What Makes the Enneagram Type Two So Amazing? (Plus, Essential Oils, Affirmations, and Crystals to Use if You’re a 2!)

On a scale of 1-10, how much do you love the Enneagram? We’re at a 10 over here at Whimsy + Wellness! We’re not experts at all, but it’s clear our awesome community loves this ancient self-awareness tool, so we’ve created this Enneagram Spotlights series to help you learn more about your type (this article is all about Enneagram Type Twos–the true helpers of the Enneagram world!). In this article, you’ll learn: 

  • What is an Enneagram Type 2? (and how to know if you’re a Type 2) 
  • What is the Enneagram Type 2’s basic fear? 
  • What does an Enneagram 2 go to in stress? (a helpful understanding of your directions of stress and wholeness) 
  • What do Enneagram 2’s need? (and how the Twos in our community love using essential oils, affirmations, and natural crystals to help grow and find strength and security) 
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So much goodness, so little time–let’s get started! 

What is an Enneagram Type Two? 

Enneagram Type Twos are often easy to spot because they’re the helpers of the Enneagram. While other types certainly work hard and show up for people, Twos are often doing it with little or no credit. They’ve often got substantial gifts of hospitality, and are usually the first to show up when somebody’s in need. 

While Twos can be some of the warmest people you’ll ever meet, on the flip side, they can also be possessive and upset because they’re giving but not receiving thanks in return. Or, they’re giving with strings attached; they’re giving because they want to be loved in return.  

The Enneagram Type Two Basic Fear 

The fear that drives the Enneagram Type Two (unless they do the inner work to find healing and wholeness) is the fear of being unloved or unwanted. This is what drives an unaware Two to serve and give–they want to make sure they’re needed, because being needed feels like being loved.

The beautiful thing about the Enneagram is that it can help a Two recognize these unhealthy, painful belief patterns and make peace with the truth that they’re loved and worthy no matter how much they serve or do. When Twos realize this truth, they become truly benevolent, giving from a place of love and not hunger, and become some of the most deeply-impactful people there are.   

What Does an Enneagram Type 2 Go to in Stress? 

Ok, so if you know about the Enneagram, you know that each type is connected to two other types: the type you move towards in stress, and the type you move towards in wholeness/security. 

When they’re not self-aware, stressed Type Twos become like unhealthy Type Eights: controlling, possessive, and even sometimes manipulating or coercive. A Type Two who feels secure in their worth, however, becomes like a healthy Type Four: emotionally available, and willing and able to put their own needs first.  

What Do Enneagram Type 2s Need? 

For the love of everything good, take a second and THANK THE TWOS IN YOUR LIFE! Every Two we’ve ever heard from has expressed how unthanked and unloved they sometimes (or ofen!) feel. 

They’re always looking out for everyone else’s needs, so the more you can care for them sacrificially and hospitably, in the same way that they care for others, the more loved and gratified they’ll feel. 

A Special Note for the Type Twos Reading This: 

If you’re a Two, you might find that people around you don’t know how to care for you. While this is frustrating and unfair, the fact is that you can still validate your worth, take time for self-care, and recognize your value. This can be a difficult practice that takes time–but that’s why we love the support of essential oils, affirmations, and crystals. 

Type Twos, you are so wildly helpful to everyone else that we wanted this post to be wildly helpful–so we’re listing out what we think are the best essential oils, crystals, and affirmations for Twos. We hope this is helpful–if it is, or you have other ideas for caring for Type Twos, leave us a comment below!  

How to Use Crystals for the Enneagram Type Two 

Our favorite crystals for Type Twos are: 

  • Amethyst 
  • Tourmaline 
  • Aventurine 
  • Rose quartz 

Our two favorite ways to use crystals are alongside of affirmations and with essential oils (you can learn more about using crystals with the Enneagram here). 

Amethyst is a great all-purpose stone (and also BEAUTIFUL–this crystal kit for the home and this crystal starter kit both contain amethyst). We chose it for Twos because of its balancing properties; it can help you battle your desire to earn love with your need for rest. 

Tourmaline is protective and can help ward off negative energy, but it can also help Twos become more self-aware (and, therefore, healthier). 

Aventurine promotes harmony, and maybe we should have mentioned rose quartz first because it may be the patron saint of Type Twos! Rose quartz is the love stone, and truly nobody makes others feel seen and loved like a Type Two. But rose quartz isn’t just for outward love; it can also help a Two connect to her inner self, and grow in self-love.  

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Essential Oils for the Enneagram Type Two 

It’s no secret our community LOVES essential oils; these are our favorite essential oils for Type Twos: 

  • Rose
  • Lavender  

Rose is an expensive oil that should remind you of how valuable and precious you are, and lavender is an anxiety-calming, spa-vibing sort of oil that helps Twos relax and unwind. 

Affirmations for the Enneagram Type Two 

We love affirmations so much that we included several in our Enneagram Type Two roller bottles. But we’re also including some here so that you can get to work on your inner healing right away! 

Hold your favorite crystals, breathe in your favorite essential oil, and repeat:  

  • I choose self-care today 
  • I will love without expectations 
  • I am worthy of love, no matter what I do
  • I deserve love, no matter how much I serve 
  • Today, I choose to show up for myself
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We hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about Enneagram Type Twos!

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