The Perfect Crystal for You, Based on Your Enneagram Type

The Enneagram is truly a gift. It’s part personality test, part spiritual growth tool, and 100% hilarious, humbling, and always helpful! 

The Enneagram is an ancient spiritual practice that still somehow manages to read us our mail and give us the clues we need to heal childhood wounds so we can show up as our best selves. 

And, because we’re alllll about crystals for wellness and healing, we wanted to find the perfect crystal for your Enneagram type! 

In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about crystals and the Enneagram, including: 

  • How do I know what my Enneagram type is? 
  • What are the Enneagram arrows and how do I use them? 
  • Why do people use crystals with the Enneagram? 
  • How do I use crystals for my Enneagram type? 

We wrote more about the Enneagram (including what it is, and the perfect essential oils for each Enneagram type) here and you can take a quiz to find your perfect crystal match here!

How Do I Know What My Enneagram Type Is? 

The cool thing about the Enneagram is that nobody can tell you what your type is (there are nine types, and each type has a “wing”). You and you alone get to be the boss of that! There are, however, several places online that have developed tests you can take–like personality tests–that help you narrow down your options (like this one). 

The Enneagram is incredibly empowering and liberating, which is what makes the Enneagram such a great match for crystals! 

What are the Enneagram Arrows, and How Do I Use Them? 

The Enneagram is represented on a circle to show how interrelated all people all–and all types! We are all extremely unique and nuanced, and the Enneagram wheel helps to show that. Each Enneagram Type moves towards other numbers in stress or in security. 

For example, Type Ones move towards Four in stress and Seven in integration. This means that Ones become more like an unhealthy Four–moody, overwhelmed by emotion–when they’re stressed or insecure, but when they’re integrated and fully becoming their authentic selves, they become more like a healthy Seven–spontaneous, fun, and joyful.     

Understanding where you go in stress and security can help you recognize unhealthy patterns and celebrate your growth. You can lean on oils and crystals for your stress direction, and you can also reach for oils and crystals in your growth direction! 

Why Use Crystals With the Enneagram? 

We’ve talked about crystals a ton in other posts, so we won’t get too deep into the woods here (here’s an article on how I got started with crystals, here’s an article on using crystals with essential oils, and here’s an article on using crystals for anxiety). 

Crystals are completely natural, but they have the powerful potential to partner with the inner work you’re already doing. They can bring comfort, inspiration, or help motivate you. They can be reminders of the truths you need in your life, and they can help protect you from negative energies. 

Truly, the sky’s the limit with crystals, and as we like to say, if you’re smiling, you’re winning! 

How Do I Use Crystals? 

There are three “levels” to using crystals, and you can use any level you’re comfortable with: holding (or looking), rolling, and meditating.

Holding (or looking at) crystals looks like choosing gemstones that catch your eye, and placing them where you’ll see them or notice them–on your desk or coffee table, for example. You could slip a small “pocket” crystal into your pocket to fidget with when you’re nervous, or keep a large amethyst cluster on your desk where you’re working, to help you smile when you see it and help you counter stress. 

Another great way to use crystals with your Enneagram type is to use essential oil roller bottles with crystals inside and/or with crystal gemstone roller tops! These are hands down some of our most popular products in the shop because they’re SO BEAUTIFUL! 

They also just make it really easy to use your essential oils & crystals–and of course the more you use them, the better they help you reach your wellness goals. 

Finally, you can use crystals during meditation, centering prayer, yoga, or breathing practice, or to set an intention or an affirmation. 

For example, a Type One might hold an amethyst in her palm while she breathes deeply and quietly for five minutes every morning. This could help her connect more with her body and the present time (Type Ones tend to live in the future/in their heads). 

She might also hold a clear quartz first thing in the morning while she sets an intention for the day (“I will choose joy today”). Every time she sees her clear quartz for the rest of the day, she’ll be reminded to open her heart to receive joy. 

The Best Crystals for Each Enneagram Type 

Now the fun part! Here are some of the best crystals for each Enneagram type! 

