Suzy Holman on Finding Your Zone of Genius & the Freedom You Unlock When You Allow Yourself to be…YOU!

Suzy Holman of Simply Suzy and Suzy School is on the Whimsy + Wellness podcast and to say I’m excited is a total understatement!

I’m going to guess that if you are a woman who uses Instagram and you’re even the slightest bit entrepreneurial minded or interested in brand building, you most likely follow or at least have heard of Suzy Holman!

Suzy is one of my personal favorite people to follow on Instagram because of her business and marketing strategy that she shares about for free but also because her personality is truly contagious and inspirational. I’m so excited and honored to be interviewing her today and having her share her heart, wisdom, strategy and that fun personality with you!

Suzy is a multi passionate entrepreneur. She’s built multiple 6 and now 7 figure businesses, teaches and coaches other women how to grow their businesses, and most recently Suzy has been shaking up the women’s wellness space with the revolutionary product, Jovi, which is a medical device that takes away menstrual cramps and other severe pain (we have a discount code for our podcast listeners, so keep reading!).

Suzy is here today to help us uncover what’s deep inside: our truest selves!! 

She has this magical power (or some might say, strength) where she is so in alignment with and confident in who she is and what she loves that it makes you want nothing more than to be exactly who you were meant to be and no one else!

Today Suzy will be sharing with us and teaching us:

  • How our younger self can teach us a lot about our purpose and gifts
  • The importance of celebrating our true selves and how to find our “zone of genius”
  • Her motto, “If you can envision it you can create it!”
  • Freeing ourselves from pain and the thoughts that hold us back
  • Annnd more!

You can listen to the episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or your favorite podcast app OR you can keep reading for our written summary!

Discovering and celebrating our true selves and zones of genius

Like I said above, Suzy has such a gift in making you want nothing more than to be exactly who you were meant to be. I jumped right into asking her about just that at the start of our conversation.

We can want to be ourselves but also not fully know who we truly are, anyone relate to that? Because of this I wanted Suzy to walk us through how we can discover our true selves and find what she calls, “our zone of genius.”

The first step she recommends? Going back to who we were as children!

“I really believe that when we go back to ourselves as children we find the truest version of who we were made to be.” – Joanna Gaines

Suzy started getting curious about this concept through watching her own children! She has a 9 year old, 7 year old, 4 year old, and a 2 year old and through watching them over the years she noticed how confident they are in who they are and what they like! They have all different interests that often aren’t related, they say weird silly things and love themselves for it, they’re wholeheartedly their authentic selves! I’m sure the young kids in your life are the same!

“Looking at these tiny human beings and saying, you are incredible, I always want you to stay this incredible (themselves) and realizing wait! I was this incredible once, too!”

This brought Suzy to start doing some inner child work and healing that was really eye opening and transformative for her.

She realized that these quirks and gifts and interests she’s always had from when she was a little girl she has carried with her her whole life! And we’re often taught that the thing that makes us different or our quirks or uniqueness is something to be quieted but it’s not! It’s usually a huge waving flag of our strengths and who we truly are at our core. That thing about you is your zone of genius!

“Our zone of genius is something we are effortlessly born with and why our brain thinks in certain ways. You can find some of these zones of genius in your childlike version of yourself” 

Some questions / tasks Suzy recommends asking yourself/doing to uncover  your zone of genius are:

1. What did you love doing as a kid?

When you were the happiest as a child and time just flew by, what were you doing? 

Go back to that place and poke around a bit. Pick out skills or traits you were using doing that thing. Why did you love it? What about it was so enjoyable for you? Within this question a lot of your zone of genius can be discovered

Find those hints that were inside of you as a kid that are most likely still inside of you now!

2. You can also ask your parents or an adult you were close to…

 as a child, “what was I like as a kid? What was unique about me? What quirks did I have that drove you a little crazy?” You could also try and remember what teachers were saying about you!

This is also a good reminder for parents to be slow to scold on things that can seem like an irritating quirk and say, hey this could be my child’s super power when they grow up! And instead of focusing on what our kids or ourselves are NOT what are they?

If you can envision it, you can create it!

“If you can envision it, you can create it” is Suzy’s motto that she lives by and as someone who sure has created a ton of incredible things; a healthy marriage, 4 incredible kids, and those 6 and 7 figure brands she build from the ground up to name a few, I wanted her to share with us how she has used that quote to fuel her and why she is so passionate about belief!

