A Day In The Life of An Emily Netz Roller Bottle

Hiii! I’m Emily Netz. My husband, Jeff, and I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma and we have two little boys who keep us on our toes. I started using essential oils five years ago while I was pregnant with our first son, and I have been mixing up roller blends ever since. I’m excited to share with you some of my

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How I Juggle Being A Mother and A Business Owner

How I juggle being a business owner and a mother is a topic that seems to come up often on Instagram, which tells me many of you are working through this alongside of me. As more women have the opportunity to own their own business, work from home, and have children (sometimes all in the same season) they also face

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A Day In The Life Of A Lesley Graham Roller Bottle

All photos by Morgan Blake Hi you guys! I’m Lesley Graham, wife to Sam and mama to Matilda and Phoebe! We live in Georgia right outside of Atlanta and I’ve been a Whimsy fan from its inception and an avid oil user since 2014. I’m so grateful for the beautiful rollers that make using oils such a luxurious part of

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A Day In The Life of A Rachael James Roller Bottle

Heyyyy fellow whimsy fanatics! My name is Rachael James and I am a clinical aromatherapist, mama of four, chiropractic wife, writer, enneagram 3, adventurer and Young Living diamond. When I started using oils years and years ago the only rollers were ugly brown rollers from the health food store and as a mama-on-the-go rollers felt essential to consistent use. It’s

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the baby items I loved (and some I didn't love) Haylee Whimsy + Wellness

The Baby Items I Loved (And Some I Didn’t Love)

There was a time when I would never have imagined I would be sitting here telling you about all of my favorite baby items. My journey into motherhood was full of ups and downs, with many hopes dashed in doctor’s offices and sleepless nights wondering if I would ever be able to carry a baby to full term. Yet, here

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My 5-Minute Holistic Skin-Care Routine

Where I Started Before I started Whimsy + Wellness and before I knew about the unregulated and questionable ingredients found in a lot of cosmetics, I worked at Macy’s beauty counters. I loved feeling feminine and beautiful, so helping other women feel confident applying their own makeup was the perfect job for me at the time. Since those beauty counter

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Golden’s Birth Story

Before My Due Date I started getting contractions on August 2, 12 days before my due date. I was so excited, and after they had been happening for a few hours, told my mom and sister that I was having them just in case we wound up at the hospital that night. I went to bed early trying to get

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Posey’s Birth Story

And here is Posey’s birth story (fair warning, its not short). Posey Crowley GuinaneDecember 25, 6:25am7lbs 15oz19 inchesBorn 40+1Early labor: 16.5 hoursActive labor: 8 hoursTransition: 4 hoursPushing: 1.5 hours Total time from first contraction to her birth: 30 hours Our Miscarriage and Infertility History After 2 miscarriages and then trying to get pregnant for over a year, we were going

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Essential Oil Rollers For Pregnancy, Labor, and Birth

So many of you have asked about essential oil rollers for pregnancy, labor, and birth. I’m finally able to share what I used! I made a total of 6 rollers and kept them in Posey’s custom adventure bag from Modern Makerie. I love this bag for rollers and kept it in my hospital bag until after we had Posey then it moved to

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Everything You Never Knew You Needed For Postpartum

I was shocked at how hard recovery after birth was- and I had a relatively easy birth – medication free, intervention free (except for a vacuum to help get Posey out at the every end), and only a 2nd degree tear. The day after Posey was born I felt like I had been in a car accident. It was hard

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I'm Haylee!

Haylee is the CEO of Whimsy + Wellness and the brains behind the business. She has her hand in every area of the company…from product creation to supply chain solution to online marketing. When she’s not looking at spreadsheets she’s mom to Mason, Posey, and Golden. Her kids inspire her to run a company that values community over competition and people before profit.

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