What Crystals Should I Use If I’m a Type One? 

Types Ones are often called the “Idealists” or the “Reformers.” They tend to be extremely principled and idealistic; you can often spot a Type One as a child because they’re “mini-adults” before they even reach highschool! Types Ones have a driving fear of being innately bad or immoral or wrong; this drives them to seek perfection in everything they do.

Ones have a very strong inner critic, but when they learn how to calm or silence this critical, Ones can be so much fun! They bring the gift of deep serenity to the world when they’re at their best. 

Our favorite crystals for Type Ones are lapis lazuli, pink lemurian, chrysocolla, and tangerine quartz. Lapis lazuli is the “stone of truth.” Type Ones can keep it close to be reminded of the worth of their wisdom. Pink lemurian can help a One lean into her spiritual awareness and female energy, and we love chrysocolla for how it can help a One find (self) compassion, peace, and (self) forgiveness. Tangerine quartz can help a One let go of her past, stop being so afraid of mistakes, and let her creative energy loose. 

What Crystals Should I Use If I’m a Type Two? 

Type Twos are often called the “Helpers.” Twos are often the people who SHOW UP. They are generous and warm-hearted and serving-oriented but on the flip side, they can fall into the trap of believing that they’re earning love through their good deeds. Twos need to be needed; part of their inner work is learning to give themselves permission to rest and believe in their worth, whether other people “need” them or not. 

Type Twos can reach for amethyst, tourmaline, aventurine, or rose quartz. Amethyst is a balancing stone that can help Twos balance their desire to help with their need to rest. Tourmaline promotes awareness of self; as Twos become more self-aware, they can make better decisions about who they show up for (and why). Aventurine can help build a sense of inner harmony as Twos do the inner work (it also protects the heart chakra), and rose quartz can help Twos lean into their superpower–making others feel loved, needed, and welcomed! 

What Crystals Should I Use If I’m a Type Three? 

Type Threes are the “Achievers.” Likes Ones, Threes are extremely driven. But where Ones are driven by a desire to be good or right, Threes are driven by a desire to be liked. A Three is deeply afraid of not being likeable, and will sort of “chameleon” themselves to be different people in different situations. Threes make incredible role-models when they’re healthy and self-aware, however. 

Type Threes can reach for tiger’s eye, rhodonite, opalite, or brown goldstone. Tiger’s eye is a powerful, strong stone that helps Threes tap into their superpowers: getting things done (and done really, really well). Rhodonite is an emotional balancer. It can help Threes slow down to take time for healing and reconciliation in relationships. Opalite can bring peace and calm to a stressed out Three by boosting their self-esteem, and brown goldstone, the ambition stone, can help Threes accept themselves so they’re less driven by fear of not being likeable. 

What Crystals Should Type Fours Use? 

Type Fours are known as being individualistic and creative. That moody, creative type we all know? That’s a Four! That’s certainly not all there is to Fours, however; at their best, they are inspirational and can bring tremendous renewal and transformation to themselves and those around them. They can, however, struggle with vulnerability and fears of insignificance. 

Type Fours can look to black onyx, carnelian, hematite, and citrine to help them find healing and tap into their superpowers. Black onyx helps with grief and decision-making, two things that can easily overwhelm Fours. Carnelian is an invigorating stone, restoring lost motivation and stimulating creativity, while hematite can help a Four connect back to the earth and think deeply (and creatively). Citrine is another creativity stone that also helps open Four to success and abundance, fully embracing their gifts. 

What Crystals Should Type Fives Use? 

Type Fives, without a doubt, are the most private and secretive of all the Enneagram types. Fives have a very rich inner thought life; they’re extremely analytical and can also be very perceptive and (in their own way) creative. 

They deeply desire to be seen as capable and competent; Fives can become very detached and emotionally aloof when they’re not healthy. But when they’ve done the inner work, they are confident, secure, and great at making decisions. 