Suzy grew up in a small town in Idaho and as she says, “all I knew about the outside world was from Disney Channel and Boy Meets World” 

Suzy met her first female business owner when she was 14 years old! She went to a tanning salon after school to get her tan on and met the owner. She remembers thinking at that moment, “you can own a business? This place is yours? Women can do this?” From that moment she would go and clean at the tanning salon just so she could be in this female owned business! 

That opened up a whole new world for Suzy that women could own businesses!

“You are not given a dream unless you have the capacity to fulfill it.”– Jack Canfield

“We can train our brains to dream as big as we want and I truly believe we can have what we dream up. How do I know that? Because I dream things and they happen.” 

It has played out so many times in Suzy’s life that she explained she can’t not believe in it. What you can envision you can have. And you were not given a dream that you cannot achieve!!

The thing that we’re not good at doing (anymore! Children are great at this and odds are you were as a child, too!) is dreaming up what you want! Dreaming the dream!

Suzy challenges everyone with this:

Think about what you actually want in your life. Dream up this dream scenario of a life where you’re so happy and fulfilled, your dream life…

  • What would you be doing?
  • Where would you be living?
  • How would your relationship with your kids, partner, parents, siblings, friends be?
  • How would your relationship with yourself be?
  • What would you do day to day?
  • What would you do for money?
  • What are you doing right now that you would continue doing or do more of?
  • What are you doing right now that you would stop doing?

“Figuring out what we want out of life, you have to be able to visualize it first before it can materialize.” 

Be brave enough to dream your wildest dreams and then believe in them! Pour belief and energy into it and then speak it! Say it outloud! Tell your loved ones, write it in a journal (in the tense that it had already happened) and then start living your life TODAY how you would live if that dream life was your reality!

Now, sometimes dreaming or having clarity around what our dream life would be and what we even want is really hard. It can sound impossible for many to answer the above questions that Suzy encouraged us to ask ourselves about our dream life. 

The good news is that dreaming is a muscle. 

If it feels completely foreign to you, that’s ok! That just means you haven’t worked on dreaming enough, but you can get better and better at it! 

And just like lifting weights (this is me assuming because I in fact do not lift weights) how you start off with light weights and go heavier and heavier the same happens with dreaming. 

Your imagination gets bigger and bigger the more you do it and the more you see the dreams you’re visualizing and speaking out into the world materialize the more you will continue to dream!

Remember, if you can envision it you can create!

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Suzy Holman on Finding Your Zone of Genius & the Freedom You Unlock When You Allow Yourself to be...YOU!

Being true to ourselves will set us free

Just a couple of years ago, Suzy’s role was primarily an influencer on social media. She explained that she’d post photos of her perfectly dressed and hair-brushed kids, clean house (even though it was just one section she revealed), white walls and striving for absolute perfection.

She wasn’t being authentically who she really was and because of that, it was really exhausting. On top of that she started to really get attacked online, comments and messages calling her a horrible mom and so on and she got to a point where she thought, “Why am I doing this? I’m betraying myself, I’m being run through the mud by strangers, just for a couple bucks from Hello Fresh?! Why am I being this fake version of myself? I’m done.” 

At this point she had 50,000 followers but she turned her account private. “I’m going to try something very radical and try and be my actual self!” she joked.

For 30 days, Suzy ran an experiment while her account was private. She showed up 100% as true authentic self. She showed behind the scenes, the messy, the vulnerable, what was going on in the day-to-day (this was back before this was more common on Instagram). 

What she learned from this experiment was that people were craving vulnerability and authenticity. 

“Once I remove the belief that I have to be a certain way, that I have to be ‘this one note’, once I embrace that I am a lot of different notes and it actually creates a really beautiful song, that freedom to be myself is quite literally when everything changed for me.”

I’m sure that those of you who, like me, were so so excited to see that Suzy Holman was going to be on the Whimsy + Wellness podcast and were thinking, “Yes! She’s going to tell us her secret sauce to success,” are realizing, wait…she’s saying her secret sauce was being wholeheartedly herself? 


And that doesn’t mean that you have to be her. It actually means the opposite!

It means you have to be you! Being your authentic self will allow your magic to shine and spread all over your life and the world. 

