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The Enneagram Type Six: Who Are They? Why Do We Need Them? And, How Can They Use Natural Wellness to Grow?

The Enneagram Type Six is a true gem of a human; they have gifts that keep the whole world grounded and stable! But, Sixes can also struggle hugely with things like self-doubt and anxiety, and the more they struggle, the more they’re unable to show up for the people they love–and themselves.

In this article, we’ll cover: 

  • What does Enneagram Type 6 mean?
  • What does a 6 go to in stress? 
  • What Enneagram type is the most common? 
  • How can a Type Six become healthier? 
  • The best essential oils, crystals, and affirmations for Sixes–and how to use them.  
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So much goodness, so little time–let’s get started! 

What does Enneagram Type 6 Mean? 

The Enneagram Type Six is often called the Loyalist or the Skeptic. Their greatest fear is instability or being unsupported. They can be ruthless questioners, not because they’re insubordinate or rebellious, but because they need to prepare themselves for every possible problem and contingency that might arise. 

To gain greater security, Sixes move towards others. This makes them very loyal and supportive. 

A Six shows up–at work, in friendships, and in parenting and romantic relationships, but a Six may struggle when the same commitment is not extended back to them. 

Sixes tend to be deeply skeptical, questioning their choices and others’ choices. They can also struggle a lot with self-doubt and feeling like they don’t belong or aren’t good enough.  

What Does a 6 Go to in Stress? 

The arrows of integration and disintegration help a Six find patterns and recognize unhealthy and healthy behaviors. In stress, a Six becomes like an unhealthy Three–task-driven, competitive, and less focused on people and more focused on work. 

However, a healthy Six becomes more like a healthy Nine–more “glass half full,” and more able to set worries and stress aside. 

What Enneagram Type is the Most Common? 

Most experts believe that the Type Six is the most common Enneagram type. This makes sense–Sixes provide all the types with a great deal of stability and security. 

They’re the best friend, the steady support, and they help us spot potential risks and prepare for them. We wouldn’t want to live in a world without Sixes! 

How Can a Type Six Become Healthier? 

For Sixes to begin to find healing and relief from relentless self-doubt and fear, they start by learning to trust themselves, and stop giving power to their inner voice of doubt.  

We’ve found essential oils, natural crystals, and affirmations can go a long way in helping a Six heal and become healthier, and find the strength to choose healthier patterns of thought and behavior. 

Oils can provide deep emotional support, crystals can be symbolic or provide helpful energy, and affirmations can be powerful re-routers of thought. 

Here are our favorite oils, crystals, and affirmations for Sixes: 

Crystals for the Enneagram Type Six 

Our favorite crystals for Type Sixes are: 

  • Rose quartz
  • Rainbow moonstone 
  • Pink opal 
  • Tourmaline 

Type Sixes can use crystals in several different ways (you can read our article about using crystals with the Enneagram to learn more), but Sixes in our community especially love to use crystals with affirmations (hold the crystal or picture it in your mind while you set your intention).  

Rose quartz is our favorite stone for Sixes because it represents love. It’s often used for romantic love, but it can also help a Six with self-love. 

Rainbow moonstone is a delightful stone to look at, and it’s especially good at providing calming energy, especially during transitions, which can be very difficult for Sixes. 

Pink opal is another calming stone; it’s also known for being emotionally balancing. 

Tourmaline is a protective stone and helps to block negative energy–which, for a Six, is happening all the time. 

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Essential Oils for the Enneagram Type Six 

Our favorite essential oils for Type Sixes are: 

  • Lavender
  • Sandalwood

Lavender eases feelings of anxiety and depression, so it’s a key oil for a Six. It can also help tremendously with sleep (if you struggle with sleep, try our deep sleep diffuser blends). 

We also love sandalwood for Sixes. It plays well with lavender, and it’s an anxiety-reducing oil, but it’s also very grounding and can promote feelings of serenity. 

Psst–we’ve written more about how to use essential oils for your Enneagram type right here

Affirmations for the Enneagram Type Six 

Affirmations for the Type Six can help them feel grounded and escape the constant cycle of worry and self-doubt. Here are our favorite affirmations for Type Sixes (we’ve included several in our Enneagram roller bottles!):  

  • Inhale, exhale  
  • Today, I will trust myself  
  • I can trust my inner intuition
  • I am worthy of love 
  • Today, I let go of my worry and I choose peace  
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Are you a Type Six? We’d love to hear YOUR favorite affirmations, crystals, and essential oils in the comments below! To see our other Enneagram spotlights, go here.

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