aquamarine, a water stone for a water sign. Aquamarine can help Pisces get into a deeply creative, peaceful flow, which is just what this imaginative sign loves! 

How to Use Crystals With Your Zodiac Sign 

The secret to using crystals with your Zodiac sign is to let your intuition guide you, and to commit to using your crystals daily! Crystals work best when you focus on an intention or affirmation; they’ll pair naturally with it and help you focus and balance your heart and energy. 

Here are our favorite ways to use crystals with your zodiac sign: 

  • Pair them with essential oils 
  • Meditation 
  • Display them 
  • Use them as pocket stones 
  • Wear them as jewelry 
  • With affirmations 
  • Set intentions 
  • Create a birthday ritual of beginning of the year ritual 

1. Pair Your Zodiac Crystals with Essential Oils 

We know this won’t exactly surprise you but we LOVE essential oils! They bring this really beautiful synergistic effect to crystals; both are totally natural, and each enhances and amplifies the other. Plus, oils smell great and help with everything from sleep to anxiety to fertility and so much more

You can read this post to learn more about which oils to use with your Zodiac sign, or take this quick quiz, and we’ll send you a diffuser blend customized just for you! 

2. Meditation 

Crystals are beautiful ways to focus your mind and thoughts during meditation. To meditate, you can try an app like Headspace or Calm, or simply sit in silence for several minutes while you hold or picture your crystal in your mind’s eye. 

3. Display Your Zodiac Crystals 

Catching sight of your Zodiac crystals during the day can remind you of your innate brilliance, or of the affirmation or intention you connected it to. Plus, they’re beautiful! And, many stones can help with things like blocking negative energy, balancing emotions, and attracting abundance. 

4. Use Your Crystals as Pocket Stones 

Some crystals are the perfect size to slip into your pocket or purse. It’s a great way to bring the power of crystals with you wherever you go! 

5. Wear Your Crystals 

Wearing crystals is also really powerful. Here are some of my favorites.

6.  Use Zodiac Crystals with Affirmations 

Affirmations are positive, truthful sayings you speak over yourself, to align your heart and spirit in agreement with truth and goodness. Crystals can remind you of your affirmation and/or amplify the power of your affirmation. In our Zodiac gemstone roller set, we combine crystals, the Zodiac signs, essential oils, and affirmations to get you started!  

7. Set Intentions 

Intentions are similar to affirmations, but they’re more forward thinking; they’re speaking something into existence that you want to happen. We like to set a daily intention every morning. To do so, just hold your crystal while you say your intention out loud. 

8. Create a Birthday Ritual or Beginning of the Year Ritual 

You’ve thought about setting a goal or resolution at the beginning of the year or on your birthday, but what about choosing a crystal? You can combine this step with meditation or journaling, or you can simply choose a crystal to help amplify your goals. 

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