7 Essential Oils & Crystals for Healing, Transitions, and Beautiful New Beginnings

Whether it’s a painful change such as a divorce or loss of loved one or an exciting change you’re welcoming like a move or even marriage, the properties and benefits of essential oils and crystals are great tools for us to reach for as we walk through change and transitions of all kinds!

On last week’s episode, we interviewed Dr. Maya Shankar, a cognitive behavioral scientist studying how we react, adapt, and thrive through change. It’s a must-listen, but this episode is for those of us who want to use essential oils and crystals naturally to help with everything from stress to fear to over-excitement during change, transitions, and new beginnings! 

5 Beautiful Ways Essential Oils and Crystals Comfort, Heal, and Support Us During Transitions 

In the podcast episode, Meg shares five ways she has experienced the healing power of essential oils and crystals during times of change and transition:

  • Essential oils and crystals can help us feel grounded and calm, instead of overwhelmed, uneasy, scattered, stressed, afraid, or angry. When we’re grounded, we hear our intuition more clearly and feel more confident about making decisions.  
  • Essential oils and crystals also help reduce stress and anxiety and provide comfort through fear, sadness, grief, and other emotions that show up during transitions and changes. 
  • Oils and crystals also clear negative thoughts and energy, and welcome healing. Gabby Bernstein’s prayer is: “I release my desires and expectations and pray for the highest good for all.” 
  • Essential oils and crystals can promote optimism, which goes hand in hand with peace and harmony. 
  • Essential oils and crystals can encourage bravery and openness towards the new change.

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7 Essential Oils & Crystals for Healing, Transitions, and Beautiful New Beginnings

Meg’s 3 Favorite Essential Oils for Change 

1. Vetiver for grounding 

Vetiver is very earthy and woodsy, and extremely grounding, emotional balancing, and protective. 

Inhale deeply to connect with natural, positive energy. 

Use vetiver at bedtime to feel grounded, balanced, and protected, or to help with the fear of not fulfilling your purpose, or a racing or overactive mind. 

(PS if you’re interested in better sleep, here’s our podcast on essential oils and sleep and check out our 21 favorite sleep diffuser blends here!)

2. Sandalwood for fear of change 

Sandalwood really helps people who feel afraid of change. It’s emotionally supportive and very calming for your mind and body. It helps you find inner peace and harmony. 

If you struggle with a sense of dread, a lack of faith, or codependency, sandalwood can also be very powerful. 

Put a drop of sandalwood over your heart each day and remind yourself that you’re safe and capable. 

3. Neroli (Bitter Orange) for welcoming new adventures 

Neroli, also known as bitter orange, is great for if you feel excited and welcoming towards your change or transition, or if you want to feel excited and welcome change with good and happy energy! 

Neroli reduces stress and anxiety, and helps the brain release serotonin while reducing cortisol, the stress hormone. 

You can make a custom roller bottle for yourself with neroli and sandalwood; add 10 drops of sandalwood and 7 drops of neroli, and roll over your wrists and your heart any time you think of your upcoming transition! 

4 Healing Crystals for Transformation and Transitions   

1. Chocolate calcite for peace 

Chocolate calcite is great for coping with change. It’s very grounding and helps us make decisions. It also encourages peace, prosperity, and harmony with ourselves and others.

Place chocolate calcite where you spend time, like near your couch or desk, or even in your purse so you can hold onto it when you need it. 

Affirmation: I am at peace

2. Amazonite for inner courage 

Amazonite is great for communicating and expressing your needs and feelings in a healthy way, and finding inner courage. 

It also helps to rid us of stress and negative energy. 

Keep amazonite where you can look at it and be reminded that you are brave! You can also hold it in your hands during hard feelings or conversations. 

Affirmation: I am brave enough to speak my truth.

3. Rose Quartz for self acceptance 

Rose quartz reminds us to care for ourselves no matter what kinds of changes we’re facing. 

Rose quartz is a love stone (you can learn more about it in episode 30), but it’s not just for love between other people. It also encourages us to love and accept ourselves

Rose quartz would be a great crystal to wear on a necklace or bracelet or something for this purpose as well as maybe by your bed! 

Affirmation: I love and accept myself.

4. Moonstone for intuition 

Moonstone helps you connect to your inner knowing, subconscious, or intuition. You can lean on it when you need that support with connecting to or listening to your gut when walking through transitions or change! Moonstone can help guide you to your “next right thing.” 

 Keep your moonstone in a place you’ll see frequently. Maybe your desk or living room or one of my favorite places, kitchen window sill! Think of it like your lighthouse, guiding and encouraging you to listen to that inner knowing and cheering you on.

Affirmation: I trust myself and have the power to create change.

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