The Enneagram Type Three’s Superpowers (+ Affirmations, Our Favorite Crystals, and the Best Essential Oils for 3s)

We hear over and over again from Enneagram Type Threes in our community how helpful the Enneagram, an ancient self-development tool, has been. Enneagram 3’s can struggle to find time to connect with their own hearts, so a little helpful understanding goes a long way–whether you’re a Three, yourself, or you know a Three! 

In this article, we’re covering: 

  • What is an Enneagram Type 3? 
  • What does a 3 go to in stress? (and how to find support during stress) 
  • The Enneagram Type Three’s superpowers 
  • How do you compliment a Type 3? 
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Threes are truly gifts to the world–let’s get started! 

What is an Enneagram Type 3? 

Enneagram Type 3s are the achievers of the Enneagram. They are ambitious, likeable, and they get things DONE! They also struggle to see themselves outside of their achievements, however, and struggle with never feeling like they’re enough. A Three’s deepest fear is to not be worthwhile or valuable to the world around them, and they will work extremely hard to avoid this feeling. 

What Does a 3 Go to in Stress? 

When a Three is stressed or doesn’t feel stable and secure, they become like an unhealthy/stressed Type 9–fatalistic, checked out, and lacking the energy to do anything about their problems. 

A healthy Three, however, becomes more like a healthy Six–supportive, loyal, and relationally connected. 

Out of all the Enneagram types, Threes may find it the hardest to face their inner child wounds and embrace the work that leads to healing. That’s one of the reasons the Threes we talk to lean so heavily on supports like natural crystals, essential oils, and affirmations–but more on that in just a second! 

The Enneagram Type Three’s Superpowers

While an insecure or stressed Three refuses to rest or relax, healthy, growing Threes are truly incredible people! Not only are they secure and able to show up loyally for others, but they become true models and ideals that the rest of us strive to emulate. 

Threes, Ones, and Eights have the highest energy levels in the Enneagram and when they’ve taken on a cause, they can do so much good thanks to the way they can keep their eyes on the prize and press on even when things get tough. 

Threes are also often usually extremely likeable–they can read a room and connect to all different sorts of people in really fun, engaging, charming ways. 

How Do You Compliment a Type 3?  

The best way to compliment a Type 3 is by expressing how much you like and enjoy them. While you might compliment the great job a One has done, a Three loves to hear how happy they, as people, make you. 

And, don’t be stingy with your praise, either! A Three will often lead the way by openly praising other people–feel free to do the same for them.   

How Do I Become a Healthy Enneagram Three? 

A Three’s biggest challenge is to rest and relax long enough to connect with their inner selves and choose to believe that they are enough, and worthy outside of whatever they produce. We live in a world that celebrates achievement and winning, so this can be really hard for some Threes. 

But the truth is, a Three is worthy and valuable whether or not they achieve or produce. The beautiful thing about the Enneagram is that it can help Threes understand this–and once they realize it, amazingly, they’re often able to be even more productive and achieve even greater heights, because they’re now doing it from a place of wholeness and not fear. 

We are such big fans of using natural wellness tools like essential oils, crystals, and affirmations to support us as we work to become the whole-hearted, healthy versions of ourselves. Here are a few ways that Threes can look to natural wellness for support and comfort: 

Crystals for the Enneagram Type Three 

Crystals are beautiful little nuggets of earthy goodness (you can learn more about using crystals with the Enneagram here), and our favorite crystals for Type Three are: 

  • Tiger’s eye
  • Rhodonite 
  • Opalite 
  • Brown goldstone 

We love how tiger’s eye represents a Three’s strength, passion, and power–let the stripes and beautiful layers in this stone remind you that it’s ok to dig a little deeper emotionally. 

Rhodonite is a balancing stone that can help you balance your thirst for getting things done with the quieter, but just as important, need in your life for deep connections and relationships with others. 

Opalite gives stress the boot (amen to that) and can raise your levels of peace and calm (and confidence and self-esteem). 

Brown goldstone is the ambition stone that can also help you battle your fear of not being likeable. 

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Essential Oils for the Enneagram Type Three 

Our favorite essential oils for Type Threes are: 

  • Palo Santo
  • Lavender 

Palo Santo is a light, woodsy oil that’s been used by many ancient peoples as a spiritual oil. We like it for Enneagram Threes to help them reconnect to their inner child and find their soul’s true north, instead of trying to live by society’s compass. 

Lavender is a deeply restorative oil that can help a Three melt into relaxation–and a good night’s sleep (necessary for Threes who want to take over the world ;).   

Psst–we’ve written more about how to use essential oils for your Enneagram type right here

Affirmations for the Enneagram Type Three 

Affirmations work beautifully with crystals and essential oils–hold the former, inhale the latter deeply, and repeat the affirmation that you feel most connected to. You can do this multiple times a day, or as part of a daily routine, like a morning routine. 

We love this trifecta so much that we’ve included affirmations in our Enneagram Type Three roller bottles! But in the meantime, here are a few additional affirmations for the Enneagram Type Three:  

  • I am enough
  • Today, I choose to rest so that I can be restored and renewed 
  • I am worthy and valuable not matter how much I achieve 
  • Rest is a path to growth 
  • I choose connection with myself and others over achievement 
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Are you a Type Three? We’d love to hear YOUR favorite affirmations, crystals, and essential oils in the comments below!

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