Facing your little black bag…

I was interested to know what the hardest thing to date that Suzy has had to work through to get to the place that she is at now. It’s easy to see people who are successful, or confident, or living as their most authentic selves and think that’s just “them” that they’ve always been that way but I assure you that’s usually not the case. 

To my surprise though Suzy didn’t tell me one hardest thing she’s had to work through, her response was that it is a new different thing everyday.

“We all have these little black bags buried into our subconscious.” Suzy explained that through our days, and conversations and experiences, different black bags pop up for us. Maybe one is “What I just said was so stupid”. She explained that when those black bags pop up, we have a choice, do we unpack them and ask, ok why do I think I’m stupid? Or do we push it to the side (or really deep inside). 

When you own yourself and start working to live in alignment with your true self, all your little “black bags” (self-criticism, limiting beliefs, negative self talk, hurtful things someone said about you in the past, etc) come out into your awareness and it’s uncomfortable finally facing those little black bags that for so long you pushed away and wouldn’t acknowledge. 

To live as your true self, you have to face and unpack those bags and it’s hard! It’s more comfortable in the moment to let everything stay buried in your subconscious and not face it. It’s uncomfortable to get in touch with who you truly are and what you need to work through.

So to answer my question about the hardest thing she’s had to work through, Suzy says it’s a new little black bag everyday. 

She assured us that it does get easier and facing and unpacking those bags when they pop up versus pushing them down has helped her so much!

If you can get in touch with what feels true to you, that will help you get in touch with your authenticity.

Got menstrual cramps? Suzy newest venture, JOVI is here to seriously save the day!

In 2020, Suzy was approached to spearhead the marketing project of getting a new incredible product off the ground and into people’s hands by being co-founder of the JOVI patch. She had to see how it worked for herself and literally went door to door asking women who had their period to try it on. She couldn’t believe the stories, the impact, the relief and joy she was seeing and knew she wanted in. But let’s back up to what the Jovi patch even is…

There is this technology that the military actually found when doing antenna research, and they discovered that one of the frequencies that they tuned into was the frequency of pain. The scientist that discovered this shortly after got in a car wreck. He was in hospital and was super beat up, broken ribs, in a ton of chronic pain, taking heavy pain killers, and he didn’t want to be anymore. 

He told his son to go get the atena that he’d been working on for the military. He applied it to his chest and his pain very quickly went from a 10 down to a 2. Even he couldn’t believe it!

What it does is just like an antenna that is attuning to a radio signal, when it’s on our body it attunes to the pain frequency and then filters out that signal! 

Not to sound like a total infomercial but IT ACTUALLY WORKS! I had been watching countless Instagram stories of women trying on the patch and freaking out that it took their pain away but it just seemed too crazy and magical to be true. 

Well when mine came in the mail I almost was excited to get my period so that I could try it out (ha that was a first!) but when I finally did…woah. It really was crazy and magical but it really did work!! I felt a warm sensation on my abdomen and within a few minutes my cramps were practically gone!

Suzy shared a code exclusive for our audience for you to have 30% off just use code WHIMSY30 at checkout:

Rapid fire closing questions with Suzy

At the end of each episode I ask all our guests the same set of rapid fire questions! Here are Suzy’s responses:

  1. What would you say is just one way your topic can make the world a happier and healthier place?

“When we talked earlier about those black bags that come floating up that are thoughts coming to sabotage us, start working on those! If you can work on those thoughts to get to your truest most authentic self, that will lead to a healthier and happier version of yourself, and when you are that, everyone in your life wins. Get in touch with that little kid inside of you to be the truest version of yourself and I promise that will make you happier and healthier. ”

  1. What is something you do for yourself each day for the simple fact that it makes you happy?

“Oh! McDonalds Diet Coke run – sorry ‘bout it. Shoot! That is the opposite of wellness!” 

  1. What late night snack makes you happiest?

“Dark chocolate pomegranates or I melt chocolate chips and dip a banana in them“ 

  1. Where can listeners find you and stay connected with you?

Follow along on Instagram:

@suzyholman (business and becoming the best version of yourself)

Jovi pain patch: @meet_jovi and (use code WHIMSY30 for 30% off!)

Okay friend, I hope this was a fun episode where you learned something new and feel empowered to live your life as your best self!!

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