Types Fives can look to turquoise, tanzanite, ruby, and pyrite. Turquoise is a protective stone, which can help a Five feel brave enough to be vulnerable with others. Tanzanite is a great stone for meditation, but it also helps deepen the mind and heart connection, and helps with communication–two things Fives can struggle with. Fives are known as “low energy,” and ruby can help with that (it also increases concentration and motivation). Pyrite also energizes and increases creativity, and helps Fives tap into their natural abilities to lead. 

What Crystals Should Type Sixes Use? 

Sixes are known as the “Loyalists.” They are thought to be one of the most common of the Enneagram types. They are loyal, focused, and make great friends. Sixes tend to worry a lot and struggle with anxiety. They can also be very suspicious of others’ motives, and are very prone to self-doubt. Healthy Sixes are confident and fun to be with, while sixes who haven’t done the tough inner work tend to be pessimistic and fearful.  

For Enneagram Type Sixes, we love rose quartz, rainbow moonstone, pink opal, and tourmaline. Rose quartz is the “love stone.” It can help a Type Six blossom into the amazing person she is in relationships. Rainbow moonstone is calming, especially during change and transition, which can be very anxiety-ridden for Sixes. Pink opal is a calming, emotionally balancing stone and tourmaline is a very protective crystal, helping to block negative energy for a Six, and increasing her sense of (self) compassion.  

What Are the Best Crystals for a Type Seven? 

Type Sevens are known for being the “fun” type! Sevens are enthusiastic and energetic; they love having adventures and trying new things. They are afraid of being in pain, and will use being busy to mask grief or, really, any negative emotion. Unhealthy sevens are distracted and struggle to finish things; healthy sevens who are doing the inner work become more focused. Either way, Sevens are for sure the life of any party! 

Sevens can reach for smoky quartz, labradorite, sapphire, and sunstone. Smoky quartz is a soothing, no-bad-vibes-here sort of stone. It helps Sevens handle feelings like grief and sadness without getting lost in them. Labradorite is as inspiring and full of possibilities as the mind of a Seven, and sapphire can help a Seven focus–but keep the joy. Sunstone is a leadership stone (Sevens often make for magnetic leaders), and can increase joy in a Seven. 

What are the Best Crystals for a Type Eight? 

If you know a Type Eight, you know. Eights are strong, powerful types that are also very driven. Like Ones and Threes, Eights show up to the world with a lot of expectations, dreams, and ideals, and can get a whole lot accomplished before the rest of us are even out of bed in the morning. However, Eights can also be controlling and even aggressive, running people over who get in their way. Often, an Eight’s negativity is driven by their need to protect themselves; a healthy Eight is open-hearted and deeply caring. 

Tiger’s eye, amethyst, green jade, and citrine are great crystals for a Type Eight. Green jade helps Type Eights partner healthily with their deep feelings of love and passion, while amethyst brings tremendous balance to an Eight’s strong emotions. Citrine is a power and abundance stone, and helps Eights use their natural power for good. Tiger’s eye is a feel-good stone that reminds Eights of their inner beauty and goodness. 

What Crystals Should a Type Nine Use? 

Type Nines are the glue that hold the rest of us together. They’re often called the “Peacemakers” because they are able to see both sides of the coin–and work for a resolution. Ultimately, a Nine’s biggest fear is separation or division; these things feel like loss to a Nine, and it’s why they’ll work so hard to bridge the divide. However, in their quest for peace, Nines sometimes lose their own sense of self. A healthy Nine is learning how to be her own person even while having empathy for others, and also understands that conflict can be healthy. 

Type Nines can try white howlite, amazonite, emerald, and rose quartz. White howlite can calm the negativity and upset that occurs for a Nine when conflict is present. Amazonite is another deeply calming, tranquil stone. It can help inspire courage in a Nine and the ability to speak their truth when needed. Emerald helps a Nine tap into their superpower–unity! And rose quartz, as the ultimate love and relationship stone, can also help a Nine encourage deeper, richer, better relationships for their loved ones. 

What’s your Enneagram type? Do you use crystals? We’d love to hear more about you and your favorite crystals in the comments below! As a thank you, you can download our free crystals + oils guide right here.

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