The Ultimate Guide to Gemstone Facial Rollers (+DIY Skin Serum Recipe)

We get questions in the shop all the time about whether or not gemstone facial rollers really work, and if they do, which ones to use. Luckily, we’ve got answers. 

In this guide, we’re sharing everything you’re asking about gemstone facial rollers, including: 

  • The surprising truth about whether or not gemstone facial rollers actually work 
  • Reasons gemstone facial rollers might change your life 
  • Which kind of gemstone you should use for facial massage 
  • How to use your gemstone facial roller so it lasts forever and doesn’t spread bacteria (important)  
  • Acupressure points to roll to help you sleep better, and feel more focused and less anxious 

Plus, we’re including a DIY facial serum made with essential oils that you can use with your gemstone facial roller! Keep reading! 

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Do Gemstone Facial Rollers Really Work? 

Yes. People tend to poo poo gemstone facial rollers because they’re skeptical of crystals, but facial rollers are beneficial whether or not you believe in the healing energy of crystals. A gemstone facial roller can help significantly with lymphatic drainage, puffiness, or tension relief, especially if you know how to use one. 

Gemstone facial rollers might seem trendy, but facial rolling with jade or other crystals is actually a Chinese practice that’s been around for hundreds of years. And since facial massage and energy healing through crystals has an even longer history in ancient China, jade rollers combine all these wellness benefits into one chic, beautiful, holistic wellness accessory people love using and displaying. 

Why Should I Use a Gemstone Facial Roller? (Are You Missing One of These 7 Benefits?)

Should you use a gemstone facial roller? They’re not for everyone–but for the right people, they’re perfect. People rave about their jade rollers! Here are seven benefits to using gemstone facial rollers: 

1. Handle Lymphatic Drainage Like a Pro

The lymphatic system is a system of vessels running below your skin that carry lymph–a clear fluid–through your body. There are as many as 300 lymph nodes in your neck and face, and they play a huge role in immunity and removing toxins from the body. 

A static lymph system = toxins not leaving the body, swelling, and puffiness. Struggle with allergies? Frequent sinus infections? Early mornings that have you looking like Frankenstein? Facial massage helps with all of that. 

Facialists, massage therapists, and other wellness experts often use lymphatic massage (and often facial rollers) on patients suffering from allergies, puffiness, facial swelling, and illness; gemstone facial rollers make it possible for us to use those same massage techniques at home (minus that $$$ price tag). 

Depending on how puffy your face looks, even a single massage with a gemstone facial roller can leave you looking glowing and less puffy on your cheeks and cheekbones, under your eyes, and even over your eyes.

2. Utilize This Secret Weapon 

Cold is such a low-key secret weapon, we forget how powerful it is. But remember how your grandmother used to press a cold spoon against her eyes to depuff them? And how we use cool compresses and ice to reduce inflammation and swelling after injuries or pain? Yep, gemstone facial rollers work the same way! 

Stones like jade, rose quartz, and dalmatian stone are cool to the touch. Their firm, cooling pressure brings relief, compressing blood vessels and reducing inflammation. 

You can also store your facial rollers in the fridge so they’re really cool when you use them! 

3. Calm Rosacea and Redness 

Rosacea sufferers rave about gemstone facial rollers for helping to calm and soothe their skin. People with sensitive skin can struggle to find the right products for their skin, but gemstone facial rollers don’t add extra chemicals or put pressure on your skin’s already taxed outer layer. 

Instead, your roller’s cool, smooth surface can be therapeutic and–for some people–even healing.

4. Get Your Money’s Worth Out of Your Skincare 

If you’ve got a legit skincare process and you’re not using gemstone facial rollers, you’re missing out. 

Products are just a waste of money and time if our skin doesn’t absorb them, and gemstone facial rollers do a great job of helping your product get deep down into your skin, especially if you’re using heavy creams or oils or multiple products (and don’t want to take time in between products for your skin to absorb). 

5. Two Words: Stress. Relief. 

Facial massage via gemstone facial rollers feels AMAZING, especially when you’re educated about acupressure points on your face (more on that below). The whole roller process is delightfully therapeutic, but it can also help you relieve stress in your entire body. 

As it turns out, lots of us hold lots of stress in our foreheads and chins (TMJ pain anyone?). Regular facial rolling can help reduce eye strain, headaches, and even sinus congestion or pain from infections or allergies. 

6. The Earth Loves Gemstone Facial Rollers 

If you’re reading this, you’re probably interested in 1) lowering toxins in your life for your health’s sake and the earth’s sake and 2) reducing waste. Gemstone facial rollers for the win on both counts! 

Not only are facial rollers totally natural and free of zero chemicals, but if you take care of your roller and make sure you’re purchasing real stone from a reputable source, it will (pretty much literally) last forever. How’s that for reducing and reusing! 

7. Get Your Qi Moving 

Qi (say “chee”) is the Chinese term for the life force/energy that flows through every living thing–including us. Traditional Chinese Medicine believes disease and pain are the result of stagnant qi; acupuncture, massage, and other healing modalities are believed to loosen qi so that it can flow again, leading to better health and greater healing. 

Sounds strange to our Western ears, but it works. In addition to using your gemstone facial roller on your face, you can use it on your neck, clavicle, and even your shoulders, arms, and hands to help get your qi moving.   

gemstone facial rollers jade, rose quartz, lapis lazuli, tiger eye whimsy and wellness
Gemstone Facial Rollers with 7 Different Gem Options

Which Crystal Should I Use for Facial Rolling? 

