The Enneagram Type Eight and Why We Need Them (And How Essential Oils, Natural Crystals, and Affirmations Can Help an Eight Grow)

Enneagream Type Eights are one of the most misunderstood types in the Enneagram world. While they’re often considered intimidating and challenging, they also have hearts of gold and when they’re healthy, are deeply loyal and supportive friends.  

In this article, we’ll cover: 

  • What does an Enneagram 8 mean?
  • How do you deal with Enneagram type 8?
  • Where do 8’s go in stress?
  • How can an Enneagram 8 become healthier? 
  • The perfect essential oils, crystals, and affirmations for you if you’re an Eight   
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Ready? Let’s go! 

What Does an Enneagram 8 Mean? 

Enneagram Eights are known as the Challengers. They often rely heavily on common sense, and can get angry and frustrated when common sense isn’t so common. 

Eights are very strong, assertive personalities who can also become overwhelming and domineering, especially for quieter people. Eights tend to take control, which is why you’ll often find them at the head of organizations (or anything they’re involved in). 

It’s easy to think that an Eight is all tough–but Eights are actually extremely sensitive under their sometimes aggressive facades. An Eight’s greatest fear is failing to protect themselves, which is why they work so hard to control their environment and bully people around them into submission. 

A healthy Eight, however, can be a huge champion for the people around them, especially people who are being unfairly or unjustly treated. Eights fight hard for their people–having an Eight on your side is a beautiful thing! 

How Do You Deal With an Enneagram Type 8? 

Enneagram Eights can be difficult to deal with because of how confrontational they are, but here are a few tips for dealing with one: 

  • Try to make it personal–instead of criticizing an Eight or judging their actions, try sharing your feelings and letting an Eight know that they’re hurting you, personally, by their behavior. This can help disarm an Eight so that they’re able to access their gentle side.  
  • Communicate clearly and be direct. Eights really hate passive aggressive behavior and/or “hints.” Instead, they thrive on directness and straight-talking. Say what you mean with an Eight, even if it feels harsh to you. They’ll appreciate your honesty and directness. 
  • Ask for help (but don’t micromanage). At their best, Eights are powerful allies and love to help their people. They do NOT like to be micromanaged, but they do like to be praised for a job well done!  

Where Do 8’s Go in Stress? 

When they’re stressed or lacking in self-awareness, unhealthy Eights become like unhealthy Fives–mired in research, lacking the confidence to make a decision, and closed off to the world. 

When they’ve done the tough inner work to make peace with their deepest fears, healthy Eights become like healthy Twos–supportive, helpful, and believing the best in people. 

How Can an Enneagram Eight Become Healthier? 

For an Eight to become healthier, he or she will have to take the time to pause and become more self-aware, and learn to trust that they can share their true, tender self with safe people. 

Learning to choose vulnerability over protection isn’t easy–it takes time!–but our community has learned to lean on essential oils, crystals, and affirmations to help this personal growth process. 

This awesome trifecta can help an Eight move all their incredible energy and purpose towards wholeness, and give them the security they need to begin the inner healing process. 

Here are our favorite oils, crystals, and affirmations for Eights: 

Crystals for the Enneagram Type Eights 

Our favorite crystals for Type Eights are: 

  • Tiger’s eye 
  • Amethyst  
  • Green jade
  • Citrine 

There are a million different ways to use crystals–you can visit this article about using crystals with the Enneagram to learn more!

Tiger’s eye is a feel-good stone that can bring comfort by reminding Eights that they’re truly good and beautiful on the inside (even when they’re not feeling that way on the outside). 

Green jade is an abundance stone (and Eights have an abundance of power and energy!), but it can also Eights connect to their hearts, including feelings of love and passion. 

Amethyst can help bring emotional balance to an Eight (contrary to popular opinion, Eights actually do have a wide range of emotions, but most of those emotions manifest as anger). 

Citrine is another energizing, creativity-enhancing stone that can help an Eight use their power for good. 

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Essential Oils for the Enneagram Type Eight 

Our favorite essential oils for Type Eights are: 

  • Vetiver
  • Marjoram

Vetiver is a soothing oil that can help calm an Eight’s feelings of anger and irritability. It promotes feelings of balance and calm, and can help with sleep, something that’s often difficult for Eights. 

Marjoram has similar calming effects, but it’s unique in that some cultures believe it protects the heart. Marjoram can help Eights drop their defenses and become the whole-hearted, generous people they truly are. 

Psst–we’ve written more about how to use essential oils for your Enneagram type right here

Affirmations for the Enneagram Type Eight 

Eights can use affirmations (along with essential oils and crystals) to tap into their natural superpowers. Here are our favorite affirmations for Type Eights (we’ve included several in our Enneagram roller bottles!):  

  • I release control–I don’t have to protect myself 
  • I can find strength in vulnerability 
  • I place my hand over heart, and choose to connect to my inner self 
  • I can trust other people 
  • I release my anger, and replace it with gratitude 
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Are you a Type Eight? We’d love to hear YOUR favorite affirmations, crystals, and essential oils in the comments below!

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