Amethyst Healing Properties: Your Whimsical Guide to This Beautiful Crystal (+6 Ways to Use It)

Amethyst Healing Properties: Your Whimsical Guide to This Beautiful Crystal (+6 Ways to Use It)

Amethyst was one of my first crystals–and who could blame me? It’s so beautiful! I stumbled onto amethyst by accident, but its purple hues were so mouth-wateringly gorgeous that I couldn’t help but want to learn more.

And as I did learn more about how crystals could make my wellness journey more whimsical and fun, especially alongside my essential oils, I knew I needed to start sharing them with people! 

We get questions all the time about the healing properties of amethyst–whether or not amethyst really heals, if crystals even work, and how to pair essentials oils and crystals together

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I always say: if you’re smiling you’re winning! If crystals make you smile, aren’t they helping?

Today, I’m answering all your questions about amethyst properties, including the meaning of amethyst and my absolute favorite oils to pair it with. I’ll also talk about: 

  • Amethyst healing properties throughout history (SO fascinating) 
  • Does amethyst really have healing properties? (And do crystals really work?) 
  • What are the benefits of amethyst? 
  • How do I know if I need amethyst healing properties? 
  • Which chakra is amethyst good for? 
  • How to take complete advantage of amethyst healing properties    
  • How to pair amethyst with essential oils! 

But first, let’s geek out a little over the *amazing* history and science behind amethyst crystals–which have one of the coolest origin stories ever! 

Amethyst Healing Properties Throughout History 

Amethysts are a type of quartz crystal. They get their purple color from iron and aluminum, and they’ve been deeply valued by ancient and modern cultures for at least the last four thousand years. 

Amethyst Crystals in Greek Mythology

According to Greek mythology, the purple crystal got its name from a young maiden named Amethyst. Apparently Bacchus, the Greek god of passion and partying, became enraged over some insult and vowed to set his tigers after the first mortal he came across. 

Amethyst was on her way to worship at the temple of Diana, and unfortunately crossed paths with Bacchus. Just before the tigers tore her to pieces, she cried out to Diana for help, and the goddess turned Amethyst into a crystal stone so the tigers couldn’t hurt her. Bacchus felt guilty, and poured out purple wine over the crystal as an offering, thus turning the stone to purple.  

Amethysts in the Bible 

The Greeks aren’t the first on record to prize amethyst, however. In the Bible, the amethyst crystal is mentioned frequently. Its Hebrew name, ahlamah’, comes from the Hebrew word “to dream.” It was found on the high priest’s breastplates and in the New Jerusalem. 

(Psst: you can click here to read more about Christianity and crystals!)

The Egyptians also believed the stone had protective powers–amethyst jewelry was even found in King Tut’s tomb. 

Amethysts today are found all over the world–everywhere from Siberia to Brazil! It’s amazing to hold an amethyst and think about how somebody thousands of years ago might have marveled at a similar gemstone. 

Does Amethyst Really Have Healing Properties?

First, remember that amethysts are natural. They are simply rock formations created deep under the earth through a combination of mineral availability, heat, and pressure. Just because something’s natural, however, doesn’t mean it isn’t powerful! 

The clear version of amethysts–clear quartz crystals–are used frequently in the tech world for everything from watches to screens on our devices. In fact, the reason crystals are used in electronics is because of their atomic structure–gemstones like amethyst have extremely stable crystalline structures. 

Stable Energy Brings Healing

This stable energy was prized long before modern science came along to quantify it; like other crystals, amethyst is believed to have a stabilizing effect on our energy. That’s what’s meant by “healing.” 

Amethysts may not directly heal your broken bone, per say, but they can be a powerful symbol of protection and strength, grounding and centering you and helping you tape into the innate healing power in your own body. 

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What Are the Benefits of Amethyst?

Amethyst crystal benefits are numerous–which is part of what makes it such an incredible crystal! 

Help With Addiction

The Greek relied on amethyst stone properties to help prevent intoxication, and if you’re struggling with addiction, it can still be a wonderful, healing stone to turn to. Keep it in your pocket to hold onto when you need the extra help–and let this gorgeous purple stone remind you to get the help you need. 