Crystals are beautiful, but they can also be healing (especially when you combine them with our absolute favorites–essential oils!).

Here are six of the crystal rollers we use, love, and can personally vouch for. Each stone has its own unique benefits; when you roll with them, you can get to tap into these benefits. 

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jade facial roller whimsy and wellness
Green Jade Gemstone Facial Roller | Whimsy + Wellness

Jade Roller Benefits 

Jade rollers are the OG of gemstone facial rollers. Jade is deeply loved in Chinese culture for its cooling effect on qi. It’s a classic for a reason–it gets things flowing. 

Jade summons feelings of love, harmony, and passion, and is cleansing, invigorating, and motivating. What better way to start your morning?! It is, however, easy to end up with a glass stone that’s been tinted green, so make sure you order from a reputable source! 

Affirmation to use while you’re rolling: I am worthy of abundance and generosity. 

Opalite Gemstone Facial Roller | Whimsy + Wellness

Opalite Facial Roller Benefits 

Opalite facial rollers are excellent for inflamed, red, or acne-prone skin because of opalite’s calming energy. Opalite can also help boost self-esteem or assist during transitions, so grab this roller when you’re needing some extra inner strength! 

Affirmation: I am strong and full of life. 

Rose Quartz Gemstone Facial Roller | Whimsy + Wellness

Rose Quartz Roller Benefits 

Rose quartz is extremely cooling (not to mention GORGEOUS) and fantastic for oily or acne-prone skin. Thanks to its ability to soothe emotional pain and encourage love and peace, your rose quartz facial roller is a great one to reach for if you’re looking to add some sparks to a romantic relationship.   

Affirmation: I am open to receive love. 

Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Facial Roller | Whimsy + Wellness

Lapis Facial Roller 

Lapis facial rollers (made from lapis lazuli) are excellent for dry skin because they help it absorb moisture. This means you can use less product, but experience better results. Use your lapis facial roller immediately after you apply your evening serum or moisturizer for best results. 

Lapis is a stone of self-awareness and creativity–expect to experience more of both when you roll regularly. 

Affirmation: I am a creative powerhouse! 

Tiger’s Eye Gemstone Facial Roller | Whimsy + Wellness

Tiger’s Eye Facial Roller 

Tiger’s eye is a fiery, energizing stone, so it makes sense that a tiger’s eye facial roller would help reinvigorate sallow, dull, or tired skin. Use it in the morning to help get your circulation flowing and your skin glowing! 

Affirmation: I am strong and courageous. 

Dalmatian Stone Gemstone Facial Roller | Whimsy + Wellness

Dalmatian Stone Facial Roller 

A dalmatian stone facial roller is great for acne–the black spots in the stone are tourmaline, which is a powerful protection against negative energy. Plus, it looks really, really cool, and it’s a grounding, calming stone, perfect for those of us who live way up in our heads. 

Affirmation: Today, I laugh and play. 

How to Use Your Gemstone Facial Roller

When Should I Use a Facial Roller? 

You can use a gemstone facial roller in the morning or evening. 

Use yours in the morning if you want to feel invigorated and rid your face of pooled fluid from a long night, allergies, or illness. 

Don’t have time in the morning? Use your facial roller at night as part of your relaxing wind-down routine. 

Does Facial Rolling Go Before or After Moisturizer? 

Either. You can roll on a completely clean face, with no added moisturizers, or you can roll after you’ve applied a serum or moisturizer. 

How Long Should I Roll Every Day? 

You should roll across each part of your face at least three times, but you can make gemstone facial rolling a longer, meditative practice. Practice mindfulness while you roll–what are you feeling, smelling, hearing, seeing, tasting while you’re rolling? 

What Acupressure Points Can I Massage? 

Gentle pressure and massage on acupressure points on your face can take your daily facial rolling to a whole new level. Here are two points to spend extra time on during your normal rolling routine: 

  • GV26 is located in the center crease between your nose and your lips. Massaging this point can help calm your mind and increase focus. 
  • Yintang (also called the “third eye”) sits right above your nose, between your eyebrows, and can help with sleep and anxiety.

Apply 30 seconds to two minutes of gentle, rocking pressure at these points to experience their benefits. 

Here’s How to Use Your Gemstone Facial Roller for Lymphatic Massage: 

1. Clean your face with a mild soap or cleaner. Dry, and apply serum or moisturizer if using. You may prep your roller by washing it with mild soap and water or wiping it with an alcohol swab, if desired. 

2. You have lymphatic drainage points near your clavicle and on both sides of your face, near your ears. Start in the center of your face and roll towards these. Use gentle pressure–no tugging or pulling. This should feel good. 

3. Start from the center of your chin, and work along your jawline towards your ears. Roll at least three times; longer if it feels good. Work up your face towards your hairline, continuing to start in the center and roll out. Use the small end of your roller to massage acupressure points and to roll delicate, hard-to-reach areas, like your upper lip and under your eyes. 

4. Finish by rolling down from the base of your neck towards your clavicle. 

5. Wash your roller thoroughly after every use with mild soap and water, and dry thoroughly. 

Roll & Glow Skin Serum Recipe to Use With Your Gemstone Facial Roller 

Fill a 1oz dropper bottle with rosehip oil or jojoba oil, and add: 

  • 10 drops frankincense 
  • 6 drops myrrh 
  • 4 drops lavender 

Roll bottle in your hands to mix, and apply before or after rolling, as desired. See here for more skin serum recipes

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Have you already tried facial rolling? What are your best tips and practices? Share in the comments below! 

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