Discover the Energy of Orange Crystals: A Comprehensive Guide to Color Psychology and Healing Properties

We’re back with another week of color for our educational email series, Crystallize the Rainbow!🌈 Throughout this journey we’re combining the fascinating world of color psychology with crystals and their properties. Check out the blog post for RED here.

This week we’re diving into the color ORANGE!🍊

Orange is the color of joy, warmth, and optimism. It stands for and encourages creativity, self-confidence, authenticity, inspiration, and all around positive energy.🧡 Like a burst of sunshine, orange warms our spirits and sparks our imagination.✨

Similarly, orange crystals embody these powerful attributes as well; serving as encouraging and uplifting crystal buddies. Orange crystals echo the energies we see with the color orange, but each with their own unique flair!

Orange Color Theory

As we learned way back in preschool, orange is the combination of red and yellow. This doesn’t just apply to physically creating the color orange, though. The same is true with color psychology! With orange, you experience the confidence and strong energy from red along with the cheerfulness and warmth from yellow, along with a few other attributes that are unique to orange.

Orange is a vibrant spectrum of emotions and energies that radiate joy, positivity and warmth. It’s like a dose of sunshine on a cloudy day, lifting our moods and infusing us with a sense of well-being. As a catalyst for creativity and self-expression, orange encourages us to think outside the box, embrace our unique talents, and unleash our creative potential.

Orange is also a color of self-confidence and authenticity. It empowers us to be true to ourselves, embrace our strengths, and pursue our passions with unwavering determination. When we surround ourselves with the color orange, we’re reminded to trust in our abilities and believe in our dreams.

FUN FACT💡 Did you know that the color orange was actually named after the fruit and not the other way around?!🧡🍊

Orange Color Theory 🤝 Orange Crystals

Even as a crystal shop owner, it can be really hard even for me to remember the exact properties of any given crystal. What REALLY helped me was learning / memorizing general color theory and then applying that to crystals.

Of course you can get specific with each orange crystal’s specific properties but if you’re wanting to keep it simple and easy to remember – when you see an orange crystal know that it’ll likely contain properties of orange color theory that I mentioned above. Likewise for if you’re looking to support a certain emotion; seeking joy or creativity? Reach for an orange crystal!

Orange Crystal Properties

Here are a few orange crystals with their specific beloved properties; and no surprise here, you’ll notice the common theme among them all tying back to orange color theory.

Sunstone: optimism + creativity + joy

Orange Calcite: joy + focus + enthusiasm

Peach Selenite: acceptance + self-esteem + mental clarity

Peach Moonstone: intuition + optimism + creativity

Tangerine Quartz: creativity + strength + peace

Orange + The Chakras

Let’s explore the wonderful world of ORANGE via the chakra system, which beautifully intertwines color theory and crystal properties. The chakra system originated in ancient India and while there is some discrepancy of how old the system is, we know it’s around 4,000 years old!

What’s a chakra?

Imagine your body as an energy playground filled with spinning wheels of color, consciousness, and power. These are your chakras; your personal energy centers that come in a rainbow spectrum of seven main wheels.

Starting from the base of your pelvis and traveling all the way up to the crown of your head, each chakra is like its own mini-brain, with its own set of superpowers. They’re not stacked in a hierarchy; instead, they work together as a team, governing every aspect of your life. From your physical well-being to your emotional state and even your psychology, these chakras are the ultimate power squad within you.

Learn more about chakras via our podcast episode HERE or our blog post HERE.

The Sacral Chakra

Your Sacral chakra is the glowing hearth of your energetic home, nestled just below your belly button. Similar to the vibrant energy of the color orange, the Sacral chakra is a beacon of joy, creativity, and emotional connection. It’s the center of your passion and pleasure, igniting your inner fire and inspiring you to embrace life’s pleasures. Governed by the Sacral chakra, you find freedom in self-expression, creativity, and authentic relationships.

Our goal is to have balanced chakras. Sometimes a chakra can be energy deficient and sometimes that same chakra could have too much energy. While lots of energy may sound like a good thing, we actually don’t want an overactive chakra! If one has too much energy it means it’s over compensating for something. So we want to make sure all chakras are balanced and in alignment.

An Energy Deficient Sacral Chakra

When we’re energy deficient in our sacral chakra we’re disconnected from how we feel. We’ve become emotionally numb or when we do face our emotions it’s extremely uncomfortable. We become disconnected from what brings us pleasure and joy and we might not even know what brings about happy emotions for us. We lack creativity and the ability to express ourselves. Our libido may be very low or even non-existent and we may not want to be touched when we’re energy deficient in our sacral chakra.

A helpful trick is that if you can remember that the sacral chakra is our water chakra, a deficiency in our sacral chakra could look like everything is frozen instead of flowing.

An Overactive Sacral Chakra

If we have too much sacral chakra energy or water energy: we’re overly emotional; our emotions rule us vs. being able to ride the wave of our emotions. This could also involve using sexuality to get ahead, obtain what we want, or numb the emotions that are ruling over us. 

Continuing with the water analogy I used earlier to describe deficiency, an overactive sacral chakra resembles waves crashing repeatedly. This results in too much water, too much energy, and consequently, no flow.

An Aligned Sacral Chakra

When our sacral chakra is in alignment, we achieve emotional balance, empathy for others’ feelings and experiences, a connection with our desires and sexuality, and the ability to express creativity.

Balancing our Sacral Chakra

Some ways we can take care of and bring our sacral chakra back into alignment are:

🖌️ Tapping into creativity (drawing, painting, etc)

🤸‍♀️ Hip opening stretches or yoga positions

☮️ Grounding affirmations

👾 PLAY – do things that bring you joy

✍️ Journal about joy, creativity, and emotional connection in your life. How do you feel in those areas?

🧡 And of course . . . using ORANGE crystals while doing the above activities

Crystal Spotlight: Tangerine Quartz

Tangerine Quartz is a mesmerizing variety of quartz, distinguished by its vibrant orange color. Its coloring results from hematite, an iron mineral, being deposited within the crystal. Found primarily in Madagascar and Brazil, Tangerine Quartz captivates with its warm and inviting energy.

This crystal is not just visually stunning; it also possesses profound healing properties that resonate with the heart, mind, and soul. Tangerine Quartz is deeply associated with the concept of releasing the past and embracing the present moment with acceptance. Its energies are renowned for fostering creativity, forgiveness, strength, and healing from trauma.

At its core, Tangerine Quartz encourages us to gain understanding, grow, and accept ourselves fully. By inspiring compassion and empathy within, it paves the way for forgiveness and love, nurturing self-acceptance and self-love in the process.

The colors of Tangerine Quartz resemble the radiant hues of a sunset, symbolizing the transition from the past to the future. Like the setting sun, this crystal teaches us the importance of closure and healing from past experiences. It guides us on a journey of letting go, allowing us to move forward with renewed vitality and purpose.

Whether you’re striving to forgive yourself or others from the past, find inner peace, or unlock your creativity, Tangerine Quartz serves as a supportive companion on your journey.🧡

Orange: The Optimistic Extrovert

Orange is a vibrant burst of joy and creativity that energizes the soul.

It represents the sacral chakra, linking us to our feelings of pleasure and the source of our imaginative spirit. Orange promotes a healthy balance of enthusiasm and vitality in our lives. Crystals such as sunstone, tangerine quartz, and orange calcite are celebrated for their ability to clear negativity, enhance resilience, and boost creative and emotional well-being. Orange encourages us to live fully, embrace change, and savor every joyful moment.

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