Catholic bishops throughout the Middle Ages believe amethysts protected them from negative spiritual influences–and it’s still considered a papal stone, often worn by popes. It’s even the stone of St. Valentine! 

Amethyst has been used often for protection–travelers would use it to help make sure they got home safe. You can use it in the same way, but you can also picture amethyst as a beautiful lavender fortress, protecting you from negativity and toxicity. 


A powerful meaning of the amethyst stone is its help in dreaming. Maybe because it protects us against harmful thoughts, amethyst can help us dream freely and creatively. This means literal dreams (keep it by your bedside for better sleep at night) or dreaming up new projects. It’s both grounding and spiritual, helping us to see with our spiritual or intuitive selves, and not just with our physical eyes. 

Cleansing and Healing Spaces 

Another amethyst gemstone meaning is its ability to heal and cleanse a space. You know how plants make a room feel alive and peaceful? Amethyst has a similar effect–place it on a shelf or on your coffee table to bring a sense of calm and grounding to the whole room.  

How Do I Know If I Need Amethyst Healing Properties? 

The healing power of amethyst is vast. Most crystal experts believe that your body intuitively knows which crystal it needs. If you feel drawn to a certain crystal, and feel good when you hold it, your body is telling you it needs that crystal! 

You can also simply start with your need. 

Do you: 

  • Want to feel a greater sense of protection?
  • Need more balance or stability?
  • Want to feel more confident? 
  • Want to dream more or more creatively? 
  • Want to bring a sense of calm and peace to your home or bedroom? 
  • Want to tap into your intuition and listen to your body better? 

…if you answered yes to any of these questions, amethyst is a great choice for you! 

Which Chakra is Amethyst Good For? 

Since one of amethyst quartz meaning’s is deeper spirituality, it makes sense that it’s know for helping to unblock the ajna or third eye chakra. The third eye chakra is located between the eyes and governs your “sixth sense” or intuition. If it’s blocked, you may have trouble trusting, and you may be using rationality as a shield.  

(You can read all about chakras, including their crystals and essential oils right here.) 

How to Take Complete Advantage of Amethyst Healing Properties

1. Place Amethyst Next to Your Diffuser 

If you’re a fellow oil lover, you probably have diffusers going in different parts of the house. I love placing amethysts and other crystals near my diffusers; it’s a reminder to breathe in calm and exhale negativity. 

2. …Or In Your Roller Bottle

When I first saw essential oils I KNEW I needed to put them into essential oil gemstone roller bottles. Now, they’re all over the internet, and for good reason! There is nothing more peaceful and hopeful than seeing a beautiful amethyst crystal catch the light as I’m rolling on my oils. 

3. Use Amethyst Roller Balls  

I couldn’t help myself. I also needed to make gemstone roller balls–and yes, that includes amethyst gemstone roller balls. 

4. Wear Amethyst 

You can bring amethyst healing properties close to your skin by wearing it! These gemstone diffusing bracelets (or any other kind of amethyst jewelry!) are pure perfection….

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5. Use Amethyst During Meditation 

Meditation is a great way to focus your mind–if you’d like, you can picture amethyst’s protective power in your mind while you meditate, or hold it in your hands, or place it nearby where you can see it. 

6. With an Intention or Affirmation  

Amethyst healing properties pair beautifully with whatever intention you set. You can look at your amethyst or hold it while you set your daily intention. You can also leave it on your desk or on a shelf where you’ll see it on the time so that you remember to speak affirmations over yourself during the day! 

How to Pair Amethyst With Essential Oils 

Amethyst healing properties pair perfectly with oils that also help build confidence and increase balance. My favorite oils to pair with amethyst are: 

  • Clove 
  • Cypress 
  • Frankincense 
  • Sandalwood 

Are you in love with amethyst now, too?! If you’d like more help combining essential oils and crystals, I wrote a book for you! We’ve also created this super fun quiz to help you discover the perfect crystal for you. 

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Do you love amethyst too? Have you tried it? Share in the comments below!

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