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The Enneagram Type Seven’s Gift to the World (Plus, Uncover Essential Oils, Natural Crystals, and Affirmations for Growth & Emotional Support)

The Enneagram Type Seven is the “spice” of the Enneagram world, and a type we love talking about!! They add so much fun and adventure to all of our lives, but understanding them (and Sevens being able to understand themselves), can make for a much more harmonious life. 

In this article, we’ll cover: 

  • What is an Enneagram Seven?
  • What does an Enneagram 7 go to in stress?
  • What do Enneagram 7s need?
  • What does an unhealthy Enneagram 7 look like? (and how can they get healthier?) 
  • The perfect essential oils, crystals, and affirmations for you if you’re a Seven   
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Let’s dive in! 

What is an Enneagram Seven? 

Enneagram Sevens aren’t always the life of the party, but they’re often the ones planning the next fun thing. Sevens are driven by a fear of pain or hurt; they’re afraid they’ll get overwhelmed or trapped by discomfort or pain, and they work hard to avoid it. 

As such, they’re excellent at finding the fun in life, and can be counted on to lead the group to a good time. However, as you might imagine, Sevens who have never learned to face or welcome pain become serial pain avoiders, and can, ironically, cause even more pain by pushing people they love away. 

When they’re at their best, Sevens can be excellent goal-setters and phenomenal leaders, able to bring a group of people together around a common cause. 

What Does an Enneagram 7 Go to in Stress? 

When a Seven is stressed or lacks self-awareness and healing, they begin to act like an unhealthy One–critical and impatient with the world around them. 

When they’re healthy, however, an integrated Seven begins to act like a healthy Five–decisive, focused, and deeply curious about life. 

What Do Enneagram 7s Need? 

Enneagram Sevens need the permission to try new things and experience a wide variety of life, without judgement from others. It’s easy for other types to look down on Sevens as the “fun” type, but Sevens have a natural, deep sense of positivity that brings most other types into a more full experience of life. 

Sevens also thrive in environments that encourage them and support them in their efforts to stay present in the moment; Sevens need reminders that contentment ultimately brings more joy, not less. 

What Does an Unhealthy Enneagram 7 Look Like? 

Unhealthy Sevens are often impulsive to a fault–and can hurt others and themselves when they’re unable to control their impulses. 

When not integrated or self-aware, Sevens can also become very self-focused and unable to support others, which makes sense, considering Sevens have a desire to avoid pain. At their worst, Sevens may use others to get what they want, and can struggle with cravings and/or addictions. 

It is difficult to grow towards health, there’s no doubt about it! Our community finds over and over again that essential oils, crystals, and affirmations are all extremely helpful. They can’t replace the inner work of becoming self-aware, but they can provide emotional support, and help us focus our thoughts and intentions. AND they’re fun, beautiful, and they smell great ;). 

Here are our favorite oils, crystals, and affirmations for Sevens: 

Crystals for the Enneagram Type Seven 

Our favorite crystals for Type Sevens are: 

  • Smoky quartz 
  • Labradorite 
  • Sapphire 
  • Sunstone 

There are a million different ways to use crystals (you can visit this article about using crystals with the Enneagram to learn more)–but our community definitely loves using oils and crystals together

Smoky quartz is a great crystal for Sevens–it’s a very soothing stone that can help a Seven focus on the positive when they’re working through grief, sadness, or other discomforts. 

Labradorite is an inspiring, magical kind of stone (ancient peoples believed it was the Northern Lights comes to earth!) that helps a Seven lean into their ability to see possibilities. 

Sapphire is a focus stone–something that a Seven often needs help with. 

Sunstone can help a Seven tap into their natural leadership abilities, and can increase joy. 

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Essential Oils for the Enneagram Type Seven 

Our favorite essential oils for Type Sevens are: 

  • Peppermint
  • Bergamot

Peppermint is the focus oil! It’s also invigorating and a natural analgesic, which makes it a perfect match for Sevens! Peppermint has a variety of uses; use it in a diffuser blend or roll it onto your wrists or the back of your neck and breathe deep. 

Bergamot is a mood-lifter, which can be helpful for Sevens who are feeling irritable or stressed. It helps release negativity and overcome feelings of inadequacy and insecurity. 

Psst–we’ve written more about how to use essential oils for your Enneagram type right here

Affirmations for the Enneagram Type Seven 

Affirmations for the Type Seven can help them recognize and honor their gifts while becoming more self-aware and fully integrated. Here are our favorite affirmations for Type Sevens (we’ve included several in our Enneagram roller bottles!):  

  • Contentment is the path to joy 
  • I choose to stay present in this moment 
  • I hold my hand over my heart and choose to be patient with my discomfort 
  • Sorrow means that I’ve loved 
  • I will find the joy in today
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Are you a Type Seven? We’d love to hear YOUR favorite affirmations, crystals, and essential oils in the comments below! To see our other Enneagram spotlights, go here.

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